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A Way To Make Money From Home That Doesn’t Include Working

A Way To Make Money From Home That Doesn’t Include Working

Times are tough, we’re entering a recession, and after the holidays – everyone can use a way to bring in some extra cash.  Consider online focus groups!  Focus Groups are discussions where consumers, in this case you; share your opinion about new products or services with a professional moderator.

Cristie Diamond of NYC Focal shared the scoop with us on how this works:

We are Market Research firm that recruits people to take part in Focus Groups and paid market research studies.

Groups are usually composed of 4-10 people with similar characteristics and traits that make the sessions informative and fun to be a participant in future marketing. All recruited people are paid incentives either in CASH for in person or Tremendous gift card and/or mailed check for virtual nationwide studies. These incentives are issued once you attend and give your opinions/feedback on products and/or brands. The amount of money paid for each panel depends upon the particular study being done and the length of the study, they can range from $100 to $750.

Focus Groups and market research studies are held in order to gather feelings and reactions of the average consumer toward current or new advertisements, or an opinion about a product. Clients require this information in order to evaluate how their product or service is perceived in the marketplace.

We send people to Market Research Panels in NYC, Los Angeles & have a lot of nationwide virtual online discussions (can live anywhere within the US for the nationwide virtual).

Your privacy is important to us; whatever you say during these panels is confidential and only used for research. Please feel free to subscribe and apply to any studies you feel may be a fit. If you are selected, we will call and book you.

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Here is the link to subscribe (please do not forget to mention Chloé or GirlieGirl Army referred you for our VIP list luxe studies!)

So get vocal, opiniated, and lay back on your couch and sign up today!

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pssst.. editors note: Other focus groups to join include: