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Emily Deschanel and Rory Freedman Fantasize About Their Dream Earth Day Date!

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Emily Deschanel (Bones) and Rory Freedman (Skinny Bitch) are BFF’s, and one of their common bonds is their love of animals and the earth (and of course GirlieGirl Army).   We asked them what their perfect friend date would be in celebration of Earth Day, and this is what they told us;

Rory Freedman

Rory Freedman

Rory Freedman: B-b-b-b-b-b-b-bones! Boner, you’d drive, since you have a Prius. Bring those 80’s CD’s I gave you so we could sing our little vegan hearts out. First stop: trapeze school on the Santa Monica pier! It’s one version of man-made fun that doesn’t leave any carbon footprint. You swing around in the air confronting your fear of heights and bodily harm. It’s an amazing workout where you get to be outside, enjoy the fresh air, see the ocean, feel young, and get manhandled by hot guys. When we’re done playing Circus of the Stars, we can go stuff our faces at Golden Mean Cafe, the new vegan spot in Santa Monica that’s all the buzz. The food is ridiculously good, there’s an upstairs mediation/reading room, the space is really Zen (the walls are infused with crushed quartz crystal, selenite, mica, gold, and incense), and the owner and head chef couldn’t be sweeter.

Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel: Ooh I can’t wait! I’ve been dying to do trapeze school, and I haven’t been to that restaurant yet!! You know we both love vegan food!!! I wonder what the crystals in the walls will do for us.. We’ll probably feel all centered and new-age-y. We can then take a stroll to work off our huge meal with a little retail therapy stop at Hidden Treasures Vintage clothing store in Topanga canyon. It’s located in what looks like a pirate’s house. When I was in high school, my friend Echo found a dress there and the tag said “free.” How many stores do you know that give away clothes?? Buying vintage will take less of an environmental toll. After that, we can drive down to the beach, slap on some Jurlique sun block, put on our sun hats, maybe put up a  huge umbrella(don’t want wrinkles or skin cancer) throw down our Nandina pool lounge towels made from bamboo and organic cotton (they dry quicker than regular towels, and are made of a renewable resources) and hang out reading magazines (of course we will donate them to a women’s shelter when we are done). Maybe participate in a beach clean up with Heal The Bay.

The BFFs present at a Farm Sanctuary Gala in 2008

The BFF's co-present at a Farm Sanctuary Gala in 2008

Rory: Oh, soooo fun! Although I’m not gonna lie: I’m gonna want to get a little sun. But just a little. As far as the magazines go, VegNews is a must. And of course wondering if we’ll have a copy of Health Magazine with that GORG cover you just did!!! I was at a nail salon in NYC when I first saw it and was so excited! Beautiful pics and great interview! Was so proud of my girl! Now, this is probably too ambitious but, if we have any energy left after trapeze, the feeding frenzy, shopping, and beaching, we can try surfing lessons from the sweet dames at Surf Like a Girl. We’ll play it by ear. We will, however, be planning in advance for our hydration needs. Obvs, we’ll be drinking the good stuff AND revering Mother Earth by drinking water from our resuable stainless steel water bottles. Enough is enough with plastic water bottle bullshit, already. Getting a resuable bottle is s uch a simple, easy, cheap way that everyone can make a big diff. BTW: While at the beach, we’ll have to call our other soul sister, Chloe, and continue to beg her to move to LA to be with us. Three Libras togeths…could you die?!

Emily: Thanks, Ror! I always love reading your column in VegNews. Best mag ever!! Always wanted to learn to surf. Let’s do it!! Of course we’ll have energy! When Chloe agrees to move over to the Left coast, we can pack up our matching Matt & Nat bags (I am not kidding, we have matching bags! A very generous gift from the bitch herself) and head back to my place for a vegan potluck with our fabulous friends . Some wine and Dr. Cow cheese. We can even dine in candlelight to save energy (very romantic). We love A Scent of Scandale. candles, Roll in the Hay scent!

