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GirlieGirlArmy Gift Guide 2011

GirlieGirlArmy Gift Guide 2011

If you aren’t crafting this holiday season, consider these items on our personal gotta-have-it list;

Little Ones

Hand Embroidered Teddy Bear, $73 Each one of the bears has a story – handmade by a collective of women in South Africa, all of whom are living with HIV, these bears are creating opportunities for a life of dignity.

Pirate Ship Wood Pull Toy, $24 Sweet as can be, it is finished with a beeswax polish (not vegan) but ask for it to be polished with olive oil instead.

I Am Not a Nugget Plush Backpack, $20 Fuzzy and cute, but takes a stand for the little chicken-free chick.

The Family Book by Todd Parr, $6.99 A kids book that makes our hearts sing.  It covers families with one parent, same-gendered parents, families who live far away from each other or eat different things.  It celebrates diversity in the most marvelous way!

Texthook, $25
A working parents life-saver, this contraption fixes on to your stroller for easy text n’ go living.

Skytop Gold & Silver Hightops, $36
Nothing is as cool as these hightops for your little superstar.

Fancypants Glamazon

Tilly Fringe Cross Body Bag, $168
Cri de Coeur puts recycled plastic to good use in the making of this stylish faux-suede bag. A gold chain and soft faux leather strap add a note of elegance to this stylish piece.

Luxe Faux Fur Throw Arctic Fox, $79

There is nobody alive who doesn’t appreciate a chic looking faux fur blanket as a gift.

Makeover Package, Prices vary

A natural hair and make up artist who will come to you! Gift certificates for a beautilicious make over, in the comfort of his/her house using all vegan, eco friendly products is all that and a bag of glitter!

Bamboo Wrap, $39.99
Pashminas are so old school, they may as well be pleather pants. Subvert the look with these soft, natural and eco-friendly renewable bamboo wraps, which come in adorable bamboo containers. Choose from a rich palette of 9 rich colors. $39.99

Sweetheart Hostess Purse, $225
Leather aficionados be fooled – this sweetheart bag by Gunas is 100% vegan and produced in socially responsible factories.

Studded Pump, $305
Compassionate couture gets attitude on this 100% vegan studded pump by milk & honey. She can then customize her shoe by picking the height of the heel.

Pointelle Knit Sweater, $98
The she-will-live-in-it gift that couldn’t look bad on anyone, this bamboo eco-friendly sweater is available in gorgeous jewel tones.  We want this now.

Madeline Blouse, $107
Sexy and sophisticated, the Madeline Blouse by Device combines a sweetheart bustline with contrasting, beautifully detailed lace.  Few girls wouldn’t love this.

Poly Vintage Missioni Snood, $64.26
Ditch the scarf or hood this winter and stay warm with this 60s inspired snood. 100% vegan, warm and stunning.

Tikal Earrings, $90
These statement drop earrings by Dirty Librarian Chains are made of vintage deadstock gold, hematite, copper and brass plated beads from the 70s and 80s.

Dorian- Vegan Ivory, off white or white flower and leaves fascinator, $38
Because let’s face it, wearing your hair down or in a pony tail gets boring.  Get her something gorgeous to wear on New Years Eve!

Hollow Daze Cut Out Romper, $102
Dramatic cut outs add massive sex appeal to this classic lace and nylon romper by Clare Bare. A perfect gift for a new (or old) amour.

Glossary Necklace, $140
This delicately draped necklace with vintage beads is the perfect accent piece for almost any outfit.

Sunset Tails Fake Gauge Earrings, $25
These dramatic hand carved fake gauge earrings are made from brown sono wood.

Peacekeeper Vegan Make Up Gift Box, $98 @
An all vegan and eco make up package where proceeds benefit women in struggling nations? Score.

Book Worms & Techy Tarts

Pink Royal Quiet De Luxe manual typewriter, $595
There isn’t a literature loving lass out there who wouldn’t want to get her paws on this sweet child.

Vegan Tattoo, email for price.
Because you know book geeks love a good ink job.  And because un-vegan tattoos are done with icky squid-based inks.  Use one of these members of the tribe and support their artistry.

