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Pretty Pushers: Hospital Gowns Go Couture

Pretty Pushers: Hospital Gowns Go Couture

Tons of products flood GirlieGirl Army headquarters on the daily.  Rarely do we say, damn we wish we had thought of that!  Pretty Pushers takes hospital gowns and turns them on their scratchy asses with their organic, specially formulated delivery gowns.  So whether you are squatting in a field being fanned by eight midwives, or screeching for your epidural at Lenox Hill hospital, you will look good and feel (slightly more) comfortable doing it.

Organic Delivery Gown, $33.99

After much research, Pretty Pushers created fashionable and functional products specific to delivery day.  These labor gowns are one-size-fits-most, composed of 100% cotton stretch jersey (some organic.)  The slip-on halter neck and diagonal cut garment is not only flattering but makes sense – there are openings which provide access for fetal monitors, the epidural, and other IVs if needed.  And the front opens for easy breastfeeding access, and even holds breast pads to catch extra milk (if necessary.)  The colorful gowns have hilarious names like “I dream of coffee/ mai-tais” for the caffeine/ booze starved preggers.

Mary Apple (yes, that’s her real name)  from Pretty Pushers (who designed these especially for the birth of her two children) says;

“Labor can get very messy, so if you’re going to bring your own gown, be prepared to throw it away! The hospital staff won’t wash it for you, and what else will you do with a soiled gown…save it in a bag for 36 hours and take it home to wash? Not a chance! As a matter of fact, we feel that it is better for the environment to throw a bit of cotton into the ground than to add to the millions of gallons of hot water and harsh chemicals used on hospital laundry every day. This is exactly why our gowns are made with no trim, unfinished edges, and the fewest seams possible…to aid in the disposability factor.”

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We love that the concern for environmental impact is carried out in every aspect of Pretty Pushers operation; their packaging contains recycled cardboard and is recyclable, there is no PVC involved, and their cosmetics are never tested on animals. And perhaps most importantly, fuel emissions are drastically reduced by keeping all manufacturing (from cotton to cardboard) in the USA.  And it’s a tiny company owned by one sweet Mama in NY.

You know we’d never tell you about something we love without getting you a discount code!

When you buy anything from Pretty Pushers on – get 10% off with the code PUSH12.