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Custom Toilet Seats: Art You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Published on March 27, 2010 by   ·   43 Comments Pin It

Toiluxe custom toilet seats at a lavatory near you

Toiluxe, brought to you by Boston area artist Stephanie Ziobro, could possibly be the best thing to hit your bathroom since two-ply toilet paper. Realizing that the bathroom is the smallest yet easiest room in your place to decorate with eclectic flair, Toiluxe custom designs toilet seats to tickle the fancy of your fanny with artwork ranging from elegant to outrageous to anything your derriere desires. If it’s not already obvious, this is so our cuppa tea! In fact, GirlieGirl Army’s office proudly displays a Toiluxe Toilet Seat which is, without a doubt, always the most commented item on from visitors. If you are looking to buy one of these products, be sure to make sure that it isn’t too gross to flush your toilet, because if it can’t be fixed you may have to fork out some more money to have it repaired or refitted!

Toiluxe is one of a kind “functional” art, using an original medium – toilet seats. Each seat is hand-painted and cured with a sealer to prevent water damage. Toilet seat mounting hardware is included, however feel free to display it outside of the bathroom. Hang on your wall, over the peephole of your door, wherever you see fit.

So many people Stephanie ask, “How on earth did you think of this?” Stephanie needed a housewarming gift for that ‘person who has everything.’ “I myself am one of those people,” she says. “I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of another kitschy collectible, retro design coffee table book, funky framed Jesus picture… I love each and every item, but I am always faced with the dilemma of where to PUT everything. I’m not patient enough to deal with seasonally switching things up, and I can’t bring myself to pack away older items because I have a sentimental attachment to each one. They all define me, define my lifestyle, define how I feel when I wake up in the morning. In fact, the only room that didn’t really reflect my personality was my bathroom, which was fine, because how much time do I spend in there anyway?” She laughs, “And then I thought, ‘actually, kind of a lot…'”

Since each Toiluxe seat is “made to order” no design is an exact duplicate of another. Customers can visit and purchase pre-made seats featuring classic nudes, kitschy pop-culture themes, various religious icons or custom design their own seat to match their pre-existing decor. Custom orders have ranged from Alice Cooper to corporate logos, Chuck Norris to Charles Darwin. No request is too outrageous and any vision you have can be applied to your most useful seat in the house. Toiluxe seats cost between $60 and $80… cheaper than a nice floral arrangement, and lasts forever!

This is the very toilet seat used in the GirlieGirl Army offices!

This is the very toilet seat used in the GirlieGirl Army offices!

Buyers can receive 10% off any Toiluxe toilet seat with the discount code GIRLIEGIRL. Just email shop [a] before placing your order and include the seat you’d like, the discount code, and your email address in the body of the email.


WIN a custom-designed or pre-designed Toiluxe Seat (worth up to $100) by being a GirlieGirl Army member (if you aren’t yet, sign up here) THEN by leaving a comment (below in the comments section) as to WHY you want one of these seats, and if custom designed what you’d want designed and WHY. ON April 30th the winner will be chosen (by the Toiluxe crew) based on the most creative comment!

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Readers Comments (43)

  1. Stephanie says:

    I have a custom made librarian seat that I have as wall art. It is so unique and people who visit think it is awesome. She also does equally as quirky light switches.

  2. You have no idea how much these toilet seats will change your life until you get one. No longer is the bathroom ignored and forgotten; now it is a room equal to the others. Like the once shunned leper returning to the colony with his head held high…and a couple fewer fingers…your bathroom is back. Oh yeah, baby, it’s back.

  3. Janet says:

    Toiluxe seats are AWESOME! Your bathroom will be the focal point of the whole house. And her switchplates make fun gifts too. :)

  4. Theresa says:

    Stephanie worked with my fiance to custom create the “Alice in Wonderland” seat for his brother and sister-in-law. It was AMAZING, right down to the last detail. So amazing, in fact, that the recipients have designed an entire “Alice in Wonderland” themed bathroom around the seat. If you’re looking for something artistic, quirky, or just plain outrageous, Toiluxe is the way to go!

  5. Sweet Chili says:

    I purchased one of these seats a few months ago for a wedding gift & they said it was the BEST gift they have ever received! Once I figure out the new color scheme of my bathroom I’m ordering one for myself! Love it … love her stuff!

