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No Slip Eco-Friendly Headbands

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UrbanHalo‘s no slip, no sweat, and no headache headbands are a revelation — soft and cute looking (as long as you hide the rather large and -semi-cheesy- logo at your neck.) We love that they can be worn a billion ways – wide 70’s style, across your forehead modern hippy style, or traditionally bunched together. When opened, they go super wide – almost like a headscarf (Bret Michaels style,) but when folded in (as viewed below) they are more traditional sized.

No Slip Eco-Friendly Headbands

Sat-Night-romance DSC_2073 DSC_2688TN

UrbanHalo’s, $9-15 @myurbanhalo.com

UrbanHalo designer, Jen, believes that accessories should be as much functional as they are fashionable. As a runner, stay-at-home mom, and group fitness junkie she was always on the lookout for the perfect headband… one that was stylish enough to take her from the studio to preschool pickup, yet functional enough to stay in place without causing headaches. After much searching and even more disappointment, she sat down in front of her sewing machine with the cutest fabric she could find and the first UrbanHalo was born.

A lot has changed since that first headband was sewn. Jen discovered that the right material is key to the function of a headband… so after endless searching, samples and tests, her persistence paid off with the perfect fabric. Now, this perfect, buttery soft signature fabric is custom printed {in the fabulous USA} in each season’s hottest prints and colors. As Jen began sharing the “Halo Love” word quickly spread and today UrbanHalos can be found in some of the finest boutiques, studios and salons across the US and Canada. Now that’s a woman-powered business we can get behind. Earth-friendly ethics, strong business acumen, and Mama owned!

Urban Halo Founder Jen

Urban Halo Founder Jen

UrbanHalo’s ever so soft signature fabric is made using an eco-friendly waterless process right here in the United States. These earth-friendly custom designs are precious on little ones too. In fact, my nearly-4 year old son has hijacked mine to “look like a teenage mutant ninja turtle.” He now wears one nearly every day to school. It’s become his signature look. We can imagine that little girls go wild for these, since anything soft reigns supreme when it comes to things on their heads.

My son stole my UrbanHalo headband (at right)

My son stole my UrbanHalo headband (at right)

The Halo’s come in wild prints, basics, and scarily rhinestoned for those of you in Orange Country or Long Island. The branding, press pix, and logo’s definitely need a high end updating, but the product works and is special in that it works – it’s stays on and it is the softest headbands our beauty team has reviewed. And some of the prints are really cute, as long as you keep the rest of your outfit basic black — unless you aiming to look like “The Nanny” (that’s not always a bad thing!)

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Readers Comments (1)

  1. Jen says:

    Thanks so much for the feature and review! All of your feedback is well-noted :)
    xo, Jen

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