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The Top 5 Greenest And Healthiest Snacks For You and Your Family

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Looking for some eco-friendly snacks for you or your kids? Here are five of the best!

Chloé Jo Davis, founder of, teaches you eco-friendly health snacking tips in this week’s tiny episode from her series with that will keep you green and gorgeous! She’ll give you 5 quick snack tips you may have previously not realized that could entirely elevate your healthy eating repertoire in a few short minutes!

The Top 5 Greenest And Healthiest Snacks

The Top 5 Greenest And Healthiest Snacks

The Top 5 Greenest And Healthiest Snacks For You and Your Family

The best thing that you can do for your kids to green up their snack routine is to add minerals and nutrition in their foods that they wouldn’t otherwise get. I like to add sprinklings of sea vegetables to my kids’ snacks and foods as much as possible because they’re full of Omegas. And you don’t have to get your Omegas from fish. Most fish right now are Mercury laden, it’s a really sketchy time to eat fish. They also have a lot of lice which is really just icky. Just get your omegas from where the fish get theirs. So just little sprinkles of seaweed in their food will go a long way. Also, flax crackers. Flax-seeds are so healthy for kids, but it’s not that easy to say, you know, will you eat some flax seeds for mommy. They’re not going to be down with that, but some flax crackers that are amazingly seasoned and delicious and tasty. My son calls them cook-cooks.

Another thing is Kale Chips are amazingly tasty decadent snacks. They have nutritional used on them, which is an amazing way to get your B-Vitamins. It’s super tasty and cheesy and it’s packed with nutritional capabilities that will blow your mind. We also add nutritional use to popcorn and it gives it like a cheesy taste. It’s a super-amazing thing to always have in your house for kids for snacks. But on top of that, they’re kale — and they’re not fried. They’re just dehydrated so you still have all the optimal nutrition from the kale. All of those good greens and all of that good leafiness will get in their system. Another snack, organic fruit and non-GMO. So I want you to look at the sticker and when you see a nine, that’s how you know you’re in the clear. That’s how you know it’s organic. You want to avoid GMOs, we don’t know the long-term effect of GMOs, and also, there’s been a 400% increase in kids’ allergies since GMOs have been introduced, so steer clear of Monsanto Seed.

And something that’s a hot ticket in my house is nut cheese. I know that sounds like something that’s the beginning of a locker room joke, but I promise you, this stuff is amazing. What it is is that you can make it at home or you could buy it, but it’s basically nuts that you soak and then throw them in the blender with a little bit of nutritional use, some lemon juice, a little bit of garlic, and a little bit of Himalayan Sea Salt or plain salt, whatever floats your boat. This stuff is amazing. It also comes hard like a hard cheese, it’s nutritional, the bombastic. It’s high protein, it’s raw, it’s unreal, it’s super-tasty, my baby calls it dip-dip. It’s a hot ticket in my house. And here’s the great thing about it, it’s multi-purpose. So it’s not something you make and it’s just like that’s snack food. It’s snack food that you can then use later to toss on your pasta or in your lasagna. You can use it in burritos, you can use it for dip. It’s endlessly helpful in the household.


also DR COW CASHEW CHEESE  –which is so worth ordering!

Disclaimer from Treeline Cheese – “Treeline does not authorize online sales of its products. They recommend purchasing from one of more than 700 brick and mortar stores, including Whole Foods Markets.”

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HOST: Chloé Jo Davis


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