  6. Sicilian Steve says:

    The seats are great. Now I go to the art gallery instead of the library. She also makes mock movie posters, and the poster announcing the honeymoon of a friend’s daughter was the hit of the wedding shower. You go, girlie girl.

  7. ken says:

    dats cool i have never seen such in my life

  8. Kayla Barbaretta says:

    I would love to win a toilet seat because it would be one more thing to snazz up my new apartment :] I really love the Alice in Wonderland one.

  9. brook says:

    wow, these are amazing! a pink naked lady one would look incredible in my amazing femme pink bathroom! i drool at the prospect! le sigh!

  10. Juliana says:

    I LOOOVE THESE! My bathroom is the size of a closet and the smallest room in the apt. One of these would really spice things up and make for a cheery morning!

  11. Juliana says:

    Oh yes, and my BIRTHDAY is April 30th-this would tots be such a fab present!

  12. Ashley Whitaker says:

    I would LOVE to win this to bring something beautiful and unique to a toilet that looks like every other toilet. I imagine a leafy green design of vines with some kind of dark blossoms. It would bring a sense of nature to the bathroom, a place where I don’t have a window. It also would remind anyone that uses it of the outside natural world, a place to respect and (use less toilet paper?) care for. :)

  13. Sicilian Steve says:

    I would love to win one so I can stop using the oversized step ladder I now have to use. I would like it to have a blues related theme, maybe with a picture of Shitmouth Brown.

  14. yah says:

    i need my whole house to be filled with art. I need the The Mildred Toilet. Please and thank you.

  15. Jessica says:

    I like to poop and I like to look at beautiful art :)

  16. Mila says:

    Id love to transform my regular toilet into a toilux with a shiny pale pink skull on black surface incrusted with rhinestones. My bathroom would be like, “thee” place to be. Please help my potty become cool.

    P.S Eat right shit tight!

  17. Sam says:

    I am one of those girls that likes to pretend I do not “go” to the bathroom. It’s one of those unfair things in life where we all think it’s hilarious for a man to sit on the toilet reading a book for 30 minutes and then to have him come out all triumphant like he just just gave birth. There is something so cool about decorating your toilet up like it’s a seat for a queen. I’m 28 now and I don’t know if I’ll ever overcome my shit phobia, but maybe this toilet seat would make me secretly a little happier about the situation.

  18. I would love to win the Gnome toilet seat so that I can give it to my motehr for Mother’s Day. She suffers from depression, and I am sure that this would bring some laughter into her life!

  19. Julie Rose says:

    These are so cool and would love to have one in my bathroom. I would like a Siamese cat design.

  20. Jocelyn says:

    I have a tattoo of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland on my hip, which is close enough to my ass, so I would love the Alice toilet seat. I would then decorate my loo-room in an Alice them: tea cups suspended from the ceiling and a ‘mad’ hat sitting on top of the loo in place of one of those toilet paper dolls!

  21. VersuteVegan says:

    I would like a seat/cover decorated with hello kitty as a Skeksis from the Dark Crystal. This would be the perfect thing to creep guests out and would go nicely with my singing Hello Kitty toilet paper dispenser which already catches people off guard.

  22. kathryn says:

    Wow, this would be a great way to start the morning…would love one!

  23. Debra Simning says:

    I love, love the “birth of Venus” toilet seat. The way her hair flows and her soulful expression is wonderful!
    I would love one with roses, kinda kevetchy, but the reason is it would make me laugh because I would think of the expression/song “Everything is coming up roses”.

  24. I would like to have one of these fab toilet seats b/c last year I was forced to downsize and move with my b/f to a 600 sq ft LES Chinese tenement bldg. It was quite a shock, to say the least, but with a little help and creativity we have made our tiny apt quite livable. It is, however, far from done, and one of these toilet seats would bring a smile to my face whenever I entered the teensy tiny bathroom. To give you some perspective, the space between the toilet and the bath is so small that one must often sit sideways to be comfortable. No joke.

  25. Linda Kish says:

    Sounds interesting. count me in.

  26. This is totally what’s missing from my otherwise enchanting bathroom. I have bits of whimsy hanging from the ceiling: a pig that flies (may they all fly away from factory farms and slaughterhouses); a New York City taxi (I made it here ten years ago and I’m still here — victory!); and the de rigueur feng shui crystal over the toilet (just in case it keeps money from going down the drain). The wall hangings celebrate what I believe in — the Gandhi quote about living simply so others may simply live — and what I love seeing, being doing: Central Park in springtime, and a fashionable female walking her dog in Manhattan. Finally, the shower curtain has cherubs on it, because guardian angels, both human and heavenly, are a necessity. With an artful toilet seat cover, well gosh, I’d have the bathroom of my dreams.