Rory: Um, hullo?! Don’t forget…it’s a vegan potluck AND game night with our magical friends! Our friends just better hope we’re not on the same team…the Bitch and the Boner…unstoppable!

Emily: So true. So true.

What’s your dream Earth Day?   Lettuce know in comments below:

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Readers Comments (33)

  1. ab says:


  2. molly says:

    um trapeze school sounds amazing!

    ps- no, chloe, don’t move to LA. :)

  3. Krysta says:

    Well don’t you two have the daintiest, sweetest little carbon footprints.

  4. themessenger says:

    Always fun to listen to these 2 vegan goddess’s back and forth, especially on a subject as important as this.

    PS – stop trying to steal Chloe from NYC ;)

  5. Allison says:

    Wow, I miss LA. That sounds like one amazing day with two amazing women! :) Let’s all move to LA!

    p.s. chloe, what are your games of choice when all you bitches get together?

  6. Adrienne Borgersen says:

    Speaking of Matt & Natt, the discount designer web site Gilt Group (www.gilt.com)are featuring their gorgeous bags & wallets today! They won’t last long and you have to be a member to use the sight. If you’re interested, email me on facebook and I’ll forward you an invitation (you have to be invited in).
    In fact Gilt are featuring a vegan and/or eco friendly designer every day this week.
    (btw – I have no ties to Gilt, I just like their stuff).

  7. inder bedi says:

    you bitches ROCK…where else can I say that?!?!?

  8. Jamie says:

    I’m so inspired by Rory and Emily’s awesomely eco-friendly LA day that I thought I’d drop some prop for an NYC version as we’re doin the Earth Day thing on this side of town too!
    IF…I had the day off…I’d daydream it like this:

    First off, I’m startin the day with Stumptown Coffee as its super delish and super Fair Trade – with Silk Soy, thanks. (Ok, ok…I know soybeans are taking over the Amazon, but I can only juggle one environmental overhaul at a time!).

    Next stop, yoga class. Yes, I joined the gym…as I’m trying to get back into bikini-baring shape. That’s what happens when you start dating a 23-year old! Equinox Soho Yoga basics class. No matter how many yoga classes I take, I can’t seem to get past the basics!

    After I get my sweat on, I’ll refuel at LifeThyme on 6th Ave with a smorgasbord of salad-bar-ness and my fave green juice of spinach, kale, celery, green, apple, ginger and aloe (a great combo for the detoxy effects. It’ll make your skin glow!) before hopin on the Brooklyn-bound train to check out the cherry blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I might take a class while I’m there. I’m seriously considering challenging my green thumb as my new apartment has an adorable Juliet balcony that I want to overrun with herbs and tomatoes and hydrangeas that remind me of my grandmother.

    After diggin in the dirt, I’ll surely need a mani and it just so happens that there’s an eco beauty salon in Prospect Heights called Wink!

    Chloe, you know me. About this hour I’d need a cocktail! How’s about you and I meet up at the outdoor garden of Pure Food and Wine for gorgeous bevis and raw nibbles?! I’ll bring the Scrabble board, you bring the dictionary and the cool kids!

    New York’s keepin it real – real eco-friendly!
    Love ya long time! xo, JD

  9. Ari says:

    This sounds like SO much fun! Doing trapeze on the beach, vegan potlucks? Girrrrls… where do I sign up? And I know you New York bitches will scream but Chloe, it ain’t a party without you! LA awaits with open arms!

  10. Jamie C says:

    Happy Earth Day ladies. I’d love to see the Circus Act “EMROCHLO” on a trapeze. Could you imagine! The vegan world would go crazy and it would put that new Vegas peep show out of biz!

  11. Jessica Golden says:

    Fiiiiiine, Rors, I’ll go on your dream date with you…got the Prius, I’m a wonder on a T-peze…the cafe’s already named after me…and fiiiiiiine, Emily can come too! This is really out of my C-zone though, so pray go gentle into this good night!