Seth Wood in Brooklyn, NY

Danielle DiStefano at Only You Tattoo in Atlanta, GA

Brian Wilson at Scapegoat Tattoo in Portland, OR

James Spooner in Los Angeles, CA

Damascena Pure Rose Water, $25
The perfect cure for an all night study fest,  this glorious potion by Duchess Marden will have you glowing in no time. Use daily to clean pores, reduce rosacea, and recharge your skin.

Rose: Love in the time of war by Inga Muscio, $7.18
This book leaves our jaws dropped on the floor. Rose breaks new ground in answering fundamental question in most feminist and antiracist writing: how do we identify, witness, and then recover from trauma—as individuals, as families, as communities, and as a country? But she does it with the most hilarious, engaging style.  Don’t know how you can talk about war while laughing and crying at the same time? Read this book.

Be Yourself Paperweight, $36

A daily reminder to stay true to yourself and remember your true friends.

ChillBed™ Laptop Stand, $34
Give your laptop a few more years of life (laptops tend to burn out sooner from overheating harddrives) and keep your ladyparts electro-wave free with this cooling pad to keep under your computer.

THE BOOKWORM Locket Little Silver Book Necklace with Reading Glasses, $20
This Little Silver Book Locket with tiny antiqued brass Reading Glasses perched on the front cover was inspired by the designers great love of reading. The locket opens to hold a secret treasure or 2 tiny photos.  We love this gift for a teenage girl who can flaunt her nerdy coolness!

Lovely Lilac Kimono Robe, $64 @

This fair trade robe was made in a house fair trade workshop in Bali, Indonesia. It’s the perfect thing to throw on for a day of Sunday lounging and not look like a total slob.

Octopus To Do List, $8.00
Multi-task like you have 8 legs with this adorable To Do list by boygirlparty. Hand illustrated, in soy based inks and printed on recycled paper, you won’t be able to help smiling no matter how long your list is.

Bookworm Fingerless Gloves Plaid Handwarmers, $15
These arm warmers are short and cute. Made from the fabric coming from vintage pants circa 1975. They are adorable for cold weather café reading or biking.

Echo Design MSoft Ruched Echo Touch Gloves, $32
These gloves are not only eco-friendly, they are engineered with eLink fabric at index finger and thumb to be worn while using a touch screen device. Chic and techy? Score!

Emily the Strange – People Are Strange MIMOBOT®, $19.95
Let your USB flash drive go designer with with attitude, Emily the Strange is available in capacities up to 64GB. The drives also come preloaded with a digital media suite which includes an Emily the Strange ebook, and MimoDesk™ desktop personalization with wallpapers, icons, and avatars.


Candle79 Cookbook, $30
The most talked about vegan cookbook of the year (it’s so pretty, it’s practically a coffee table book)  Candle79’s cookbook helps you bring elegance and sophistication to homemade vegan cooking.

Color Me Vegan, $20
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau brings an edible rainbow of plant-based cuisine to your kitchen with 150 colorful recipes designed to boost your health and perk up your plate.

CocoZen Truffles, $15
Anyone who has ever said eating vegan is bland has never tried CocoZen Truffles. Rich and luxurious, these truffles prove that a vegan diet is no real sacrifice at all.

Celebrate Vegan: 200 Life-Affirming Recipes for Occasions Big and Small  by Dynise Baclavage, $11.93 on
Recipes for every celebration imaginable – and unimaginable (think girls’ nite in, snow days, tailgate). Italian Mojitos make every day a holiday.

Gift Basket of Vegan Marshmallows, $50 & up
Sara Sohn is the Queen of vegan sugar highs, making the most adorable and gourmet tasting smores and marshmallow treats.  Email to have custom baskets put together for holidays.  This is one of our favorite go-to’s for client gifts who may have tried a vegan cookie before, but never a vegan mallow!

Grow-Your-Own-Mushroom Kit, $19.95

The soil inside is 100% recycled coffee grounds – sustainable as can be – and the mushrooms this little kit provides will make your recipes just that much greener and more gourmet.

Lavender Floral Organic Jelly, $6
A beautiful jam perfect for winter scones that comes in a beautiful reusable amber glass jar.

Heart Attack Sign, $12.99
We love the hokey vibe of this sign which should remind dear old Dad to lay off the steak.

Organic Tea Sampler, $45
Drawing on tastes from around the world, this lovely tea sampler impresses all palates with a range of unique flavors and aromas. Everyone wants an array of teas in their cabinet, so you can’t go wrong with this.

