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AhimsaAhava Challah: Vegan and Allergy-Friendly Company Launches In CT

AhimsaAhava Challah: Vegan and Allergy-Friendly Company Launches In CT

We recently stumbled onto a Vegan Facebook page where member Court Pereira simply made a completely seemingly non controversial post sharing her new Vegan Challah brand. What happened in the comments section next only proved that one simply must say “I’m Jewish” to be barraged with hate and confrontation. We weren’t going to let that happen. So we are bringing Court’s brand to her people!

Meet AhimsaAhava Challah – a new brand that aims to provide vegan challah that’s delicious and embraces rich Jewish traditions. The brand stands for taste, health, and mindfulness and is more than just bread, Court says, “it’s a movement.” AhimsaAhava Challah is founded on the principles of “love, peace, and unity.” What brings people together better than food?!

Court Pereira became vegan in 2017 and struggled to find vegan versions of traditional foods dear to her heart. With her younger brother facing food allergies, the challenge also became finding allergy-friendly vegan Jewish food with simple ingredients, leading Court to create AhimsaAhava Challah.

Some of the delish flavors include ChallahBack Classic, Open Sesame, Raisin’ the Roof, Everything but the Oven, Chip off the Old Block, Braid the Rainbow, Garlicked and Loaded, and Mensch-Made. The products are vegan, made with kosher ingredients, and are also peanut, tree nut, and sesame-free (unless a special flavor is ordered). They contain soy, but arrangements can be made for those with soy allergies.

A percentage of proceeds from AhimsaAhava Challah sales will be donated to help in the fight against terrorism. As Court says; “The brand stands against terrorism and hate towards any groups.” Court says she is open to collaborations and educational endeavors to address and combat antisemitism and spread understanding.  Our challah is crafted upon order and ready for pickup in Seymour, CT. Large orders in Fairfield county can be delivered. We are all hoping Court starts shipping soon, but in the meantime, follow her and support her by sharing this story.

Future Plans for AhimsaAhava include:

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  • Perfecting Gluten-Free Vegan Challah: Our mission is to be inclusive, and we recognize the growing demand for gluten-free options. We are currently in the process of refining a gluten-free vegan challah recipe, ensuring it’s every bit as delectable as our classic offerings.
  • Local Farmers Markets Participation: There’s something magical about community gatherings centered around fresh, local produce. AhimsaAhava aspires to be a regular feature at local farmers markets, offering fresh vegan challah and connecting directly with our cherished patrons.
  • Engaging Videos: Dive into the world of challah with our informative videos on Facebook. Discover the intricacies of challah braiding, learn the signs of a perfectly baked loaf, and get a sneak peek behind the scenes of our baking adventures.
  • Expansion of Product Line: As our journey evolves, so will our range of offerings. While challah remains our flagship product, we’re eager to introduce a broader spectrum of vegan baked delights, including seasonal favorites like vegan rugelach and vegan hamantashen.
  • Subscription Service: In response to the tremendous support from our clientele, we’ve introduced a weekly Shabbat subscription. As we continue to grow, we’re also exploring additional curated subscription boxes to ensure our community constantly enjoys fresh, handcrafted challah at regular intervals.
  • Retail Partnerships: We dream big! While establishing a presence in retail outlets might be a long-term goal, we’re optimistic about seeing AhimsaAhava’s vegan challah featured in local cafes, eateries, and supermarkets in the future.

If you’re interested in learning more – follow them on facebook and on their website.