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Mother Nature Approved Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother Nature Approved Mother’s Day Gifts

GirlieGirl Army’s Mother’s day picks 10+ years ago were catered to your Mom. Like your Mom and Grandma over 60. Now many of us are Moms ourselves, so our Mother’s Day picks veer more towards what we’d want as well as our ball n’ chain birth giver. Plus, we have way more insight as to what Mom really wants (read: cake and massages.) Here are our current must-haves that would make us smile like a Cheshire cat if our husband put on our belly after a long night of breastfeeding;

Recycled and down to earth, hanging down from a very neat 24″ bronze ball chain is a recycled bullet shell bursting out a neat chunk of raw crystal stones or petrified wood from Bashful Owl on Etsy. Unlike other types of fossils which are typically impressions, petrified wood is a three-dimensional representation of the original organic material. What is so amazing about petrified wood, it tells a story of a beautiful tree that once existed perhaps millions of years ago. Same with the various crystals offered. You can also cut the chain to size for a different fit.

Mothers are always fond of cute little things and we have seen how they gather them all as happy memories of their children. Now, how can you give back a little something for all that she’s done for you? One way to do so is by making a personalized gift (you could either DIY or buy it). A Name Necklace Official with what she means to you might be one of the perfect gifts you could get for this mother’s day.

Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Bullet Necklace,  $35
Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Bullet Necklace,

You know how we feel about Adina Mills jewelry.. faint/swoon/marry it.

Here’s a recent genius piece of handmade, earth conscious, hand crafted art jewelry;

The Mindful Ring by Adina Mills, $140
The Mindful Ring by Adina Mills, $140

Thinking fancier? Ethically mined diamonds and recycled gold from Jade Trau are where it’s at. Especially these rings that are stackable and come in the coolest configuration options. What will yours say? How about each of your pets or kids initials? Love. Contact [email protected] for pricing and availability.

Summer is coming, and nothing says practical like a scarf that can be used as a sarong, head scarf, beach blanket, or um… scarf! Loving these printed beauties from Djuna Shay. The Flying Pig print gets a portion of sales donated to the Farm Sanctuary. The Scarf is printed with Eco-friendly, vegan, water-based pigment inks. No additional chemicals are used in the printing or preparation process. Made in the USA.

“Peri Pig” Voile Summer Scarf, $38

Shleppy is our middle name, that’s why we jumped for joy to discover cool, well-designed fanny packs that subvert the dominant Mommy pack on it’s tuchus. Yea, you heard right – check these sexy bitches from Hipster For Sisters. Wherever we wear ours people ask about them. Handcrafted locally in Los Angeles, the Rawhide is made of 100% eco-friendly vegan leather and fully-lined. It features a full-size, adjustable belt lined in soft, micro-suede fabric. Bonus: It easily converts into a clutch and comes with small matching wallet – twofer, ladies!

Rawhide Brown Belt Bag  Classic Collection, $265
Rawhide Brown Belt Bag
Classic Collection, $265

A tiny piece of art made from a chunk of wood your speed? How sweet is this one of a kind handmade Starry Night Lovebird painting? This precious one of a kind original painting on salvaged wood features one a Lovebird against a midnight starlit sky that will sure add a dose of happiness to yo Mama’s space.

Starry Night Lovebird Painting, $35
Starry Night Lovebird Painting, $35

Ball Jars for Mother’s Day?! We hear you scoffing through the wires! These are your Grandma’s Bell Jars, perfectly useful in every way. We use ours for jams, teas, drinks, cocktails, kombucha mothers, pickling, sauerkraut, jewelry, pens, brick a brack, make up brushes.. basically we can never have enough of these in our house. How adorable would it be to give Mom a 6 pack of Bell Jars with a gorgeous wild flower arrangement and a pile of homemade lavender cookies.



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Ball ® Heritage Collection Spring Green Pint Jars  , $16 for 6
Ball ® Heritage Collection Spring Green Pint Jars , $16 for 6

Foodie on the loose? A gorgeous sea salt from France will make her jump for joy.

Sel Moulu, 1.65pds
Sel Moulu, 1.65pds

So you’ve been ogling the macaroons in the french boutiques on Madison Avenue, wishing you could try one, but your diet and vegan ethics keeping them at bay? Worry not, gourmet chocolatier Lagusta is now offering plant-based French macarons!

Sweet Maresa's Macarons,  6 macarons per box, 20 grams per macaron $18
Sweet Maresa’s Vegan French Macarons, 6 macarons per box, $18

Maybe she’s a new or expectant Mom and you want to include baby in the love? Just in time for the warmer weather around the corner, the first everbreathable, water-resistant and lightweight summer carrier – the My Carrier Cool Mesh Baby Carrier from Stokke is a brilliant new addition to any Mama’s babywearing battalion. Though we recommend wearing baby facing Mama, you can use this carrier any way (front or even as a backpack.)

Stokke ® MyCarrier™ Cool The breathable 3 in 1 baby carrier, $219.99
Stokke ® MyCarrier™ Cool The breathable 3 in 1 baby carrier, $219.99

In a similar vien, we can’t stop wearing our wrap from MEV. Beyond being fashionable, MEV’s clothing delivers equally on comfort. The line is constructed with natural fabrication (think cotton, linen, bamboo – naturally derived yarns) and even better if ecologically derived. As a brand that embraces breastfeeding, the rationale behind such demands is simple – nursing mothers and babies benefit most from wearing natural textiles as these are most comfortable and breathe-able which in turn reduce incidences of skin sensitivities or reaction.The perfect layer for not so hot and not so cold days- this waterfall jersey cardigan delivers a draped look with lots of flow. Crafted in a soft eco friendly bamboo knit, the cardigan has a waterfall-like draped front that can be fastened and used as a nursing cover. You’ll also love this wrap for pregnancy and long after!

Sangha Waterfall Wrap, 59pds
Sangha Waterfall Wrap, 59pds


This gorgeous sandal screams decadence, but wears comfortably. The Beyond Skin Emmie – Gold lame vegan patent with black vegan suede accents is a total show stopper that Mom deserves in her night out section of her closet. Plus: this amazing brand is Mama owned and all eco-friendly, from glues to soles!

Emmie - Gold lame patent with black, 159pds
Emmie – Gold lame patent with black, 159pds