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Using A Salt Lamp In My Bedroom Has Made A Huge Difference In My Life

Using A Salt Lamp In My Bedroom Has Made A Huge Difference In My Life

Using A Salt Lamp In My Bedroom Has Made A Huge Difference In My Life

I’d been reading about Himalayan Salt Lamps for a while, but I’d always gotten overwhelmed with the quantity of offerings, not knowing which one to buy or if all the wellness claims around them were a scam or not. There are a lot of claims on what it can do for you, so it can be overwhelming to read them all. The same is said for any wellness/health product that people use to help with things such as anxiety, depression, pain, etc. this includes using cannabis-based products as well as microdose shroom capsules, some people swear by them whereas others will need more convincing by trying it out themselves. So, that is what I did when I thought about getting a Himalayan Salt Lamp.

One night I started really looking at reviews, amazon ratings, and personal blogs about salt lamp experiences. It seemed the more I looked, the clearer the choice was. Levoit Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps got the overall best reviews, time and again. I decided to take the plunge and ordered one.

Levoit Athena Himalayan Salt Lamp Natural Himilian Hymalain Pink Salt Rock Lamps(11-15 lbs,8.5-11
Levoit Athena Himalayan Salt Lamp Natural Himilian Hymalain Pink Salt Rock Lamps(11-15 lbs,8.5-11″ Height) with Genuine Rubber Wood Base, Touch Dimmer Switch, 3 X 15 Watt Bulbs,UL Cord & Gift Box, $51

Here are the claims I’d heard about salt lamps:

  1. The negative salt ions released by heating can boost blood flow
  2. Keeping it on overnight can improve sleep
  3. Using a salt lamp can increase levels of serotonin in the brain, thereby calming anxiety and alleviating depression
  4. Salt lamps have been known to calm allergy and asthma symptoms
  5. Benefits include decreasing air pollution, negative ions and electrosmog caused by electronic devices. Dr. Axe says; “Salt is hygroscopic, which means it attracts water molecules to itself. Being the big hunk of salt that it is, a Himalayan salt lamp is believed to work by attracting the water molecules. This water vapor can also carry indoor air pollutants like mold, bacteria and allergens. Once the water vapor comes in contact with the salt lamp, the pollutants are believed to remain trapped in the salt. Since the lamp is heated, the salt dries out and is able to continue the cycle of attracting water vapor and pollutants, releasing the water vapor back into the air but holding on to the health-hazardous pollutants.”
  6. You’ll cough less. Besides removing toxins from the air, Himalayan pink salt lamps also help your body to filter air more efficiently so any foreign particles you do happen to breathe won’t make it into your lungs.
  7. Increased energy
  8. Warm, eco-friendly low-watt light
  9. Treat seasonal disorders
Here's my actual Levoit on my bedside table -- in daylight
Here’s my actual Levoit on my bedside table — in daylight

Here’s what I’ve actually experienced after a month of using my Levoit lamp:

  1. Most of the claims seem on point so far! Obviously I don’t have proof of lessening toxins in my bedroom or boosted blood flow, but it really makes me happy – how’s that for a testament?
  2. It’s gorgeous. Really beautifully made – and looks like a huge pink crystal on a gorgeous wooden base. People comment on it constantly, and it’s vibey for a bedroom. I love the way they look so much, I’d have one in every room. Plus – they are packaged beautifully, and would make the best gift for a good price! I’m glad I bought the larger size, and would’ve bought an even bigger one, if possible. I think the smaller ones probably look too small and don’t make as much of an impact, but I could be wrong.
  3. The calming thing is 100% true. The lamp glows like a soft candle, and really makes a cozy atmosphere. My kids love being around it, it’s the kind of object people gravitate towards. I’m not sure if that’s science based – that the salt attracts us or whatever, but it is.
  4. My husband loves it too, and it creates a sexy-candlelit vibe which makes me more likely to jump his bones even when I’m tired. Ten points for increased sex-life!
  5. I do feel sleepier when it’s on, it’s extremely relaxing. That said, I’m the breastfeeding mother of 3 boys under 7, so I’m almost always ready for a nap. Not sure if my quality of sleep is different since I don’t keep it on while sleeping.
  6. I feel no anxiety or worry when this thing is on. Is it magic? Does Harry Potter and Fairies live inside salt lamps and take away our fears?
  7. Lot’s of Moms I know use the salt lamp as a nightlight in their kids room. Some salt lamps have had issues with explosions (!) – the Levoit has NOT – which is why I chose this brand.I feel like it would be a perfect night light and am going to order another one for my boys room.
  8. Overall, I’m a convert and a believer. Anything this relaxing should be in every home. This is not a sponsored post, nor a review – meaning we didn’t get product in exchange for reviewing or have any contact with the company. We bought this just like you may, on amazon. This is a true opinion/ personal experience review.


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