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New Vegan Bag Line Fills A Void

New Vegan Bag Line Fills A Void

This New Vegan Bag Line Fits The Bill: Affordable Long-Lasting!

Age old vegan bag issue: finding bags in budget that don’t look cheap or break down. Meet our new day-to-day bag favorites: Urban Expressions. With a nice range of styles, they’ve got everyone’s look covered and the price is right averaging at around $50-$110. These aren’t accidentally vegan finds either, they are very purposefully vegan, noting the founders commitment to cruelty-free style and their PETA and and cruelty-free/ vegan certification all over their website and tags. They are also durable, good for to-and-from work and lot’s of wear and tear.

GGA Favorites:

Urban Expressions Audrey, $110
Urban Expressions
Urban Expressions Phoenix, $70


See Also

Urban Expressions Claudine, $110
Urban Expressions Brooklyn, $60

They are available on their website sign up for their newsletter for 25% off your first purchase! You can also find some of the range and older styles here on which means free prime shipping and lots of color options!

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