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4 Self Care Ideas For The Busy Mom

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Teacher and author Eleanor Brown once said that “self care is not selfish”. Never has that statement been so true as it is now for busy, exhausted moms everywhere. It’s not selfish- in fact, it’s one of the best things you can do for your kids. While taking a break can cause guilt in any parent, a few hours to yourself will have you recharged and ready to take on the day, sticky surfaces, summer vacation, and all.

Put yourself back on your to-do list this summer with self -care tips like the ones below!

4 Self Care Ideas For The Busy Mom

4 Self Care Ideas For The Busy Mom

Get Active.

According to Jessica Muenster, a trainer for Aaptiv, a personal trainer app, exercise naturally energizes you by releasing endorphins that combat stress. Plus, upon exercising, neurotransmitters like serotonin or norepinephrine help teach your body how to respond better to stressors. Studies even show that low levels of both are linked to depression and anxiety. So, higher levels of those chemicals during exercise naturally make you feel good.

Moms especially need to find outlets for stress and anxiety, and with the benefits of a fitness routine, it’s worth a shot. Choose workouts that inspire you to get moving consistently. Rev up for a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, take that class you’ve always wanted to try, register for a 5k- you can even involve your kids. Doing unstructured physical activities like throwing a dance party, hiking or swimming can become a bonding activity for the whole family!

Eat Well.

Much like exercise, eating the right foods energizes the body, promotes healthy weight loss, and can be a natural mood booster as well. While it can seem difficult or expensive, there are creative ways to work healthy foods into the weekly shopping list. Make a meal plan around what will be in your fridge each week, or focus on foods that can be prepared in advance and frozen for later. Not veg? Go meat free once a week, swap water for soda, shop for in-season produce at the local farmer’s market- whatever form it takes for you and your family.

Don’t forget that there are a lot of resources out there to help when it comes to nutrition. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t know what foods to make, try using GirlieGirlArmy’s search engine for recipe ideas and tips, or checking out cookbooks written by healthy living experts, of which there are no shortage!

Make Time for Healthcare.

Another healthy self care tip is just that- to make time for health. So often, we as moms are so laser-focused on the family, we forget to get ourselves checked out every once in awhile. Think about it- you wouldn’t let your kids miss an appointment! Too many women are ignoring their body’s signals or neglecting to make time for routine screenings.

Make sure you schedule annual physician’s appointments, mammograms, appropriate vaccinations, vision and dental checkups. And don’t forget to listen to your body and make an appointment if something doesn’t feel quite right.

Schedule that Girl’s night.

Being a busy mom, it can be easy to let time with family and friends fall by the wayside. Even with a tight schedule, there are always opportunities to catch up and connect outside of the hectic day-to-day.

Try making a commitment to one “girl’s date” a month, even if it’s just a quick coffee run between errands. Host a pizza and movie playdate with your kids to grab a few moments with a mommy friend or dinner with your hubby.

At the end of the day, having your kids see you practicing self-care is a great opportunity to model healthy behavior. It can be so easy to lose yourself in the routine- but finding simple ways to stay grounded, through hobbies, friendships, and healthy lifestyle changes, can help you stay connected to your inner passions.

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  1. Liskula says:

    This is a great reminder. And much needed. Thanks

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