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10 Mega Cozy Things Your House Needs To Have For Fall

10 Mega Cozy Things Your House Needs To Have For Fall

It’s snuggle season! Soups, apple picking, pumpkin bread, broomsticks, warm socks, and hiking – oh my! Whatever you do – learn about living a hygge lifestyle, and up your cozy ante.

According to the dictionary;

nounhygge is a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).“why not follow the Danish example and bring more hygge into your daily life?”

Here are 10 things that will really change the way you feel – body and mind – in the coming months as things get cuddlier and more chilly;

Yes, it’s expensive – but the difference in the hand feel of this faux fur blanket vs the cheap ones is EPIC. The warmth, softness, and look is unparalleled. It can be gorgeous on a couch, or chic on a bed, and isn’t the type of thing you need to hide when guests come over.  I’ve got 2 of these, and don’t regret a penny of the purchase. If you don’t have one, you are missing out.  Add this to your cart as a go-to for hostess gifts and a holiday gift that anyone would love.

Luxury Faux Fur Oversized Throw Blanket with Plush Velvet Reverse, Fox Lynx or Gray Mink, $156

Don’t you dare utter the word comfy without a candle burning! Tired of tossing your candles after burning them? Us too. Meet NOTES®: the first of its kind refillable candle made to be used again and again.  Full of the fragrance you love and free of the toxins you don’t.  Toss the wax beads in the reusable glass (with silicone liner) and reuse forever with different scents (or the same). Eco friendly, gorgeous, and makes a wonderful gift.. to yourself!

NOTES Sustainable Candle Kit, $54

What could be better than a bread subscription box? Hot rolls, fresh breads, and just rolled out pastas to your doorstep? Winner, winner, vegan dinner!

Bread Baskets to your door, $48

Every coffee table needs a few chic card games available to play on a whim. Have you ever had a feeling you just couldn’t find the words to express? Or had an experience you wanted to share but you were stuck on how to explain it? We all want to understand each other and need to be understood, so Lost for Words is here to help you explore over 300 different words from over 70 different languages that capture emotions and nuanced experiences to deepen our relationships and connections.

Lost for Words by Pink Tiger Games, $24

You probably already know why we love Bonne Maman – but if you don’t – read their incredible story here (spoiler alert: they may or may not have saved Jewish families during the Holocaust.) Pumpkin spice spread for a hot out of the oven pumpkin bread!

Bonne Maman, Pumpkin Spice Fruit Spread, $14

Fall is the best time to make art and be inspired by nature! Consider ordering a few prints (and supporting handmade art!) with a comfort aesthete from your favorite indie artist. This one has our name on it! Manifest sweet thoughts with sweet visuals.

Stretch tight muscles, release back tension, improve flexibility, and ease back pain with this glorious heated stretcher.

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Body Flex Back Stretching Mat with Heat, $319

There are few things better in life than sitting by a roaring fire – a little bit stoned on organic cannabis  – with your best friends. Take a gummy, pass one around – these ship to your door. Life is for living!

THC Gummies, $69


That month between crocs and uggs got you confused? We found the perfect slip on – excellent for keeping toesies warm watching kids sports games and quick pop in’s to shops or visiting friends without committing to shoelaces or socks.

Furever Crush Shoe, $80 (Get ready for Croctober ‘23! Now through 10/17, get 23% off your entire order using promo code CROCTOBER23 at checkout.)

Spending more time at home as the weather chills is a job for fluffy pillows from Home Goods, homemade soups, and good smells. Recently I walked into a friend’s home and said “how does this entire home smell like a Le Labo store?!”  Imagine my surprise when I found out she had HVAC scenting – something I had never heard of!  If you’ve never heard of it either, welcome to the pre zone – where you learn how luxe your life can be if only you’d known! These scents are cruelty-free, vegan. free of phtalates, benzene, formaldehyde, toluene and other common carcinogens and are pumped through your ventilation system  with tons of delicious smells as options. Many of your favorite boutique hotels use this company to make their spaces smell delectable, and now you can experience it too.

Custom Home Scenting, $100 a month+/-

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Photo by alex geerts on Unsplash