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The Most Gorgeous Dreamcatchers We’ve Ever Seen (PLUS: Enter To Win One!)

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Spoke Woven dreamcatchers are undoubtedly not your fake-hippy Aunt’s dream catchers. These are authentic, art, hand-made, mind-blowing, powerful massive pieces of magic you’ll proudly display as the piece de resistance of your home. Sure, there are piles of Etsy stores selling dreamcatchers these days but they ain’t nothing like these gigantic floaty hope machines! These are, by far, the most gorgeous dream catchers we’ve ever seen. Espoused, sold, and promoted by sought-after designers like Pamela Love and Mara Hoffman, Spoke Woven have officially achieved cult-status. We know they are on our Birthday/ Holiday/ Valentine’s Day wish list. Even just photos of them feel like poetry, a fresh start, true love. Vegans: we are showing some of their feather designs below, to show the options of what can be made without feathers – ie any color combo/ type.

Scroll all the way down to see how to enter to WIN one!!

15f8843d3f0ad3ad94f3060c07b29503 1468520_549997348424612_790250486_n 10389279_716789778412034_7407894902041221258_n 10641102_716635368427475_1468582277435474254_n
spoke woven dream catchers (custom/vegan) unnamed

Brooklyn-based Cristen Genga first started making custom dreamcatchers when she designed one for close friend Pamela Love’s first Fashion Week presentation five years ago.

Genga says; “There was a point in my life when I went into a really black hole. An abyss. I had lost my job and just basically had given up on love. My most dear friend Pamela Love, basically- resuscitated my soul with just simply believing in me. She told me to make her the biggest dreamcatcher I could. It was for her very first fashion week presentation at milk studios. I had no idea how to make one, so I figured it out. With the support of friends, of course, and a lot of work they have grown and continue to morph and change with all the amazing people I get to collaborate with. But it all started from Pam. I can’t even tell you. She saved my life and the dreamcatchers are guardian angels.”

The price range is $150-$675 depending on the size and how many details are included.

They are available custom order via emailing or ready-made on (note: both of those version do contain found feathers, and are therefore not vegan)

We also love Spoke Woven’s collaboration with Mara Hoffman that are feather-free;

spoke woven for mara hoffman

Mara Hoffman Spoke Woven

Mara Hoffman Spoke Woven

And their Instagram account is so worth following – they post images of all the gorgeous Dream catcher’s in their new homes!

spoke woven




Here’s how:

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Leave a comment here telling us what dream you’d most like to dream under one of these beauties – the most creative comment will be chosen to win a 12″ dreamcatcher by the Spoke Woven team!!

GOOD LUCK – and happy dreaming!


Winner will be chosen by December 19th and contacted via email. We will post a congratulations to the winner here!



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Readers Comments (45)

  1. Tara Ryazansky says:

    I would love to wake up with one of these hanging above me while I scribble furiously in my dream journal trying to remember the details so I can analyze the symbols later…dreams of calm water represent a peaceful mind, which I would love to have…I am usually dreaming of more turbulent waters :)

  2. Malia says:

    I want to dream of Jax Teller (minus the mental issues and that whole murder thing) riding on a customized Harley throwing me down in a field. The rest is rated R.

  3. Andrea Bernal says:

    I would love to win one of these beauties, I probably will dream with the person I love, being together for the rest of our lifes. I love my boyfriend so much he’s my soulmate and I want to be with him always and for the rest of my life, dreamcatchers simbolized true dreams and my dream is to be with him always.

  4. Yasmin says:

    As a cancer survivor, my biggest dream is to keep the health of my friends and family intact. Diagnosed at the age of 24, my world changed and my primary concern was to ease my parents’ pain by recovering quickly. Five years later, I still dream of health and fight for a cancer-free world… this dream catcher would be a daily reminder of that! I love these beautiful statement pieces and it would be my honor to display this art in my home. Cheers to a lifetime of health & happiness for all ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Anita says:

    I love these big beautiful dream catchers! It will look amazing in my sunny apartment I share with my fiancé. We will be dreaming of our beautiful journey together as husband and wife. Eventually, when the time comes, this dreamy dream catcher will have a new home…the nursery. This fantastic piece of art will bring our little one happy dreams every night.

  6. Linda Z. says:

    I’d love to dream a dream of a world of acceptance, love and beauty for my 4 month old son under a Spoken Woven dream catcher (one where all beings are treated equally without fear of violence), who was a surprise blessing from our trip to study with teachers Peru last year! Even if I don’t win, I’m working to create this reality every day. :)

  7. Nina says:

    Under this I’d dream of kaleidoscope fields. Prismatic rainbow fountains with crystal gems waiting for me under the sea. I’d dance with the constellations. Id swallow colors and find the answers. The tangled webs in my mind would be unknotted and the fresh sun shine would whisp away anything not beautiful to enter my mind. I love these beauties. I would be honored. Xxo.

  8. Jena alawadhi says:

    I’d dream of a world with endless possibilities. A world where we can touch the sky, taste a scent, feel a sound, dance in the ocean, converse with plants, paint the stars, eat fluffy clouds. A world where we’re allowed to be whoever, do whatever. Limits never exist!

