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How To Send A Cold, Lonely Dog A Valentine

How To Send A Cold, Lonely Dog A Valentine

How To Send A Cold, Lonely Dog A Valentine

While many of us are fortunate enough to spend our evenings indoors with our loved ones this month, imagine those who are struggling just to survive the bitterly cold nights. Lonely dogs —chained outside without adequate shelter as temperatures plummet below freezing— will spend hours lying awake, shivering uncontrollably. They need help. They need you.

You can now make a special Valentine’s Day sponsorship gift to PETA, for $22 a month, and they will provide a desperate “outside dog” with a straw-filled doghouse.

Sponsor a dog house for a dog in need this Valentine's Day!
Sponsor a dog house for a dog in need this Valentine’s Day!

PETA’s custom-built doghouses are sturdy, durable, and built to last through all kinds of extreme weather—from the freezing wind and snow of winter to the blazing sun and scorching heat of summer. When you give the gift of a doghouse this Valentine’s Day, you’ll be providing a dog in need with much more than a simple roof and four walls:

  • You’ll give a dog relief. When PETA’s fieldworkers find dogs who are infested with fleas, ticks, or other parasites, your support means that they can give them the proper treatment. They often supply dog food and treats for the animals of impoverished families who are going through hard times.
  • You’ll give a dog joy. With every doghouse that we deliver, they take along a toy, since so many animals have nothing to break the monotony of life in a barren backyard. If they’re tied up with a rope or heavy chain, they also replace it with a lightweight tie-out that is less likely to tangle or twist and allows them a bit more freedom to romp and play.
  • You’ll give a dog affection.  PETA’s job isn’t done when they deliver a doghouse. PETA’s fieldworkers visit the dogs regularly—sometimes for years—to check on their welfare, give them much-needed affection and special treats, and make them as comfortable as possible under the circumstances.

For so many of these dogs, the love that you help send to them is surely the only kindness that they have ever known.

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We wish that every dog could bask in his or her family’s love this Valentine’s Day—but some owners can’t be persuaded to let their dogs live indoors. For those sweet, gentle animals, your support will help PETA’s team do all that we can to make their lonely days and nights a little less miserable.

Editor’s Note: Can’t do this or choose not to go with a monthly donation? Donate a pile of toys, or even gently used linens/ towels/ dog coats to your local shelter. Your closet clear out could bring so much support and comfort to animals in need!  You can even donate fur coats to wildlife rehabilitation centers (they soothe abandoned newborns without Mamas). Have any questions? Leave them in the comments below!

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