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17 Ways To Love Yourself And Stay Uplifted As Summer Waves Goodbye

17 Ways To Love Yourself And Stay Uplifted As Summer Waves Goodbye

You are in a great mood, sun-kissed and cocktailed, when suddenly the kids come back from camp, start bickering, and brisk evenings roll in.  It’s a shock to the system, but there are ways to temper that shock.  What better way to move into another season than honoring yourself? Love yourself up a little extra as you transition from summer to fall – treat yourself as you would a best friend, and get proactive about some serious self care.  Challenge yourself to doing 2 of the items below a day whenever you’re feeling off.


That means masturbation, sex, admiring yourself – and maybe even a goddess ‘gine steam! Studies show that people who have daily sexual activity are sick less often (google it!),  plus it strengthens your pelvic floor! Try a 30 day sex commitment – even if it’s solo.  Start using a kegel app.  Get into feminist porn.  Hit up a sex toy store, online or IRL.  Whatever makes you happy downstairs, do more of that.

Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls, $37

This ‘aint your high school weed! Dispensary marijuana and micro dosing mushrooms has grown leaps and bounds from the sedating, couch-sinking Mary Jane of your younger years. Go for an uplifting Sativa (fabulous for closet organizing or getting things done!) or a mellow-making Indica (to replace pharmaceutical sleep aids). Start small, and rev up as you get more comfortable. We recommend asking your dispensary for advice.  Find out the legal rules in your State before getting all snippy with us.  Don’t want to vape? De nada – just take oil tinctures, gummies, or mints!  Getting a little high helps us tune into what’s important and tune out the garbage self-talk that doesn’t serve us. Obviously this doesn’t apply to our amazing sober peeps working hard to do the steps daily. We love you, sobies! Try CBD if you want some of the benefits of hemp without the high.

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It’s no skin off your nose to toss some astragalus, cordyceps, or maca into your daily routine. Keep supplements and vitamins near your toothbrush so you remember to take them every day!  If you’re new to supplements, consider tonics (like the vinegar based ones below) – they are simple to toss into your salad dressing, cocktails, or fruit juice anytime at all.  Ready made combo packs of supplements (like the packaged one below) also makes getting your daily special herbs easy!

Full Tonic Set, $85
Theralogix PhytoLife Balance Vegan Multivitamin, $45

You are a wonderful gift to this planet – treat yourself thusly! Make your food pretty and healthful, give yourself the gift of thoughtfully procuring and eating your meals. It can’t always happen, but when it does, notice how you feel. Do you feel different than you do had you just tossed frozen fries in the air fryer (ps there’s a place for that too!)? Add more greens, nuts, seeds, and beans to your diet is mother nature’s uplift. When I eat healthily, I feel so much better. I’m challenging myself to make healthier choices daily, and if I fall off I say “I forgive you self! Let’s try again tomorrow!”  One easy switch is to swap your daily bagel for an acai bowl, or your fake food coloring candy for a cleaner version.

Acai bowl with almond butter, $4.99
Sustainable Gummy Bears Beverly Hills Sour Strawberry, $9.95

Get outside every single day. Even if it’s for 3 minutes. Go on a mental health walk. Look at the stars. Garden on your terrace or on your sprawling estate. Be in the grass however you can manage it – even if it’s in a local park. Just get out there and marvel at what G-d/ science/ the big bang made.


Planting doesn’t end in summer! Keep gardening, gosh darnit! Now is the time to harvest your winter plants, and get your indoor plants going. Make it a habit to stop into a nursery regularly to see what looks happy to take home and nurture.  Nowhere near a nursery? Buy your indoor apartment plants online! Studies show people who garden are happier, try it and see why.

Money Tree, $38+

Crafting can be as rigorous as redoing the tile in your bathroom, and as simple as doodling on newspaper. Whatever excites you, do that. We love beading, drawing, watercolor, crochet, tie-dye, decoupage, and so many other simple crafts here at GGA HQ. Try a few things and see what sticks.  See our Pinterest crafting pages for inspo! Making pretty things feels good.

Cross Stitch Starter Kit, $15

Your home, car, work space – consider all these spaces temples where you go for energy, peace, and inspiration. Constantly aspire to beautify your spaces. Cheap ways to do this are lighting candles, incense, repainting, vintage shopping, hanging art or posters, watching IG DIY accounts and making things yourself.  We can always add a little corner of beauty anywhere we go with a little creativity.  Read a book on Hyyge and see why making a cozy atmosphere – full of fireplaces and chubby knit blankets – during cold months is key.

KB “Outer Space” Sand Art, $94

Having something to look forward to is crucial in the path to joy.  Maybe you’re feeling quiet right now, but having a plan in October on the calendar to look forward to – even if it’s just tea on your deck to watch the leaves fall with a new friend – is life affirming.

Organic Lavender & Valerian Herbal, $4.75

Pool parties aren’t the only parties! Start planning your Halloween or holiday bash now.  Gatherings take time to plan, and people get booked up.  Now is the time to send out a save the date and start pinteresting your creepy crafts. This falls under keeping things moving seamlessly through seasons – celebrating always.  Theme parties uplift everyone’s spirit – have them outdoors as long as possible with heating lamps and fire pits to keep everyone covid safe.

Elie Saab Yarn Embroidered Long Dress, $9k

Every single day look at your blessings.  When you eat a great salad, practice saying “thank you gd/ universe (whatever you believe in) for the farmers who grew this food and for having enough money to buy these ingredients! What a delicious gift to my body!”  The more you practice this, the easier it will come. Before you know it you’ll be so busy thanking the universe for the roof over your head, smaller annoyances won’t bug you as much.  The more you complain about tiny transgressions, the less you can be in your life. Steady your feet to the ground, and say “I made it!”  Your existence in itself is a totally crazy thing!

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Wear whimsical or special clothing that makes you feel happy when you toss it on. There’s no reason to not toss a silky shawl over your turtleneck or rock a sequined dress to your labor day party! Better to stand out than to blend in.

Cosmic Ocean Cocoon Wrap, $110


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Maybe it starts with an online masterclass, and ends with a roller disco club! Whatever you’ve been quietly curious about, take steps to join a class or group that informs that inquisitiveness.  Indoor activities we love help us transition into winter without the blues coming down like window shades.

Ava Pro | BTFL Classic Artistic Roller Skates, $189

Scrub yourself with our favorite loofah soap in the shower, stick shower fizzies in the corner of the shower, take a bath bomb bath, pop on a face mask, and always – and we mean always – spritz your face with rose water.

Hydrating Rosewater Facial Toner Spray, $5

See: 20 Ways To Ethically Purge Your Stuff

Cleaning out your closets is psychologically cleansing.  It not only feels great to let things go, it makes your entire home feel different. Change is good, tidy is better.

Donate your old clothes to charity or let them make money for you

New season, new products! Exchange your chemical perfumes for solid oils, and your old lippie out for a sustainable, clean, new formula with the most groovy sustainable packaging.

Pick Me Up Lip Matte Lipstick, $20
Night Nymph Solid Perfume, $26

Put your favorite photo of the summer in a frame, or download this cool new app that turns all your pix from a certain window of time into a chic magazine.  It’s not over, there’s just a countdown til next summer.

DIY Magazine App, Prices Vary

Main Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash