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Win A Year’s Worth Of Expensive Organic Maple Syrup

Win A Year’s Worth Of Expensive Organic Maple Syrup

If you are a creative home chef, love maple syrup and use it in everything, but hate the $20 (minimum) price on each bottle of sweet perfection, this one’s for you! Whether it’s taking your BBQ tempeh glaze to the next level, drizzling infused syrups into your favorite cocktails or smoothies, or using it as a natural sweetener for your cookies and cakes, The Maple Guild wants to see how you “Maple It”!

“The days of people only using maple syrup for breakfast are over. From maple waters lining the shelves at grocery stores, maple-based sauces on barbeque menus, and syrup used for extra oomph in coffee, baking, and cocktails, we want consumers to realize how versatile and healthy The Maple Guild’s maple products are as natural sweeteners and flavor enhancers,” said John Campbell, VP of Marketing and Sales for The Maple Guild. “Through our steam-crafting process, we create the purest maple syrup on the planet. We want to inspire everyone who enjoys cooking or crafting cocktails to try different varieties of our maple-based products in new and exciting ways. You see creativity in dishes and drinks on menus, people’s Instagram feeds, so we want to see how people can take those creations and “Maple” them.”

The Maple Guild’s “Maple It Recipe Contest” is a recipe contest utilizing any maple product in a creative recipe. The Maple It contest encourages chefs, mixologists, or any interested and aspiring cooks to create dishes using maple within the three categories:

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  • Barbeque: Proteins, veggies, sauces
  • Baked Goods: Anything baked. Muffins, cakes, pies, Thanksgiving yams, pizzas – you name it!
  • Beverages: Cocktails, smoothies, shakes, home-brewed beers
A year's worth of maple is up for grabs
A year’s worth of maple is up for grabs

  • What Can You Win: Each category’s winner will receive a year’s worth of maple products from The Maple Guild – we’re talking Grade A Golden and infused syrups, maple cream, maple vinegar, maple waters, maple sweetened teas, and any new products released. Designed to showcase the versatility of maple, the contest will award three total prizes, with one winning recipe in each category. Each category winner will receive a year’s worth of maple products, sent in quarterly shipments, as well as a gift basket from the category partner. Judges will select the five top dishes in each category, and fans will be responsible for selecting the winning recipe.  Submitted recipes can be an existing menu item or social media post, or a new dish created specifically for this contest.
  • Who Else Is Participating: Entrants will have the chance to beat out celebrity chefs, food bloggers, restaurants, and more to take down the prize.
  • Who is the Maple Guild: The Maple Guild is the largest single-source producer of organic Vermont-made maple syrup in the world. Our vision: to produce the purest, highest-quality maple syrup and maple-based products available on the market by meticulously managing every component of the process from tree to table. By controlling 16,000 acres of sugar bush in the United States, owning and operating a state-of-the-art production infrastructure, and employing an exclusive steam-crafted™ syrup processing system, The Maple Guild is the world’s most innovative and efficient producer of premium maple products.

How to enter:

 Go to, The Maple Guild’s Facebook page, or use #mapleitcontest on Twitter or Instagram.  Follow The Maple Guild on Twitter @RealMapleGuild or Instagram @TheMapleGuild.

Entries will be accepted from August 23, 2017 through December 5, 2017.

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