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Martha Davis (of The Motels) Is Not Lonely, But She Is Green.

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You may remember Martha Davis from Los Angeles band the Motels during the 1980s.   Over the next decade, the Motels would release five records and notch a pair of Top Ten singles with “Only the Lonely” and “Suddenly Last Summer” (it’s really worth re-watching the video below!)

Martha back in the day.

Martha back in the day

Martha earned a place as one of the more influential and riveting female artists of the ’80s with her haunting vocals and classic ballads. In 1998, she put together a new incarnation of the band that brought her to fame under the billing the Motels Featuring Martha Davis. But what we bet you didn’t know is this 80’s diva’s passion is living as eco-deliciously as possible, and that she loves this site as much as you do.

Here are her Top 11 Tips to living clean n’ green:

1. I always recycle, in my neck of the woods that means sorting and taking it down to the transfer station.

2. I use a natural kitty litter, when I clean the litter box I use small paper bags that I get in the produce section at the market and have a spot in the yard, (granted I have a very big yard) where I dispose of the bags and let nature do the rest.

3. I never recycle magazines, they don’t recycle well, de-inking paper to recycle it leaves a toxic sludge of heavy metals. What I to do is take the old magazines to libraries, hospitals, or convalescent homes, where they can be used time and time again. Of course if your magazines are of a kinky nature you might want to think up some other venues.

4. I compost my vegetable scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags etc.

5. I also compost cardboard, it mulches very well and the worms love it!

6. I always use natural cleaners and detergents. I’m on a septic system so its especially important. The water goes right back in the ground and I don’t want to be poisoning it.

7. I refuse to use herbicides, fertilizers or any lawn or garden treatment that’s not 100% organic.

8. The thermostat never goes over 69, even in the winter!

9. I love to shop second hand, who knew recycling could be this much fun!!

10. I drive a Volkswagen Jetta TDI, which takes diesel fuel, I get 50 miles to the gallon, love that car!

11. I also plant trees whereever and whenever I can. There are trees at almost all the houses I rented or owned over the years, some of them are quite large now, it’s great to see them in all their glory.

Martha Davis, now.

Martha Davis, now.

Currently Martha is is moving full force and is touring nationally as well as just released a children’s CD “Red Frog Presents 16 Songs for Parents and Children.” She is also working on a Jazz/Standards CD.

You can find Martha at

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. Kate says:

    That’s interesting about the thermostat staying at 69 – why is that?

  2. Mike Sims says:

    Suddenly video I must have watched 80 million times, still watch sometimes when it is on something.

    Thanks for the tips on green living!!!


  3. andy makin says:

    Be extra careful never to inhail deisel exhaust, obviously never inhail any exhaust if you can help it, but deisel is ten times more toxic than petrol an the ufp’s (ultra fine particles) can remain suspended in the air for ages and drift well over a mile on a breeze.

  4. Evelknevel says:

    So great to see this! I adored the Motels and she is so fab!

  5. Ef Gonzalez says:

    You were fantastic @ Escondido in July, you met my sister who i took for her birthday. I took her to see you in 1983 at the Pacific Amp. Till this day my sister has told everyone that it was the best concert in her life. You over did yourself in Escondido. Thank you so much. Ef

  6. Blacksheep says:


    You are still hot as ever! I loved you in the 80’s and you still captivate me today!

  7. carlos claveria says:

    Me traes tantos pero tantos recuerdos…ª! me encanta escucharte a ti a motels.. vivan los ochentas!!!

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