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If You Overplucked In The 90’s This New Brow Craze Is For You

If You Overplucked In The 90’s This New Brow Craze Is For You

Eyebrow tattoos used to mean you committed a serious crime, now it just means you over plucked in 90’s. Microblading is latest craze in achieving facial perfection. Eyebrows are probably the most important facial feature. Whether you like them arched, feathered, straight, bold, thick or thin they make a huge difference in your appearance. Thick full brows make you look young and healthy and draw attention to your eyes, which is why so many are using eyebrow growth serum to enable their eyebrows to grow.

Bonus: there is no downtime to having microblading done. Unlike other cosmetic procedures you can go out to lunch right after and, according to Jen Terban-Hertell, Microblading expert, “you’ll look fabulous.” We tend to agree after viewing her video and before and afters!


Who does this sort of work? A make up artist? Nope. Jen, a born and raised NYC girl, studied art at SUNY New Paltz and received a BFA in Metalsmithing. After college, Jen started a custom jewelry company and sold her pieces through the original East Side Ink. She also taught Metalsmithing. In 2007, Jen and her partners opened East Side Ink in the East Village in NYC. Just a few years later, Jen and her partners opened another tattoo shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, called Graceland. Jen has been in the tattoo community for over 20 years but has never wanted to tattoo until Microblading made its way to the United States. Microblading by is a perfect marriage of sculpture and tattooing for Jen. Jen loves to sculpt each brow individually for each person’s face. A Mom of two, Jen loves to Microblade eyebrows at her two tattoo shops.

Brows By Jen

The process can take 2-3 hours and clients need at least 2 sessions to build the texture needed to create the realistic look. It is preformed with a hand held tool and the area is numbed for comfort. Each stroke is tattooed on to look like an actual hair. Microbladed brows can last 1-3 years with touch ups, proper care and proper healing.
Brows By Jen
Jen says that every client is different therefore no two eyebrow shapes are the same. She spends at least an hour with each client designing and drawing on a custom eyebrow shape to complement the individual’s facial features. Jen says she wants to enhance her client’s appearance by keeping the eyebrows as natural as possible, so no one even notices you had anything done. Once the Microblading procedure is completed they are easy to heal and very low maintenance. When they are completely healed in about 2 weeks you can enjoy your new brow “hassle free.” Swimming, exercising, showering and waking up brow perfect sounds like a good deal to us.

Here’s more from Jen:

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Convinced? Call Jen at East Side Ink 212-477-2060 to get the best BJs, that’s Brow Jobs by the way.

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