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Keep Your Fruit Cozy

Keep Your Fruit Cozy

When we first started seeing these amongst the hip and fruit loving, we guffawed.. okay, now that’s taking cutesy too far.  But inside, we were dying to own one.  They are great for protecting the apples (peaches, pears, avocados, etc.) in your bag, and really excite kids about eating fruit.  They make you smile and brighten your day, and encourage unbruised fruit to enter our temples instead of old energy bars.  Score.

You can buy the pattern to make them yourself here or buy them directly from numerous sellers on Etsy.  Ruth Grommes ([email protected]) will custom your cozy with your color choice, buttons, and design  for $12 each, email her directly and order one with Hello Kitty buttons or stripes, whatever floats your yacht.

fruit cozy, $9.95 by DemeDesigns

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