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5 Simple Ways To Support The Jewish Community From Your Couch

5 Simple Ways To Support The Jewish Community From Your Couch

Chances are, if you ask a Jewish friend if they are doing okay since October 7th, they will tell you they are not.  Antisemitic hate crimes have gone up 37 percent in the US, reaching the highest number in almost three decades, and second-highest number on record.  So where are our non Jewish friends?  Mostly crickets, with a few shining stars.  If you find yourself here – as a Jewish ally or as a Jewish person – you are here for a reason. This is a call to help, and to get involved. We are .02% of the population, and we can’t do this alone. Want to know what happened the last time antisemitism was this rampant? Ask my dead relatives who were burned in the ovens. It’s time to be brave and stand beside us. We are watching, we will not forget.

Here are 5 super simple ways to support us during these horrifying times.  If you can’t do one of the items on the list, that’s fine – do another one. That’s why we are offering 5!

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  • Follow Jewish voices, influencers, and politicians on social media and their mailing lists. Just go check out who we are following to see the must follow voices.  Purchase a subscription to The Free Press, Lee Kern, and Eve Barlow‘s crucial substacks. Show up at our protests, marches, and temple events to show your support. We are a peaceful people – you won’t be clambered over the head with violence like at many of the marches on the other side. Report social media posts that are hateful, inciting violence, and posting untruths.
Follow us and see who we are following!
  • Call a Jewish friend and ask them how you can support them. Lend an ear, go have a coffee at a Jewish-owned spot, go on a dog walk, or invite their kid over for a playdate. Things are heavy in Jewish households across the world right now. Be the light.

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AIPAC brings together Democrats and Republicans to advance bipartisan support for the U.S.-Israel relationship- an American value we are proud to champion.

Supporting the Jewish people was never popular, and it certainly isn’t now. Be brave enough to stand with what’s right.

“A candle is a small thing. But one candle can light another. And see how its own light increases. As a candle gives its flame to the other, you are such a light.” – Moshe Davis

Main Photo by Oleg Vakhromov on Unsplash / Photo#2  by Briana Tozour on Unsplash