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Get Paid For Your Old Makeup

Get Paid For Your Old Makeup

Get Paid For Your Old Makeup

You know all those lipsticks and fancy eyeshadows you bought that you never use? They could be making you money.  Clearing your clutter, upcycling, and adding a few bucks to your wallet, what are you waiting for?

There’s a new website called Glambot will actually buy back your gently loved, unexpired makeup and pay you cash, or up to 30% more if you choose store credit.

Get Paid For Your Old Makeup
Get Paid For Your Old Makeup

The Scoop:

  1. Empty out your makeup cabinet. If you haven’t worn it in a Month, it goes in the Glambot pile.
  2. Print out one of their free shipping labels.
  3. Pop them suckas in a padded mailer or little box.
  4. Wait for the money or credits to roll in.
  5. Feel like an Eco-Queen for doing a conscious clear out.

It’s crazy cool how their process works. Watch it here:

Oops.. I did it again.
Oops.. I did it again.

What Can I Sell?

  1. New and pre-owned makeup products from their acceptable brands list, and makeup tools (ie. brushes and empty palettes). Also unused makeup, skincare and perfume samples. Accepted samples count towards rounding up your offer.
  2. That are authentic and in SELLABLE CONDITION:
    • Non-Expired (must be sent in within at least 3 months from printed expiration date If applicable)
    • At least 50% original product remaining
    • Exterior container in sellable condition (ie. legible brand and color name, not too worn/damaged, fully functional hinges/closures, no major scratches, cracks or dents)
    • Brushes must be new or clean and free of product build-up
    • They do not accept false lashes, skincare, makeup bags or items with reusable applicators (ie. lipgloss, liquid lipstick, mascara, liquid eyeliner pens, etc.) unless you work in the Beauty Industry.
  3. Sell packages must contain at least 20 full size, qualifying items; international packages must contain 30.


You need 20 items to sell and the list of acceptable brands doesn’t include many of our favorite natural and organic high end makeup lines. The good thing about their picky selling precursors is the shopping aspect, if you choose to use their site to shop makeup you can sort of presume it’s lots of influencers, makeup artists, celebrities, and beauty industry insiders dumping their constant flow of free haul to make extra cash at your wallets benefit.

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