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Foie gras (translated literally from French as “fatty liver” and pronounced ‘fwah grah’) is produced by cruel and inhumane farming practices. At just a few months old, ducks are confined inside dark sheds and force-fed enormous amounts of food several times a day.

To fully understand, take a moment to watch this short video:

A farm worker grabs each duck and, one by one, thrusts a metal pipe down their throats so that a mixture of corn can be forced directly into their gullets. In just a matter of weeks, the ducks become grossly overweight and their livers expand up to 10 times their normal size. It is an expensive appetizer that causes painful bruising, lacerations, sores, and tearing of the birds’ throats and the birds’ livers swell up to ten times their normal size and become diseased (a medical condition called “hepatic lipidosis”), and cease to function properly. The harrowing process and its effects on the birds make it difficult for them to walk or even breathe comfortably. The birds would die from the condition if they were not slaughtered at just three months old. Even so, many die before being slaughtered. Read more in about foie gras.

Upscale London Store Selfridges Recently Stopped Selling Foie Gras

Not only is the stuff violently cruel, it’s full of bad fats (literally the worst fats you could possibly consume) and priced for the very elite.   For some reason it (like Bacon) has become the “cool” thing to eat at upscale restaurants.   All the trendy restaurants are featuring a Foie Gras pasta or ice cream or sauce.   Even some hipster spots that have vegan cakes offer Foie Gras Sandwiches. It’s grody to the max, for your bod, karma, and spirit.

And we are here to offer a seriously addictive alternative that is not only ridiculously delicious, but fantastically good for you, divine for parties, and chock full of perfect proteins.

FAUX GRAS by The Regal Vegan is so divine, we just polished off an entire container of it for lunch.   What’s in it? Lentils, onions, walnuts, mirin, umeboshi plum, olive oil, miso, and other tasty organic seasonings.   And it’s a brand new product on the scene, so serving it at your cocktail party will make you look way more of-the-moment than giving your guests a cracker full of tortured duck liver (how declasse!!)

Why is it so good for you? It’s pure protein and omega 3’s, 100% vegan and gluten-free, a great source of dietary fiber, and way low in cholesterol.   Convinced?

You can order it bulk to be shipped to you directly from Ella (so worth it.. you’ll want numerous containers of this in the house!) or ask your local retailer to carry it.   To buy some in person – it is now available in NYC at Westerly Market and Lifethyme foods and at Pacific Green and Blue Apron Foods in Brooklyn.

This delicacy retails at under $7 an 8 ounce container, a far cry from the $100 the average 8 ounce of heart-attack inducing Foie Gras costs! When ordering directly from Ella, mention GIRLIEGIRLARMY for Free Shipping on any order over $25.   Email orders@theregalvegan.com for more information or wholesale inquiries.

The Regal Vegan is helmed by cutie vegan Brooklyn chef, Ella Nemcova (featured in photo above). Ella is a board-certified Holistic Health Counselor who has studied at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, so she knows what we should be eating, and what we shouldn’t be eating.   And you can trust the picky gourmands at GGA HQ.. this stuff is the shizz.

Nowhere near a health food store and too broke to order the stuff directly from Ella? Make your own faux gras at home with one of these tasty recipes.   Think you make the best ever Faux Gras? PETA is currently offering a $10,000 prize to the best recipe! Enter the contest here.

Thank you to Farm Sanctuary‘s NO FOIE GRAS campaign for much of the information and the video above. Please support their efforts.

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Readers Comments (14)

  1. Larissa says:

    To my chagrin, my husband “The Carnivore” is a real foie gras fantatic. So it blew me away that even he LOVED Ella’s Regal Vegan Faux Gras. He said it tastes like the real thing (i wouldn’t know) and coming from a man who eats at Joel Robechon’s on a regular basis, that is a HUGE compliment. Now if only he would try something that resembles a real vegetable. Alas…

  2. Jessie says:

    We were amazed by the Faux Gras, which Ella served as an appetizer when she catered a dinner party for us. The guests all loved it. (The rest of the dinner was spectacular as well!)

  3. Natalie says:

    Faux Gras makes for a delicious snack that is a healthy alternative to other fatty spreads and butters, and also packed with nutrients – so there’s no guilt (whether it be for the love of animals or your own health), only tasty satisfaction. The Regal Vegan’s Faux Gras is one of many foods that are 100% vegan, and available to order here: http://theregalvegan.com

    You will be delighted ;)

  4. brook says:

    it looks great! i like the recipes you included as well.

  5. […] ***The GirlieGirl Army*** » Blog Archive » TOTALLY OBSESSED With Faux Gras! girliegirlarmy.com/blog/20100115/totally-obsessed-with-faux-gras – view page – cached Foie gras (translated literally from French as fatty liver and pronounced ‘fwah grah’) is produced by cruel and inhumane farming practices. At just a few months old, ducks are confined inside dark sheds and force-fed enormous amounts of food several times a day. […]

  6. Jeanie says:

    a) can we please just wipe all this ridiculous, insincere about everything, personality-devoid hipsters off the planet?

    b) this stuff looks AWESOME, thanks for the information. :)

    c) the old lady in the background of the picture of the selfridge’s protest looks absolutely delighted…it’s cracking me up!

  7. Fryske says:

    Faux Gras is mouth-watering delicious… no ifs ands or buts. I serve it spread on water crackers as addition to a light appetizer platter for guests. Smeared on a heavy seed-laden cracker with some kimchi or other pickled garnish, it also makes a great side for a healthy salad, or by itself for a hearty snack. I brought a couple containers home for holidays. Not only were they gone in a day, my mother was asking how she can get it shipped to halfway across country! Thanks for including that shipping info, in other words. :) And as Ella’s neighbor and friend, I can also attest to her cutiness! :)

  8. Oh my god, I absolutely love Ella’s Faux Gras.

    And how much do I love that ad photo!

  9. Ella Nemcova is one of the most creative, original gourmet chefs in NYC right now- and clearly making waves with inspired dishes such as these.

  10. kimsy says:

    Ooh, sounds yummy! I never liked fois gras, even before becoming aware of the horrifying practices. But this faux gras sounds great! Can’t wait to try some :)

  11. Wyatt says:

    Thank you Ella, i can’t thank you enough for making such a pleasing treat for the body. I cant wait to get Regal Vegan in New Mexico. Your kitchen is one of my favorite places on earth. I can’t speak for 95% of south america and asia. but for the rest of the world i have been. Favorite favorite.

  12. Skim says:

    Faux Gras doesn’t have to be just for vegans…I’m telling you, it’s delicious NOT as a meat alternative. I eat it in between my pork and beef courses. No lie.

  13. Sabrina says:

    I am the furthest thing from a vegan, and I can tell you, Faux Gras is the most delicious thing I’ve put on a cracker since discovering horseradish-infused cheddar. It has a pleasantly thick texture, and tastes out of this world. I have no idea what real Foie Gras tastes like (and have no intention of finding out) but who needs it, when a delicacy like this is readily available! Kudos to Ella on another wonderfully inspired recipe.

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