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Personalized Baby Gift Ideas: Baby’s Own Narcissist Moment.. Or Is It Mommy’s?

Personalized Baby Gift Ideas: Baby’s Own Narcissist Moment.. Or Is It Mommy’s?

We still get a thrill when someone gives us something monogrammed. Remember those barrette holders with your name on it? Lived for them. Cups? Lunchboxes? So proud. It was the way we learned to individuate, be proud of our name, and how to spell our moniker! And when parents spend almost 10 months choosing their baby’s name, nothing gives them a greater thrill than seeing it in print (“Look! S/he’s real!!”)

So you can imagine our glee when a dear friend sent us the “I See Me” book series when our little man was born. Since receiving this as a gift, we’ve bought them for nearly everyone we know who has a kid, because it’s that fabulous of a gift. It’s a whole story book using your child’s name, birthday, and specifics for a very exciting literary adventure.

Here are some of our other favorite monogrammed prezzies that are handmade, organic, or all natural in some way (and of course, always animal-harm-free);

My Very Own Name Storybook, $29.95

We got the Soopsori blocks as a gift for our baby and fell madly in love with them. Of all our baby gifts, this is perhaps the one we will save forever. The blocks are handmade with sustainable wood by a tiny company and the front panel is engraved and personalized. These blocks smell delicious and feel so good to play with. And there is no freak out when s/he puts them in her/his mouth because they are totally non toxic and entirely eco (aka mouth) friendly!

Face and Rattle Blocks, $56

Our little guy has loved playing with, sitting on, and climbing this little chair from the minute he could crawl. It’s not only precious to look at, but it’s made with a soy foam insert which gives it a greenie thumbs up.

My First Anywhere Chair, $79

This handmade music cube is hand-painted with the owner’s name, and when you wind the key in the back it plays Braham’s Lullaby — the perfect way to sooth your baby to sleep! Plus the design is decorator approved!

Print this page Personalized Lullaby Framed Music Cube, $50

If you are going the eco-diaper route, you may want to spice up his/her bottom look a bit with a diaper cover. These are made to order with a variety of bow, color, monogram, and graphic options.

Personalized Ribbon Diaper Cover, $21

This warm baby blanket is made from two layers of the softest, natural un-dyed, certified-organic cotton/hemp fleece jersey, for a practically perfect, durable, breathable, and cozy blanket. An initial and and baby’s name and birthday is hand embroidered. On the same note, it would be wonderful to get (or give) Personalized Picture Blankets with the little one’s adorable pictures all over it, don’t you think? I mean, it’s probably more for the mommy and daddy, but the baby could grow up and keep it as a cute (embarassing?) reminder of their infant/toddler days.

Organic Cotton/Hemp Baby Blanket, $35

These smooth wooden spoons are carved from sustainable harvested sugar maple and inscribed with your choice of name or design. Extra points for them being finished them with vegan organic oil! A nice affordable alternative to the Tiffany Silver Spoon, which we also have and love. Though not green in production, the Tiffany engravables are eco-friendly in the sense that they never get tossed and become heirlooms on contact, as opposed to almost any other gift you could receive which most likely will end up in a dumpster someday.

Custom Personalized Wooden Baby Spoon, $10.99

Though these won’t be used til the kid is old enough to not throw bowls (probably around 3 or 4) – they are still a beautiful gift that parents are sure to save.

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Ceramic Personalized Cereal Bowl, $36

Very few people will have the balls (and by balls we mean vag) to buy art as a gift since it’s such a personal preference thing. But really who wouldn’t love Trish Grantham’s pieces! They are so sweet, they make us fart french toast. If you ask nicely she’ll do commissions for personalized pieces (email [email protected]) Doesn’t hurt that she uses all Eco-recycled materials and is a vegan who donates to all the animal organizations!

Misc Trish Grantham Works, ranging in prices.

Last, but not least, the holy (girl) grail… the personalized barrette;

Personalized Scalloped Barrette, $14.95

And the boy version, the custom knit hat – here in cotton as opposed to many made from wool. This one is made with conventional cotton, so optimally find a local knitter and commission him or her to do something for you/ your friend in organics;

Personalized Winter Hat, $46

As any parent knows, you can never have enough towels. We especially love these organic ecolicious 3 Sprout brand towels (actually, we love everything 3 Sprout makes) that are extra yummy and warm.

Organic Hooded Baby Towel, $36