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GirlieGirlArmy Mitzvah Fridays!

GirlieGirlArmy Mitzvah Fridays!

GirlieGirlArmy Mitzvah Fridays!


We’ve invoked a MITZVAH FRIDAY in which once a Month we volunteer/ give back in a tangible way, and YOU ARE INVITED TO REAP THE MITZVAH POINTS from wherever you are! We’ve found our armchair activism getting a little heavy round these parts. There’s nothing like physically getting involved in helping another person or animal to get your oxytocin going and place in heaven locked in!

Our first Mitzvah Friday will be September 27th where we will be volunteering at All Humane Animal Rescue, Inc. in New Jersey.  This is a small shelter with no major donor, no sponsors, and no municipal funding. Many of the animals are in outdoor kennels. With winter coming, they need our help! We will be bringing photographers from NYC to take professional pix of all the adoptables, volunteers to tangibly help by cleaning, playing with, and walking animals, and most importantly by bringing SUPPLIES to this animal shelter in need.

If you’re interested in doing labor, building kenneling or shelters, working with the animals, scooping poop, or photographing the animals – email to arrange joining us! If not, keep reading!


  • Blankets​, Towels, Bedding (washed – but used works great!)
  • Baby Playpens & Baby Gates
  • Dry & Canned Dog And Cat Food & Treats
  • Food and Water Dishes (Crock Bowls Work Great Too)
  • Dog and Cat Toys and Long Last Bones/ Chews
  • Cat Litter & Boxes/ Liners
  • Crates, Kennels, Pet Travel Bags
  • Leashes and Collars
  • Brushes and Grooming Tools
  • Pet Beds
  • Insulated Dog Houses
  • Animal Meds (of any kind, half used is fine!)
  • Paper towels & Cleaning Products

We have a drop off point for these supplies on the upper east side in NYC. Once again, email for that address. She will be taking a team to transport these items to the shelter.

If you don’t live locally, but still want to help – the shelter does have an amazon wishlist! Simply purchase anything off the list and items will be sent directly to the shelter!

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Want to implement your own mitzvah Friday and want us involved? Leave a comment below!

G♥I♥R♥L♥I♥E♥G♥I♥R♥L♥A♥R♥M♥Y♥.C♥O♥M♥  M♥I♥T♥Z♥V♥A♥H  ♥F♥R♥I♥D♥A♥Y♥S♥

Pup Photo via – Markus Winkler

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