Décor Darling

Mid Century Eames Inspired Grey Lounge Arm Chair with Silver Alligator / Crocodile Fabric, $1500
To-die-for high style elegance on this glitzy piece which was made using vegan faux croc. If you have the cash for this refinished piece, we want to come over to your house and sit on it.

See Also

Moshi Moshi Pop, $29.99
For more comfortable phone chatting and less wave frequency hitting your brain cells, choose one of 7 pop colored headphones for your cellio.

Paper Maché Bowl, $22
These vibrant handmade bowls made in Cape Town are fighting famine in the Horn of Africa – $6 from every purchase goes to the Mercy Corps to provide 6 meals to hungry children.

Recycled Ceiling Tin Frames, $34
The intricate rococo patterns are actually pressed tin ceiling tiles that once adorned historic homes and shops around the Northeast. Salvaged from crumbling buildings and remodeling projects, artist Margaret Taylor transforms them into rustic frames that carry an authentic spirit of Americana.

The Josephine Toilet Seat, $80
Functional art at its best, the Josephine Toilet seat is elegantly adorned with gold accents, decoupage with a classic nude gazing at herself in a mirror, and glass stones.

Organic / Vegan Skull & Crossbones Soap, $5.50
J’adore skulls.  A perfect stocking stuffer for all your BFF’s.

On the Rocks Set, $34
Serve your drinks on actual rocks with these handsome granite drink chillers. Hand-crafted from stones collected on New England beaches, these granite discs are ideal for chilling aged spirits, such as whiskey or scotch, because they won’t dilute the complex flavors like a handful of ice.

Natural Bamboo Screen, $229
We love this for use as a room separator for someone with a small apartment, to up their feng shui ante by covering electronic or home gym areas.

Hand Carved Wood Cat Sculpture, $59 @
Green America approved fair-trade factory is a worker-owned coop which makes these beautiful statues which you’ll want to display next to something tough like a skull so you don’t seem too wussy.

Handsome Finds

Tartan Tie $100
This classic tie by Brave GentleMen made from organic cotton, is 100% vegan and hand-tailored in New York’s garment center.

iPhone 4s, $200 & up
With new features like a seriously better camera and siri dictation (this is mind-blowing if you’ve yet to try it,) this is the most powerful phone ever.

Sir Odobenus Rosmarus Portrait – Framed Fine Art Print – Vintage Metal Frame, domed glass, $75
Do we even need to say why this is cool?

Meat is for Pussies Book, $19.95
This book is written by a rock star and athlete (yes, both) who, trust us, any man in his 50’s and up will want to look like. Get his ass in shape with this funny, tough-guy-talk book for gents on a health mission.

Solar iPad Charger and Case from Solar Goose, $119
Help reduce his carbon footprint while charging and protecting his beloved iPad. The solar powered charger carries 5.5 VOLTS/ 8000mAh, and can be charged from your computer/AC outlet up for 5 hours for full charge or in the sunlight for 8 to 12 hours.  It also has a stand so you can lean it against a flat surface and be able to watch a movie easily.

Nature Mill Metro Compost Bin, $299
A kitchen sized composter, perfect for the sustaina-nerd.

Matt & Nat Braun Overnighter, $220
This is the most useful carry-on we’ve ever had. Perfect for sharing with the less femme person in your life, this man’s overnighter is not only incredibly stylish, it gets its eco points from its faux suede that was made from recycled bottles.

Lost Silkscreens by Tara McPherson, $50 @

This small Brooklyn art gallery is full of prints and originals from some of our favorite young artists. This print just makes us remember what it’s like to fall in love with your soulmate.

Art is the pits, $15
We love these tees by prolific artist Jamie Schwartz who makes other incredible pieces (jewelry, paintings, coffee mug warmers!) that all benefit pit bull rescue.

Vintage 1970’s Rolex, Prices Vary @

My husband’s personal pick (lucky for me he’s already got one.) prices vary from 5G’s to 30G’s for a  good vintage rolex.

Silver Fern Ring, $62
This simple handcrafted band features two intertwined ferns, a design illustrated by artist Susie Ghahremani

Friend Not Food Thermal Longsleeve, $30
This thermal long sleeve shirt will keep your heart warm, literally and figuratively. Proceeds for the sale of this shirt support the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.



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