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Video: How to Green Your Beauty Routine

Video: How to Green Your Beauty Routine

Chloé Jo Davis, founder of, teaches you eco-friendly glamor tips in this week’s tiny episode from her series with that will keep you green and gorgeous! She’ll teach you all about what to look for you in your beauty supplies to be ensured that are good for the earth and healthy for you in a few short minutes!

How to Green Your Beauty Routine

It’s time to green your beauty routine. I want you to look through everything in your cabinet and tell me if you really understand all the ingredients on your beauty supplies. You don’t what that long word that ends with paraben means? That’s because it’s dangerous for you. Anything that ends in paraben or a BPA or triclosan or fragrance or flame retardant… these are all words you want to look out for when you see on your beauty products and you want to run for the hills. You want to run for your life and you want to go green with your beauty routine because these are not just things that you are putting on your body. They are seeping into our system and they are endocrine disruptors which mean they mess with our hormones.

They’ve been known to give us cancer and reproductive issues galore. One in six people are struggling with infertility and a lot of this comes back to what we use on our skin and on our body every day. And so some of the most basic ways to go green on your beauty routine is to just simply cut down.

A lot of times things like coconut butter or natural shea butter and essential oils is enough. It’s all you really need. I happen to really love this spray coconut oil because I use it on my skin. I use it on my hair and it’s super safe, there’s no parabens and it’s really nothing to worry about. The front of the bottle should tell you who the product is and if it’s something that you want to put on your skin like this line Surya Brazil that tells me vegan, their cruelty free, their eco certified, they are free from BHT, EDTA, Paraben, Sulfates, Falates, and synthetic fragrances… these are things run from do not let these things be in your products and this is a perfect product because it’s telling me everything I need to know but you know what I’m no dummy I’m going to read the back too and see what’s up with the back… aloe, nutseed oil, this is what you want to do with every single ingredient and if you don’t know what they are I want you to educate yourself because knowledge is power when it comes to what goes on your skin.

Go to and type in what products you’re using and double check if they’ve been certified by EWG and if they are safe for you and I love that there’s soy nail polish remover now and it will say right on the bottle just like I told two lean dbp and fermaldahide free these are key words you want to look for nail polish and nail polish removers and they come in all colors this isn’t some weird hippie thing where you’re only going to find it in hemp flavor okay?

Anything you have now can be replaced with green versions. Your local natural food store should probably have a makeup section that will show you thousands and thousands of products just like this and online all you need to do is look up you know sustainable organic beauty products, cruelty free, natural, safe… and you’ll get a litany list this is not something that’s on the fringe anymore. We’re on the forefront, we’re making waves and we look good doing it.

Featuring products from Capri Clear, Out Of Africa, Surya Brazil, A Beautiful Life, Josie Maran, Pacific Illusions Beauty, Ecco Bella, L’Eclisse

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