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Mink Lashes Are Not Cruelty-Free

Mink Lashes Are Not Cruelty-Free

Mink Lashes Are Not Cruelty-Free!

Creestaaal Sanchez is the ultimate vegan make up and beauty pro who has garnered over 35k fans on Instagram as @Veganmakeupshare – so when she started getting numerous submissions from beauty companies claiming their real mink lashes were “cruelty-free” she had to speak up and make sure all of you knew the truth about mink lashes;

I’m so sick of hearing the lies most eyelash companies tell. Let’s get one thing straight – mink lashes are in no way cruelty-free. It’s completely impossible for them to be cruelty-free, don’t even consider the possibility.

Mink Lashes Are Not Cruelty-Free!
Mink Lashes Are Not Cruelty-Free!

These are some examples of what mink eyelash companies have tried to pitch me:

➡️”Cruelty-Free & Sterilized: Our 100% natural mink hair is free from any chemical processing or dyes. Velour mink is collected from free-range zoos and recycled during the shedding seasons, it’s then sterilized to ensure it is completely safe for use.”

➡️ ” The manufacturers simply get the hairs from brushing and collecting the hairs from the animals.”

These are complete lies. Minks are wild animals! They are captured from the wild or breed in fur farms. They haven’t been able to domesticate them.

Here are some pictures you need to see for yourself. This is where your mink eyelashes come from.

(Photos by Jo-Anne McArthur from the book We Animals)

Fur Farm Photos by Jo-Ann McArthur/ We-Animals

After seeing these images it should be obvious to you that cruelty-free mink lashes do not exist.  These eyelash companies just want your money.

Please support Cruelty-Free Lashes such as:

➡️ ELF cosmetics

➡️ Ardell Lashes

➡️ House of lashes

➡️ Georgio Beauty

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There’s absolutely no excuse to continue to support the fur industry and those companies who are lying about how they source their mink lashes! Please use your dollar to vote and help the animals.

Minks fur is devastatingly “harvested” by skinning the mink alive, anal electrocution, slow poison deaths, engine exhaust, braking necks, and other cruel, unimaginable endings to innocent lives.

Jo-Anne McArthur’s photos capture these unbearable cruelties. We all owe her a great deal of thanks for her selfless work. Please check out her website to learn more and donate to her project, and buy her beautiful book.

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