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Jewish-Themed Mom Businesses Since 10/7 Are Popping Up Everywhere: Meet ShopPOPByMare and Sababa Social Club

Jewish-Themed Mom Businesses Since 10/7 Are Popping Up Everywhere: Meet ShopPOPByMare and Sababa Social Club

Since 10/7 antisemitism has hit it’s high in the States, and many of us Jewish Mothers (yes, that is capitalized because we say so) have sat, hearts broken, jaws agape with the putrid rot of Jew hate that has been freely empowered across the world. Many of my Jewish Mom friends have since gone to work or volunteer at Jewish Nonprofits, many have started small Jewish focused businesses, and many have seen their personal commitment to Zionist activism hit a new high. We will be highlighting as many of these small businesses, non profits, and companies as we can moving forward. Ennesa Alfandari, affectionately known as Nessie to many, is a Jewish Mom in LA who has launched a thriving tiny apparel company and a Los Angeles based social club to benefit Israel.

Here is her story;

I’m a devoted mother and loving wife, but above all, I take immense pride in my Jewish heritage. As a granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, my roots trace back to Brooklyn,  though I was raised in New Jersey – and now call Los Angeles home. Working full time as a marketing coordinator, at age 38, I made a pivotal decision to embark on a journey of self-discovery and entrepreneurial creativity. I set out to develop a small “side hustle” for myself.  I started ShopPopByMare based on my own personal view on life.  Profound gratitude for happiness ignited my enthusiasm and led to the inception of ShopPOPByMare. The concept was simple yet profound: to provide a space where a seller (myself) and customers could connect, curating thoughtful and personalized gifts that celebrated the beauty of human connection.

After October 7th, in the aftermath of war, when hearts were shattered, communities were broken, and spirits were diminished, I found myself confronted with the darkest of times. It was during this period of ultimate sadness that a dear friend reached out, urging me to channel my talents into creating designs that could bring light to the world, and send funds to Israel. Though initially hesitant, I was propelled forward by my friend’s words: “Do it. We need it.”. With unwavering determination, I devoted countless sleepless nights to crafting designs that embodied love, connection, and hope. Several days later, a new revolution was born, and its impact was immediate and significant.

My designs spread like wildfire, touching the hearts of countless individuals and reigniting a sense of faith and beauty in our Jewish community. The mantra quickly became “One Nation One Heart.” My designs have been worn by activists and luminaries like Carrie Nachmani, Tomer Peretz, Dr. Sheila Nazarian, Elizabeth Sutton, Amy Chapman, Julia Pratt, Kasim HaFeez, Dana Arschin, Michael Valdes, Dini Klien and more.

ShopPOPByMare not only contributes financially to putting an end to antisemitism and supporting Israel, but also serves as a beacon of resilience and hope. I feel prouder than ever to embrace my identity as a Jew, to stand in solidarity with our nation and homeland more steadfastly than before. The global resurgence of anti-Semitism fuels my determination to combat hatred and provide a sense of connection and unity for Jewish communities –especially in Europe, the UK, and Australia.

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My new mission and a new passion project is the birth of @SababaSocialClub. 

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Centered in Los Angeles, California. This platform aims to spark a reconnection within our community through curated events. Drawing inspiration from the lively atmosphere of Tel Aviv, our goal is to reignite that sense of belonging through art, music, and culinary experiences. Sababa Social Club will serve as an inclusive platform, fostering collaborations among individuals. Through our own special events, we seek to revive the profound musical and cultural connections that define us, celebrating the diverse tapestry of our cultural heritage. As I embark on this journey, I remain committed to the cause. While ShopPOPByMare will continue to donate 20% of profits to Israel, the remaining funds will fuel the growth of @SababaSocialClubI have come to understand the deep impact my creations have in lifting spirits, and I am now dedicated more than ever to continuing my mission of sharing joy, beauty, faith, and hope with those who need it most. For me, the journey is far from over—it is a lifelong commitment to bringing Jewy back.


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