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What A Mom Wants

What A Mom Wants

Mother’s Day is on it’s way, and who should be respected more than our fine asses – hustling to make beautiful lives for our kiddles (human and furry) and finding time for ourselves, work, philanthropy, and our partners at the same time.  All hail the Mamazons of this earth who deserve little treats (even if that’s just a shoulder rub or glass of juice in bed) on the daily.

Here are a few things for all budgets that all Mom’s would probably be psyched to have under their Mother’s Day bush (yea, we said it) this Mo’s Day;

Only Kale Can Save us Now! Seamless Tee Dress, $25

Give your kids a solid message by telling them to eat their veggies with this cute summer message tee dress.


Chocolate Mousse Jar Gluten-Free(serves 8 people,) $38

We recently had Vegan Divas cakes for Panther’s second birthday party, and everyone went crazy for them.  Little did they know they are as healthy as cake can possibly get.  Give her a gift she won’t be pissed at so you can’t be to blame for ruining her healthier diet.  This mousse is an orgasm in a very pretty glass bottle.

Heart Locket Necklace, vintage style, hand embroidered, $88

Insert a photo of your loved one or even a lock of hair so s/he can stay close to your heart. These lockets are handmade in Brooklyn and a percentage of all sales benefits A Global Movement to end violence against women and girls.

Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way by Mayim Bialik, $15

We’ve yet to read a book that so perfectly speaks to the experience of kind mothering – non harming, gentle, loving parenting that raises extraordinarily special kids.  As an attachment parenting Mamas ourselves, we can vouch that this way of life is endlessly enriching and always feels like the right thing to do. Mayim hits home all the scientific and medical points, as well as the basics for newbies to this world.. and as a fellow Jewish vegan, what could be bad? Buy this book for all Mamas, new and old.  Or just buy it for your own Mother when she questions you about breastfeeding and co-sleeping, she’ll shut up with her old fashioned opinions (“A baby needs to cry it out!”) when she reads the science behind AP by this smartie pants.

Elsa Dress, $200

She only needs this dress. No really. The ELSA dress has gotten to be known to flatter every figure and can be dressed up or down, and is made in entirely eco-friendly materials. Produced on individual orders locally in New York, these dresses are custom made for each individual, so it’s really like the ultimate couture.  Inspired by an elegant, colorful and stylish grandma named Elsa, ELSA AND ME was founded in 2009 to fill the gap of sustainable business wear for women. Swedish born Brooklyn-based designer Maja Svensson left her corporate job in December 2011 to become the passionate business woman she always dreamt of.  The signature ELSA dress is comfortable for work and elegant during cocktail hours. The dress is made of organic cotton fabric, produced locally in New York City and designed not to be dependent on a short term trend.

Klean Kanteen Water Bottle ($17.95 - $19.95)

If she’s anything like us, she probably forgets to drink as much water as she should.  Get her a colorful Kleen Kanteen to leave on her desk or counter top so she never forgets to swig and stay healthy.

Revitalizing Body Oil, $90

We realize a bottle of body oil for $90 may seem insane to many of you, but let’s look at it a different way: flowers cost about the same and they last a few days – this stuff is the potion of the goddesses and lasts months.  There is no better cure for stretch marks, moodiness (the smell alone makes me not want to pull my hair out some days,) and dry skin than Tata Harper’s Revitalizing Body Oil.  Tata Harper (an organic Mama of two herself) hand-makes all her potions and lotions using organic flowers and herbs she grows herself on her Vermont farm.  If we could make the world smell like this body oil, there would be no wars, the smell is that good. Think perfection mixed with ice cream sundaes and babies and fields of fresh flowers…  that delicious! Buy it for her (and  yourself) – you’ll be so happy you made the investment.

Cri de Coeur Tilly Fringe Convertible Clutch, $142

A gorgeous luxe clutch from vegan shoe and bag designer Cri de Coeur that most Moms (young and old) would be into, the perfect day bag that transitions beautifully to night.

Raw Food Kitchen by Dunja Gulin, $16

Raw foodie Mamas who have every cookbook under the sun won’t have this one by Croatian chef Dunja Gulin yet..  that’s because it just came out.  Everyone of these recipes are mouth-wateringly gorgeous and so healthy, you will literally feel like a different person with piles of energy after a week on this menu!

