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5 Ways To Show Your Favorite Micro Influencer The Love This Holiday Season

5 Ways To Show Your Favorite Micro Influencer The Love This Holiday Season

As you know, we have never charged a penny for content in any capacity, and although we are not a non-profit – we operate as one! It’s just a few of us, working for the love of the GGA Crew for 25 years to bring you information, love, and calls to action.

We don’t ask alot – but today we are asking you to support GirlieGirlArmy in any capacity you are able to.  All these notes apply to any of your favorite small influencers, writers, and activists who are likely not making a dime off their passions. Support our brave voices – here are a few ways to do it!

5 Ways To Support GirlieGirlArmy:


Shop our Amazon Storefront: It’s so overloaded with incredible gift ideas for everyone in your orbit, and a small % goes back to GGA since we are affiliates!

Give to our Patreon: A few dollars a month for your favorite place for memes, stories, and action? Why not!

Shop Our Gift Guides: We only promote what we love and use, everytime you share and shop our guides you’re supporting our community.

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Use Our Fam Owned Interactive Agency Craft & Valor: Did you know we own a family business that makes gorgeous apps & websites? Let us redo yours!

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Have a wonderful winter wonderland, and stay tuned for a newsletter coming soon!