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Retail Therapy: 10 Things To Buy Yourself Right Now To Spark Jewish Joy (& Give Back To Israel!)

Retail Therapy: 10 Things To Buy Yourself Right Now To Spark Jewish Joy (& Give Back To Israel!)

Shloshim are over, now it’s time to amplify our Jewish Joy – in prayer, song, laughter, and retail therapy!  If we lose our lust for life, the terrorists win, and we won’t let that happen. Since October 7th, none of us have been the same, nor will we ever be again, but tiny actions each day help the healing and rebuilding. Shopping – scientifically – gives us an endorphin rush, so today’s prescription from Doctor Girlie is to shop to help Israel and the Jewish people! All the items below give a strong percentage (if not the entire %) towards charities and nonprofits that support us, so it’s a truly a win/win. If you’re smart (and we know you are) – you’ll grab your Chanukah presents now!

Jewish and Grateful teamed up with celebrity-favorite Lingua Franca for these custom made sweaters to express our solidarity and support with Israel and our collective Jewish nation. All proceeds will go directly to the FIDF, UJA Israel Emergency Fund and Ahava Baby Israel Division.  3 chic designs, 4 colorways. Note: These are cashmere, so they won’t work for the vegan set.

Israel Is My Home, $432

It’s time to wear a Magen Dovid – loud and proud. Don’t have one yet? Time to shop!! Jade Trau just released this limited edition Star of David Pendant. The company will be matching the proceeds for every one they sell, and will be donating the funds to medical aid organizations on the frontlines in Israel, which means 100% gives back to Israel!

Star of David, $1,990

An iconic piece, this Magen David & diamond combination from Rachie Shnay is sure to bring you blessing and protection. What we love most about this ring is the Hebrew inscription on the back of the ring, facing outwards, עם ישראל חי  Am Yisrael Chai, we stand strong and proud of our heritage for everyone to see! 40% goes to Israel nonprofits.

The Mazel Ring, $1,450

This one isn’t exactly for you personally to use, but it will make your heart expand 10 sizes when you order it. The kids in Israel have had their lives turned upside down. Tens of thousands of families have been displaced by the October 7th massacre, and hundreds of thousands of children are disrupted with parents called to war.  An American woman, along with her candy company owner friend in Israel created an initiative to bring them cheer by sending them sweet treats. Sending them packages of sweet treats will bring them joy and a taste of normalcy.  Let’s show the children of Israel that we are here for them, that they are not alone.

Sweet Connections Box $50-360

Support “I’m That Jew” creator (watch the magical video if you haven’t yet!) and his incredible Israel-based nonprofit fighting misinformation by purchasing a mug to inspire your morning activism.

I’m That Jew Mug, $16

Award-winning creative design firm Craft & Valor is donating 18% of all new clients through Chanukah to the pro Israel non profit of the clients choice! So if you were considering redoing your website or creating an app – now is the time to not only get the guys who did projects for Justin Bieber, Lenny Kravitz, and a ton more huge names – but also support our homeland and our people while you’re doing it!

Inquire at

Many Israeli artisans, farmers, and makers make their livings via the company Lev Haolam, a Monthly box service full of goodies from the Holy Land.  Currently, many were drafted into service – in their absence, the company is doubling their efforts to support those who remain on the home front. Support Israeli families by purchasing these special boxes. You get a gorgeous monthly surprise, and support our people!

Lev Haolam Box, $99 per Month

Today, if you haven’t yet, purchase a local synagogue membership – yes – we said it.  No excuses. Memberships world-wide have been on the decline for years. It’s time to fix that. Maybe you’ve been far from your relationship with Judaism for a long time, no worries, Hashem is always waiting and there are no rules with your relationship with G-d! As I’ve said before, there is a temple for every timbre and a pot for every lid – from Orthodox and Chabad to LGBTQ-affirming Reform shuls – find your spiritual place and get involved. Go to events, fundraise, get active. History shows us that when we lose community, we lose ourselves. Donating to your local temple by joining is a win for you and your family, and keeps our people strong.

Perhaps you saw our story on our friend Israeli friend in Miami Vered’s skincare line (if not – read it here.)  Vered lost wholesale clients when speaking out for Israel, and advocating for her people. She’s now giving back by donating 20% of all proceeds to Israeli charities. Her products are vegan, natural perfection, so order generously.

Vered Botanicals, $12 and up

Society Threads Apparel are selling the following designs in T-shirts and sweatshirts – with all proceeds going to IDF and Hatzalah! Hoodies are $45 – DM on Instagram to order!

This well priced, specially crafted bracelet was created to express solidarity with Israel. The entire proceeds from this piece will be contributed to the Israeli charity, Magen David Adom.

The Hope Bracelet, $20

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