Imperial Palace Necklace, $134

We bought Mom a hand stamped necklace from Three Sisters Jewelry Design (named for the designers three daughters) a few Mother’s Days ago, and she went mad for it (til she lost it, but that’s a whole other story.) You can hand pick the stones that go on the necklace and choose what shapes you want stamped and customize the metal for the ultimate in personalized sentimental gifts.

Vitamix 5200 Standard, $485

If she doesn’t have one, she wants one.  There is nearly nothing this machine can’t do, nearly no craving it’s magical blades can’t satiate.  From the gourmand to the I-never-cook, there are ten billion uses for the ultimate blender.

Skeleton Garden Pruners, $32

Let her punk rock garden and trim her rose garden with these cool pruners.

Signature Series Ivory Mongolian Lamb Faux Fur Throws, $169

Our favorite thing in the world is to have cozy, beautiful blankets all over the house – particularly near all chairs and beds.  We love the Fabulous Furs throws and blankets, all faux fur that look semi-real, and feels glorious to the touch (without that pesky vaginal electrocution it takes to get real fur.)

Fifty Shades of Grey Book and Bondage Kit, $29

If she hasn’t read the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, get her this package (not your Mom, that’s creepy, but your wife or partner) to reenact the steamy sex scenes in this page-turner (also dubbed “mommy porn.”)

Arrange for her to have an “old Hollywood” style glamor photo shoot.  In New York we love Joey Falsetta who is a noted fashion photographer who offers these old Hollywood style photo shoots at his gorgeous Greenpoint Brooklyn studio, but it’s not hard to find these glamor portrait studios or photographers in most cities.  Extra bonus about working with Joey: He uses make up and hair artist Eden Di Bianco who is one of the only (if not the only) make up and hair artists in NYC who offers an entirely cruelty-free and all natural hair and make up kit.   Another gift idea if to have Eden come to Mom’s house and give her a gorgeous make over (she’s the kind of gal a Mother loves, and her packages are very affordable.)
'i love my mom' card, $6.50

We have now eschewed nearly all other cards for those from Night Owl Paper Goods which are made from things like reclaimed & recycled cotton from the garment industry or (in the case above) sustainably-harvested birch wood.  All their cards are printed in the most eco-friendly manner possible and are all biodegradable.  But the reason we are most mad for them is that they are simply tiny little art cupcakes.  When do you ever get a wooden card in the mail?  Hallmark eat your heart out, these hand made cards become keepsakes the moment they are written on, not tossed in the bin the next week.

Alternative Gift Ideas

  • A membership to her favorite museum.
  • A gift certificate to the most fabulous restaurant you can afford.
  • A night at the theater.
  • A mini-scrapbook of 100 ways why she is a wonderful Mom, including quotes, photos, and funny remembrances.
  • Get crafty with your needle and thread and make some simple handmade gifts, we love these.
  • A big batch of homemade granola, trail mix, or cookies – beautifully tinned and packaged.
  • Art books from the used book store.
  • Pull a print from a favorite art, design, or picture book and frame it yourself for her in a vintage frame.
  • A netflix membership with a ready-made cue of all the movies you know she’d love to see, so she starts getting them in the mail straight away.
  • Subscriptions to magazines she’d probably never get herself, but you know she’d love – like an architecture magazine or gardening magazine, whatever her pleasure.
  • A fully stocked ipod (maybe an old one you no longer use since you got an iphone) with all her favorite music on it, like the ultimate mix tape that keeps on giving.


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Discount and bargain hunting for Mama? (She taught you well!)

  • Try our cheapskates page for good solid discount codes off the majority of your favorite eco-friendly, vegan, luxe brands.
  • Green America has put together a big list of discount codes for their green gifting partners here.
  • Join these flash sale sites that offer the chicest brands on the cheap.
  • The 2012 Fair Trade Spring Gift Guide is a collection of Fair Trade gifts especially for Mother’s and Father’s Day.  These stylish gifts are handmade by craftspeople and farmers in developing countries and produced under fair trade principles, and happen to be very fairly priced.