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To-Die-For Vegan, Eco Coat Line Sneak Peek!

Published on May 29, 2009 by   ·   7 Comments Pin It

Jumping up and down!   Chic Vegan Coats have arrived!! You’ve heard our woes about finding the perfect cruelty-free winter coat before.   Problem solved!

Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, Vaute Couture‘s gorgeous founder, was on model contract in Hong Kong last summer when she thought about her annual winter coat woe- nothing fabulous and warm was also cruelty-free! Then stumbling upon endless discussions of where to find a kind of cute coat that was vegan and warm on the web- she realized- she had to be the one to do this. Her background in business, love for art and fashion, and lifelong voice for the animals made it an urge she couldn’t say no to. We realize this is not exactly the best time to be shouting out a vegan coat line, but we couldn’t resist spreading the good news!   Plus, off-season shopping is for cool kids.   And their website is cuter than mini cupcukes.

Vaute Couture was born by Leanne enlisted emerging artists from around the world to help with the inspiration, and over 8,000 votes came in from the veg, eco, and art communities to voice their favorites! The first line has taken over 11 months, most of which was fabric development. Finding materials that were vegan, eco-conscious, stylish, weather ready and WARM, and at an accessible price range was a challenge. Vaute Couture’s line is designed of wind resistant, water resistant, heat retaining textured shell with a windproof liner, it’s a brand new advanced fabric from Polartec (R) that’s super pretty, slim, and textured. They’re eco-conscious too- the liner is 100% recycled, closed loop, zero waste, the shell is 100% recyclable, with a recycled option, and made in the USA. It’s all finished off with vintage deadstock and tagua nut buttons. This all makes the base of the super feminine silhouettes. The Vaute, one of the four styles, contributes all net profits (at least $50 per coat) to our friends at the Farm Sanctuary, a haven for rescued farm animals. What’s more, the line supports the growing Chicago fashion industry- as coats are locally produced on a living wage.   What are you waiting for?   Ready, Set, Shop!



El Coat


PS… BOUTIQUE CALL: Chicago Vegan Fashion label Vaute Couture is ready to launch their line of vegan, eco-conscious, fair made in Chicago winter coats this fall- and looking for the right stockists. The line will be produced in a limited run, contact Leanne if you think it’d be a great fit! If you’re a fabulously conscientious boutique interested to see more- contact Leanne for the full Look Book and Line Sheets at

To-Die-For Vegan, Eco Coat Line Sneak Peek!

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. Hey lovelies!

    Just a note to clarify- they aren’t available till fall but since we’re doing a very limited run for our first season, I’m setting up a pre-order so you can reserve yours now. will post when that’s up! thanks so much!

  2. Ariela says:

    Is it bad that I’m rocking sandals and a summer dress right now, but I’m dying for one of these coats?! …No they’re pretty fabulous :)

  3. CAN NOT WAIT for the mens stuff. yee haw!

  4. And the Preorder system is up!

    Preorder Special through June 30th-
    Early supporters get half off- Reserve yours and we’ll match your deposit as cash off. This means your coat is half off if reserved at max deposit, and they thus are $150-$290 on full preorder.

    As a small self-funded label, early supporters’ preorders help fund our production and we couldn’t survive without you- so lots of love to you!


  5. Catherine says:

    Do you still have that pre-order special? And if so, if I order now and it’s shipped out at the end of October…how long would it take. I’m going to DC Nov. 4th and need a coat and was wondering if it will get to me in time. Thanks. Love your coats, but limited on cast :)!

  6. Hi Catherine! ooo DC exciting! Yes, most styles ordered this week will be shipping out end of October and should arrive before November 3rd, we could do 2 day to be sure? Unfortunately the preorder special was just for super early supporters who helped us fund production, but I will be giving out a special girliegirlarmy discount code next week so stay tuned!

    feel free to email me directly with any additional Qs! xo Leanne

  7. Catherine says:

    Thanks for responding :). FYI, I sent you an e-mail directly.

    Although, I love all the coats…I was first drawn to the Vaute, but now the more I look at your coats and my style…I REALLY love the EL. Beautiful! Hopefully, I could get my hands on it.

    By the way, I forgot to mention that I live in CA, so would it get to me in time?

    I’m petite (5’2) w/ measurements of 33-26-34.5, so small would probably be best for me in the EL coat, correct? Or should I go XS? Feel free to send me an e-mail direct! Thanks!

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