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Top 5 Reasons To Visit A Farm Animal Sanctuary This Fall

Top 5 Reasons To Visit A Farm Animal Sanctuary This Fall

Top 5 Reasons To Visit A Farm Animal Sanctuary This Fall

As a lifetime suburban- and city-dweller in New York City, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh, I was not aware of how used to the concrete jungle I had became, especially in the bustling Brooklyn neighborhoods I’ve lived in for most of my adult life. This past August I was honored to join Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary’s team as Development Director. Like they do for all visitors, supporters and friends of the sanctuary, Co-Founder’s Gabrielle Stubbert and Peter Nussbaum welcomed me to the Tamerlaine family with an open invitation year round to enjoy the farm, spend time with the rescued animals who live there, and feel the calming energy of the abundant nature on the property. Now that I am regularly spending time at the farm, I realize that the reciprocal benefits of visiting a farmed animal sanctuary is a joy that everyone and anyone has the ability to experience. Here are five of the countless reasons you must visit a farm sanctuary this fall.

So here are the top 5 reasons to visit a farm animal sanctuary this fall!

Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary
Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary

#1: It will feel like your second home. For those of us that have a sanctuary within a few hours drive from our homes, or even farther, it’s easy to enjoy annual or regular trips leading to a sense of connection and belonging to the sanctuary’s community. Seasonal trips on the east coast can be truly special and invigorating. At Tamerlaine, guests of the farm relax comfortably with animals in mild temperatures and amidst beautiful changing foliage in the fall; play in the snow with the goats in the winter; witness, listen to, and be enveloped in the birth of spring with budding flowers and wildlife; and take a dip in our Bed and Breakfast duck-pond-adjacent and in-ground saline pool in the summer. Farm visitors experience rejuvenation and connection at a sanctuary any time of year.

#2: Sanctuaries are excellent replacements to unethical family outings such as the zoo, aquariums and petting zoos. If you have kids, nieces or nephews who love animals, chances are they are under the impression that the previously mentioned “attractions” are a positive way to be present with animals. But we know better. At an animal sanctuary, children and adults connect with our 4-legged and winged friends in a safe, non-invasive setting. A sanctuary is first and foremost a safe haven for rescued animals. These animals grow to love and feel fulfilled by the affection from their new animal friends and human visitors at the farm. At Tamerlaine, guests can be certain that they will find themselves being approached by many animal residents who love to cuddle and play.

On October 13th we will be holding Flocktoberfest 2018, our annual GIANT vegan beer garden (family friendly, of course) at our new majestic property. Join us and hundreds of our supporters and friends for this highly anticipated celebration! BUY YOUR TICKETS TODAY!

#3: Just by visiting a farm and donating the money you would have used on movie tickets, an arcade or some other outing, you have made a meaningful contribution. Supporting a social cause is one of the most rewarding actions anyone can take. No matter how one contributes to a social movement, nonprofit or social business, the gift of being philanthropic to a cause is a sought after experience of individuals worldwide.  Anyone wishing to give to, volunteer with, advocate for or otherwise support a cause seeks effective organizations to align with. Animal sanctuaries contribute to positive change for many interconnected issues. At Tamerlaine, our priority is to protect and care for animals, providing them a safe forever home. In addition, we support and contribute to society in several other ways including: robust humane education programs and access to our multimedia education center (in progress); accessible educational and social opportunities for people regardless of socio-economic privilege or physical, emotional, or intellectual ability; eco-tourism and conservation on our 336-acre historic farm to protect and help sustain the natural habitat of local wildlife populations; and coming soon, artistic expression and activism in our new event space and art gallery, as well as an advocacy program to work towards meaningful policies for animals and a more compassionate society.  Get to know a farm sanctuary community this fall and feel the effective change you can be a part of!

#4: Number 4 is the one we already know. Animal Agriculture is one of the world’s most horrific and destructive practices. Sanctuaries work tirelessly to end factory farming and the use of animals for human consumption. Visit a sanctuary this fall to stand in solidarity with this cause and support the imperative work of various animal rights communities.

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#5: You will be inspired through individual connection and, without even trying, brush up on topics that are relevant to contemporary discussion. Many people who visit a farm sanctuary make unique and meaningful connections with animal residents there. With over 200 cows, pigs, horses, ducks, chickens, turkeys, goats, rabbits and other rescued animals at Tamerlaine, visitors can’t help but to connect with individual animals when they come visit and season after season– and year after year– develop meaningful relationships. From your experience at a farm sanctuary you will naturally become a humane educator to your own friends and communities as you share your personal experiences interacting with animals and the thoughts you have developed on any of the relevant topics that interest you such as animal behavior, intelligence and emotional lives; wildlife, nature and conservation; animal agriculture and other interconnected systems; or government policy and legislation for a more compassionate society. If you are a hands-on and social learner like me, a sanctuary will be the perfect environment for your personal growth, development and advocacy contributions.

All photos by & posted with permission, courtesy of Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary

Tracey Katof is an impact-driven professional who through her business development, nonprofit, and artistic work is committed to addressing overlapping crises in animal protection, environmental ethics and social Justice. Tracey is Director of Development for Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary and choreographs social advocacy performance art with Enforced Arch Dance. Tracey received her Masters from Valparaiso University and the Institute for Humane Education, and her Bachelors of Dance from Hofstra University.