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Falling Into Fall: Your New Music Playlist From A Music Maven In The Know

Falling Into Fall: Your New Music Playlist From A Music Maven In The Know

Falling Into Fall: Your New Music Playlist From A Music Maven In The Know

As a publicist and founder of a PR/Marketing agency (The Bloom Effect) I’m allowed me the luxury of selecting who I represent. I take great pride in my client roster and extremely thankful that I have the versatility and openness to move in and out of genres so effortlessly. I’ve been this way my entire career, having owned successful hip hop labels, to running PR for a Rock label to repping Soul, R&B, Americana, Jazz, Latin, Reggae, World, Electronic, Folk, Pop and pretty much everything in between. I’m always asked, do I have a favorite style or prefer to work in any one genre/lane and my answer is always this: I love it all. All styles as long as it’s authentic and moves me. I spend about 3/4 of my time listening to music whether in the background, chilling out, listening sessions, exercise, recreation, or doing research /case studies. I can’t tell you how much great music discovery comes from recommendations, and scouring streaming platforms. I probably spend $100+ a month in subscription services just so I have access to everything.

Music Motivates and Inspires me. Thus, I like to motivate and inspire you too with my many playlists. We’re upon a new Season – the Fall – which I love to call Season of Renewal.

I’ve created a new music playlist, exclusively for GirlieGirl Army readers, for us all to start a fresh, a new lease on life!

Dowload “Falling into Fall” here:

1) Brass-A –Holics ft Letrainiump “Wake Me Up”- I discovered Letrainiump from working this virtual event Band Together – raising money for the New Orleans music community impacted greatly from COVID-19. The combination of the GoGo Brass Funk band Brass- A –Holics with Tra’s undeniably catchy vocal style is a real pick me up.

2) Tame Impala – “Is it True” – I discovered Tame at an Aussie BBQ Australian Sounds event a few years back and been hooked ever since.

3) Gangstagrass – “Ride With You” -Bluegrass Hip Hop group making noise (Happens to be a client too) – this song should be part of any playlist to get us through the rest of the year. “The Future is a Bumpy Ride, I want to Ride With You”, Will be fighting monsters till we die, just as long as you’re by my side”.

4) Billy Strings – “All the Luck in the World” – Discovered Billy while working with Gangstagrass. His vocal texture is so warm and makes you feel safe. I have this on repeat and can’t stop listening.

5) Goat Rodeo Sessions– “The Trappings” – nothing like a mash up of genres and Yo-Yo Ma, I mean, come on.. What’s not to love about this song. I actually hung out with Yo-Yo in Stockholm a few years ago for the Polar Music Prize in which he was a recipient, and he was of the most talented and humble humans I’ve ever met.

6) Sylvan Esso – “Rooftop Dancing” – Came across Sylvan recently via NPR All Songs Considered. Folk Electronica. Made me curious – I love how innovative this duo is. Somehow listening to this, I find myself in a playground on a see -saw.

7) Whitney McClain– “Good With Pain” – I’m a lover of British Soul and her vocal style is very reminiscent to Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Adele, and some of my other faves.

8) Fantastic Negrito – “These are my Friends” – What a character and flamboyant- I met Negrito on the Red Carpet at the 2019 Grammy’s whilst repping Grammy nominated Raul Midon His music is addictive and upbeat.

9) LeTrainiump – Electric (feat. Yessie Jame. Z) – Well.. Featuring this NOLA singer/songwriter/guitarist again because he’s one of my favorite new discoveries. . I hope we work together one day!

10) Water Seed – “It Ain’t My Fault” – Another NOLA group -this one more Royalty. So much energy and one of best live shows ever. Just a matter of time before they have a real breakthrough.

11) Lane 8 –“Buggy” – a booking agent friend turned me on to this DJ/Producer from Denver recently and this song transports me and takes me far away from my day to day stress.

12) Raul Midon– “Dancing off the Edge “- He deserves wild acclaim. He’s exceptionally gifted. Here, he’s back to his dance music roots. The guitar playing is electrifying and check the undeniable percussion solos. It’s all him!

13) Diplo –“XII” (feat. Rhye) – I’ve been checking Diplo since his humble beginnings with Hollertronix and before he launched Mad Decent. What a career he’s had. Everything he touches turns to gold!

14) The Streets & Chris Lorenzo- “Take Me As I Am” — being an English girl, I love my grime! I’ve been onto Mike Skinner aka The Streets since his conception. I even tried bringing him here in the early 20’s. One of the originals – and his artistry keeps evolving.

15) Idles – “Mr. Motivator” – Pretty hard core/ post punk which as I mentioned, my taste runs the gamut. This rock band hails from Bristol.. So much great hard stuff coming out of the U.K… So… I discovered Idles on a Consequence of Sound playlist feature.

16) SATE “Dirty Little Lie” – I discovered SATE from going to Toronto over the years. She went by Saidah Baba Talibah back then. I loved her then, I love her now. She’s raunchy, bold and fearless. You have to crank this up to feel her force!

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17) Skip Marley – “Faith” – Another Marley! I can only imagine where he’ll be in 2 years. He’s a natural performer, incredible music maker and Royalty! “Sometimes Life will kick you down, but we got that Faith”.. It’s an undeniable song and an infectious hook/chorus.

18) Kosha Dillz – “W9” – Jewish Rapper – gets my vote! He’s been hustling touring the world on the grind for a few years now and also produces these awesome parties at SXSW called Oy Vey! This song should be the freelancers /gig economy Anthem for the Unemployed. “Nobody Cares About That”. One of the best freestylers on the current scene.

19) Chromeo– “6 Ft Away” – Everything this duo does is magic! One of my faves from the Montreal electronic scene. When it comes to synth pop and EDM scene, Montreal churns out the best! This song is the Corona Lovin’ Anthem. 6 Ft Away that’s how I’m gonna love you.

20) Kygo & Donna Summer – “Hot Stuff” – This Norwegian DJ/Producer really nails this classic. I don’t usually prefer a remix to the original, but this however, is an exception. I feel mildly connected to Donna Summer too because I represent the man she was married to for 35+ years who also produced ‘The Donna Summer Musical’.

21) Bruce Sudano – “Keep Doin’ What You’re Doin’” – Bruce has really evolved into his own artistry and love watching this. His new project ‘Spirals, Vol 2- Time and the Space in Between’ is out Oct 23rd and this new tune came out this week. It’s about feeling new love and a special kind of magic which we all strive to create and this song gives us hope and that we know we’re on the right track.

22) TRISHES – “Anomaly” is based in LA – super profound and multi-talented with many layers including movement, visual, mixed media, multi-instrumental, and a music activist too. It’s quite ethereal and her arrangements are always stunning. She doesn’t follow trends, which makes her 100% original.

23) Sub-Radio – “Disco” – I love these guys. Based in D.C. They’re a feel good, throwback group –great musicianship with an incredibly dynamic front guy. All their songs just want to make you get up and dance and bring loads of joy into any room and heart. Two thumbs up and be on the look out as they’re on the rise!

So there you have it. 23 Pure Gems equal to 1 hour and 25 minutes of a good time! Hope I’ve hipped you to some new joints, given an education and more importantly, added more life to your party!

Fiona Bloom is the owner of the The Bloom Effect, a unique, full service boutique that specializes in branding for artists, personalities, music labels and lifestyle companies.

Photo by Clint McKoy on Unsplash