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As We Near 100 Days: Make Sure To Do These 3 Things

As We Near 100 Days: Make Sure To Do These 3 Things

1. Sign this petition. As we reach 100 DAYS THAT HOSTAGES HAVE BEEN HELD, we urge everyone to sign this petition. We are looking for 1 million signatures on this. The hostages have to be released. Every single second counts.

2. In solidarity with the hostages families – join me on the 100th day of Hersh’s heartbreaking captivity in solidarity with his mother Rachel Goldberg. I’ll be wearing masking tape over my heart with the number 100, as Rachel has done to mark every single day her son has been stolen from her. Bring Hersh and every single hostage home now.

3. Take a photo and post it on your social media, hashtagging #Bring_Hersh_Home #BringThemHomeNow – Follow & tag and amplify all their posts. I know it seems weird that Instagram can be such a large help in this fight, but amplifying someone’s posts on Instagram, often through actions like sharing, commenting, or liking, can make a significant difference for several reasons:

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  1. Increased Visibility: When you engage with and amplify someone’s post, it increases the likelihood that their content will be shown to a broader audience. Instagram’s algorithm takes engagement into account when determining the visibility of a post.
  2. Wider Reach: Your engagement exposes the content to your followers,5 potentially introducing the original poster to a new audience. This can lead to increased followers for the person whose post you’re amplifying.
  3. Community Building: By supporting and amplifying others’ content, you contribute to a sense of community. This positive interaction can foster connections, build relationships, and encourage reciprocity, where others may do the same for your posts.
  4. Algorithmic Favor: Social media algorithms often prioritize content that receives more engagement. When you amplify someone’s post, it signals to the platform that the content is valuable and interesting, leading to increased visibility in followers’ feeds.
  5. Recognition and Encouragement: Amplifying someone’s post is a form of acknowledgment and support. It shows that you appreciate their content, which can be motivating and encouraging for content creators.

Overall, amplifying posts on Instagram goes beyond just increasing visibility; it contributes to a positive online environment, fosters community, and can have a lasting impact on the reach and influence of the content creator.  Bonus: Get involved in the WhatsApp’s fighting antisemitism and Jew Hatred! There are so many to join – dm me on IG for the list! These quick daily actions are CRUCIAL to supporting Israel and the Jewish people in the diaspora.