  12. Ash lou Smith says:

    Oh goodness, you sistahs really know how to plan a day of fun! I’m so jealous that you have access to sunny activities (as is Chloe, no doubt) and great food, but mostly the sun.
    And yes, Ari, that little comment did indeed make this NY bitch scream! We’ll take up the issue next month when D and I are in LA for a visit. James agreed to a shindig and I can’t wait…

    Above all though, HAPPY EARTH DAY to all, whichever coast you’re on. Wherever we are is exactly where we need to be making as much of an impact as we can on the fools around us. Keep up the fabulous work and bravo for showing folks that giving a shit is actually sexy as hell.

  13. Mikko says:

    The Bitch and the Boner my heroines!

  14. LOVE these girls!! What great advice!

  15. F@*kin Love You Girls!!! It’s hot sexy females like you that inspire vision and awakening! Bravo!!!

    Happy Earth Day to all & blessing to Gaia… our mother and Creatrix of All!


  16. Totally had me at the first line….. bbbbb bones…. BONER! right on…
    Earth rocks, glad to be in existance with the rest of you hotties! ROCK IT YO! Love to you Chloe Jo!

  17. FYI for those of you who want to do trapeze but don’t live in LA…they’ve got classes in NY, Boston, and Baltimore!



    (Click on your city–top right of the page.)


  18. I heart Rory and Emily. What a GREAT interview – go girls with your sexy vegan selves. Happy Earth Day!!

    And this NYC bitch will scream if Chloe leaves us. No way I say!!!

  19. Lisa says:

    Earth day is my birthday. All I know is right now, I’m gonna go out to breakfast! Haha! I usually go and plant a tree on my birthday, I do it every year since I was 5. But I’ll end my night getting trashed cause thats fun!

  20. Stef M. says:

    Rory, you rock! Thanks for the props for Surf Like a Girl. Another good Earth Day tip for the girls out there looking for green guidance: stop using those toxic cosmetics. Don’t worry, it’s easy — there are so many amazing beauty products out there that are made without nasty chemicals. (Translation: you can look pretty without using poison!) Check out the website for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a non-profit that’s kicking butt on the environmental front.

  21. […] chloejo placed an interesting blog post on ***The GirlieGirl Army*** » Blog Archive » Emily Deschanel and …Here’s a brief overviewYou know we both love vegan food!!! I wonder what the crystals in the walls will do for us.. We’ll probably feel all centered and new-age-y. We can then take a stroll to work off our huge meal with a little retail therapy stop at Hidden … […]

  22. Emily says:

    pretty girls with pretty hearts

  23. LOVE this! However, you forgot about the most important part of the meal… whatever will you be eating for DESSERT?!?! ;-) NP, I’ve got ya covered!

  24. […] will become second nature. If you’ve read about Rory Freedman and Emily Deschanel’s Dream Earth Day, and GirlieGirl Army’s list of Greenest Living Tips; you are half way […]

  25. This is amazing. haha. You guys are hilarious.

  26. […] will their Earth Day evening bring? Check out the whole convo on girliegirlarmy.com. Talk about endless energy! Hope your Earth Day is just as […]

  27. Natasha says:

    Love this interview! Can I live in L.A. too ?Sounds soooooo fun!

  28. kimsy says:

    Ooh, trapeze school in Baltimore?! I knew I shouldn’t have moved away! LOL I have family there, so next time I go, I will definitely check that out.

    Your Earth Day excursion sounds like so much fun! And you’re helping Mama Earth to boot! Have fun, ladies :)

  29. krissy says:

    Vegan food. Great sense of fashion. New age crystals and nature. These women are AWESOME!

  30. BrittanyLauren says:

    WOW, you wonderful ladies know how to have a good time! and those stainless steel waterbottles? yeah i totally got my whole family to buy some, and they’re amazing and actually keep your water cold! you would be stupid to buy plastic waterbottles..

  31. jessica says:

    skinny bitches should go to fucking hell

  32. […] Read the rest of Rory and Emily’s date plans at GirlieGirlArmy.com. […]

  33. Camilla says:

    Oh, my goodness! Emily wants to learn to surf – just like I do! I keep figuring more and more stuff out that we have in common :D SO COOL!

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