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I’m A Mom And I Still Like To F*ck: One Rockstar Turned Suburban Mom’s Story

I’m A Mom And I Still Like To F*ck: One Rockstar Turned Suburban Mom’s Story

I may be a happily married, 35 year old mother of 3 boys under the age of five, but I didn’t trade in my Mojo when I bought my mini-van.  In fact, I am sexier, and more self-possessed than ever, because now I know what I want and how to get it.

I am a M.W.L.F., a Mother. Who. Likes. to. Fuck.

You didn’t read that wrong.

My name is Michal Towber, and I am a suburban mom by day and a rockstar by night.  Think Mary Louise Parker’s character in “Weeds” – except I prefer lots of black leather, fishnets, harnesses, and generous amounts of black eyeliner. I also prefer to get your brain off with raw music. You’ve probably heard my songs before without realizing it—I was signed to SONY/Columbia at 17, mentored by Billy Joel, and Soul Asylum’s Dave Pirner was my prom date.  Did I mention I won an Emmy?


Despite early success, I ultimately failed in the cut-throat music biz. How come? One reason: Fear. Sure, I made immature decisions as a youngster. Sure, I didn’t know how to navigate the rapidly evolving industry. But what I realize now is that underneath it all, I failed because I was afraid. Afraid of failure.  Afraid of disappointing others. Afraid that when you know everything about me, I will have lost my only friend.


Something about pushing 3 human beings out of my birth canal, unmedicated, made me realize just how capable I am when I trust myself.  I’m no longer afraid.  I am out of the closet.  And I am writing the best, most honest, confessional music of my life.  And that includes dirty words, and sexual fantasies.  Song about wanting to be your fluffy little bitch?  Check.  Song about having a dirty mouth?  Fuck yeah!  Song about suffering with depression?  I’ll admit to that.  These are all facets of me, and I have no filter.  I still want your approval—I want to be your own personal rockstar.  But if you don’t “get me,” that’s ok too.  I gotta speak my truth—and I hope I can inspire others, including my kids, to be true to themselves.

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You can watch Michal’s old music videos and new videos on YouTube here.