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Moncler Goes Fur-Free

Moncler Goes Fur-Free

plummeting mink industry, the writing is on the wall: fur is out of fashion. Moncler has been one of the last hold out’s on this issue, so this is a big deal! ​While avoiding talk of fur for the most part, Moncler’s press release makes it clear they are ready for the new world; “At Moncler what started as a clear mission to protect from the cold has evolved to a commitment to protect people and the planet, while acknowledging the monumental task that lies ahead. As stated in the new campaign “We used to climb mountains. Now we must move them”. To accompany the new collection, a visual campaign and short film merge ‘recycled’ archival footage and stunning alpine images in an homage to Moncler’s mountain DNA and commitment to our shared future. The collection’s manifesto is stamped on campaign imagery: “Moncler Born To Protect. Our promise to tomorrow starts today, with a clear commitment to create a better future and protect people and the planet.”” Need faux fur guidance? We love the following brands for chic faux furs that would be the envy of any animal skin wearer;


Even amazon is jam packed with faux fur options! In a time of progress, don’t be the one person stuck rocking an antiquated, uncool, and thoroughly cruel former-trend. As Dr Angelou said; When we know better we do better! Donate your old furs to rehab wildlife, don’t be a fur hag. Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur on Unsplash
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