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The Most Comprehensive List of Vegan Bags and Shoes Ever

The Most Comprehensive List of Vegan Bags and Shoes Ever

Bag It Up: You Are A Shoe-In!

Could this possibly be the most comprehensive list of vegan bags and shoes on the market?  Could be!  There are plenty of accidentally vegan shoes out there.  Even the worst fur offending couturier designer occasionally makes a satin flat without a leather sole, and we all know stripper stores are bonanzas of plastic nipple-twirl inducing heels.  But let’s support our Bro’s and Sisters in fashion who make a point to offer vegan shoes and bags, or those tip-toeing into veganizing their company, and aren’t afraid to use the word vegan.  For the record, we are including a few designers who show some leather in the past, but offer distinctively vegan styles, labeled as such.  But if vegan-only is your bag (and we completely get it,) then don’t support the companies with NOV after the listing.  Many folks choose not to even wear Stella McCartney because her line does use non-vegan fibers like wool and silk.  Her shoes, bags, and belts however, are 100% vegan.  Are we missing someone?  Tell us who in the comments section, and we will investigate, then add to our list.  And don’t try to psychoanalyze the order of the brands, it’s in no particular order.  We don’t have that kind of time! ;) Dump the excuses, donate or sell your old leather, stop making it look foxy on your fine self, and get with some animal-friendly options!

NOV = Not only vegan, this company also sells non vegan goods.
MW = Mens and Womens
MWK = Mens and Womens and Kids
K = Kids only
BS = Offer bags, shoes, and more.
Couture = You have the option to custom design your own shoe or bag

Vegan-Friendly Shoe Lines

Arden Wohl for Cri De Coeur
Arden Wohl for Cri De Coeur


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Vegan-Friendly Bag Lines

Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney


Vegan/ Eco Boutiques & Fashion Brands:

You can also search vegan on Piperlime, ShoeDazzle, Endless, Karmaloop,Moxsie, Baghaus, and Zappos for tons of cute options.  Other stores that tend towards vegan shoes – Chinese Laundry, Jessica Simpson, Madden Girl, Payless, and anywhere that veers on budget shopping – you are likely to have success finding non-leather peds.  They aren’t always the most ethical of options, nor the greenest, but they are often the most economical.  Still, best to wait for the sales on the totally vegan lines above, so you can feel really good about what you put your money into and get a bargain!  And who doesn’t love a bargain?!? You can get discount codes on many of these lines with exclusive girliegirlarmy codes available here.  You type, we listen.  Which lines are we missing?  Which do you love most? Why?