  27. Drama says:

    I am first generation Irish and my loo has a celtic theme. I bought a custom celtic knot shower curtain cause I support art but NO ONE makes celtic toilet seats. I would like a celtic themed toilet seat because it would be fab but also we (the band) bought the house foreclosed so the toilet seat we have is old cracking and yellow (formerly white.
    P.S that alice in wonderland seat pwns!

  28. Jocelyn says:

    I think I need to read instructions more, was supposed to subscribe THEN post…so I’ve subscribed and now will post again:

    I have a tattoo of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland on my hip, which is close enough to my ass, so I would love the Alice toilet seat. I would then decorate my loo-room in an Alice them: tea cups suspended from the ceiling and a ‘mad’ hat sitting on top of the loo in place of one of those toilet paper dolls!

    Sorry for the repeat..

  29. Andi McCoy says:

    These are so wonderful & whimsical – I LOVE them!! I think I’d like either a vintage pin-up or cartoon-inspired toilet seat cover with a CAT theme. Perhaps with a kitschy leopard background and strongly affixed rhinestones to complete my crazy-cat-lady-cliche lair. Many purrs & nuzzles.

  30. Caitlin says:

    My bathroom could definitely use some snazzing up. I share with my boyfriend and cat, and between the three of us we have one common love: food, and sticking our faces in it. I would love some sort of seat featuring our fast food favorites: fries, milkshakes, fish (for kitty). And while I do live with a boy, rhinestones and other glittery things would be amazing :)

  31. […] Custom Toilet Seats: Art You Didn’t Know You Wanted — The GirlieGirl […]

  32. Kali says:

    I’d like to win one of the first two (cowboy or the 20’s lady) to use it on a photo project and take a picture with a girl doing pee in stand position (as a man). After taking that, I may use it for other artworks in the future, but anyway is sure it will end hunged up in my feminist sanctuary-chill out space, a room painted purple full of paintry and pics that inspires me and where anyone that comes would meet it between the many other bizarre elements there, then thinking I’m totally nuts (as maybe it is). (Sorry for my english, I’m not native).

  33. Melody Henry says:

    I would like to win a KING DIAMOND toilet seat!! King Diamond is a legend of our time and he is so evil I believe his mere image on my toilet will keep any foul smells at bay. Thank you. :)

  34. Laura says:

    Definitely Wonder Woman flying into action with the Golden Lasso of Truth hanging on her hip. What better theme for the bathroom?

  35. Jenny R says:

    Ah, these seats are fantabulous! I would want a dinosaur or Godzilla themed one.. what a fabulous area to decorate – cheers to your creative selves!

  36. Mellie says:

    I love them! I think I would get mine with a sugar skull because it is the only thing I can see me and my room-mates agreeing on :)

  37. Ainsley Drew says:

    I would swallow soymilk while doing a handstand for one made out of Nine Inch Nails album covers.

  38. hofken says:

    I MUST have one of these seats! If custom designed I’d want designed with pigeons because breeding and racing homing pigeons is my husband’s hobby. After 30 years of marriage and so-so gifts, this would top them all.

  39. Victoria says:

    I would love to have a custome made toilet seat of my favorite superhero, wonderwoman, I dressed up for her on Halloween and I have loved her since I was a little girl. She is the first female superhero and had the coolest costume!!!

  40. Anita says:

    Hello, I want the scull. Pretty please with a cherry (or rose) on top. Thanks.

  41. admin says:

    CONGRATULATIONS AINSLEY DREW! You were chosen as our winner by Toiluxe owner Stephanie!

  42. […] lots of good online sites that will help you if you want to design your own toilet seat, and this blog here has some great […]

  43. Mary says:

    I LOVE the designs offered. My home is decorated in a Pyrate motif (being a pyrate re-enactor) and I’ve been searching in vain for a special way to accent the bathrooms in our home. There are not alot of toilet seats with pirate ships or skulls and crossbones (done tastefully, of course). One of your custom designed seats would pull it all together. I’m sure when the crew visits they’ll all want one, too.

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