  9. Yacira Valdez says:

    I want to dream that I won the dreamcatcher and then wake up and have my dream come true! Tada!

  10. Christina says:

    The season is summer, and I’m drifting down the Hallstatt lake, “the Pearl of Austria”. My oak-stained canoe gliding graciously through the water as I make my way to the shore. The sun is hot on my bare back, so naturally I make my way to the nearest store for ice-cream. I walk down the cobble-stone streets ready for a day of adventure with the man of my dreams, Johnny Depp…back when he was in his thirties.
    Suddenly, I’m back to reality, awake in my bed, unfortunately without Mr. Depp. I can only thank the sweet dreams my beautiful Spoke Woven dreamcatcher gave me, and look forward to night time, once more.

  11. Alice Rees-Haddock says:

    I would love to have a glamorous glittering dream. Martinis , dinner suits , cocktail dresses under the moonlight , the air filled with smooth , melodic jazz , frank Sinatra crooning in the corner under a signature trilby , blue eyes glistening . Marilyn Monroe , James Dean, Jane Russell, Dean Martin & Phillip Seymour Hoffman would be just a few of the fabulous guests , we would dance , laugh and dance some more . Candle light tables adorned with flowers from far away places , the scent of rose & jasmine clouding the air . At the end of the evening we would sit around the dimming candles sharing secrets that know one else knows , smiling & laughing until the sun comes up and I wake up .

  12. Morgan Bloom says:

    I would love to fall asleep under a spoke woven dream catcher because in my dream, my wanderlust would take me to all the far off place I have not yet been able to travel. I would dream of being a mermaid in the most beautiful beaches of Bali and the Maldives and I would go to the castles of Scotland and the greenest fields of Ireland as well as the jungles in Costa Rica and snowboard in Alaska. Hopefully I’ll be able to take my dream catcher with me when I get the opportunity to travel to my dream places.

  13. Layla Sefried says:

    I can see it now, hanging in front of my bedroom window where the feathers and yarn can peacefully sway in the gentle breeze that so softly touches my Spoke Woven dream catcher as I sit cross-legged on my bed watching it move like an innocent dancer. It’s hypnotic colors will often lull me into a beautiful daydream where the yarn and feathers and strings on my dream catcher begin to unravel and decorate my world. Each piece of fabric will float over the parts of my life that need to be changed. The vivid hues will color my home and will slowly float back to me. They’ll touch the broken parts of my heart and take the nightmares from my soul. At the end of the dance, each strand will return to it’s place on the now bare hoop and I will awaken to the image of a seemingly untouched dream catcher. And I will be forever grateful, as it will have changed the outlook for my days to come.

  14. Pia says:

    My dream will be one of empowerment. Every night before going to sleep I will look at my dream catcher and ask it to give me guidance on a specific topic (anything I want to work through at that moment in time). My dream catcher will be like a tarot card reader in a sense because it will guide me to have dreams that shed light on that topic. It will show me how I have overcome that issue in past lives and this challenge is presenting itself again. It will teach me to work with symbolism and help me understand not only how to achieve a solution but what the root cause is. It will empower me to create my dreams and therefore my life. I want it to show me all sides of the story, to embrace the darkness and how to work through any stories I have made up in my head. This is my dreamcatcher, my teacher, my rock. It is guiding me to freedom, to love, to give, and to receive. But most of all it is teaching me to love and embrace life consciously and unconsciously. <3 <3 <3 <3

  15. Olivia Harkins says:

    Have you ever dreamt of waves lapping on top of each other- feeling eroded-down stones sliding around beneath you, as you walk on the soft wind whispering in your ear? It tells you, reality can be as simple and happy as this dream, that when you awake you will have insurmountable purpose for facing the days which you can only trudge through the door after. Because once awoken from this dream, there will only be silence, soon after followed by the call of success and peace within oneself. And once again, walking on the wind, the day goes dancing by.

  16. Bela says:

    I had to move to a different city for collage and I miss my family very much. Therefore, I can’t sleep a lot and I’m still trying to figure things out. I wish I could be with them all the time, but dreaming about them is also good

  17. Jaishree says:

    First of all, any proper good dream includes riding on a unicorn. She is fierce, comes down from the gods, and changes like a phoenix into whatever familiar fancies me at the time (it is, of course, my dream). We are riding the waves of the sky chanting the hare krsna mahamantra. Ribbons of loving vegan chocolate kisses cascading from my every seed syllable. Rainbow patches of peace emanating from her wings. And as we ride for millenia, we are sprinkling the world with the most blazing glorified creamsicle like nectarian wishes for everlasting love. Ever lasting harmony. Love that resonates into all sentient creatures. Love that rises above the Himalayan mountains, and dives deep into the ocean depths. For every human that wins this wing and prayer devotional dapple of sunshine, she is transformed. Even the most demonic, they too cannot hide from the chapel of beauty that springs forth from me and my unicorn, who by now has changed into various species of eagle, hog, and monkey. For some, this awareness is just a moment as they need the most mercy, but for others they immediately turn to their neighbor and hug them, or speak a world of inspired action. Me? I keep on riding, through the storms and meadows and the miles of my own raging heartbeat. Dreaming on………

  18. Alexa Bowen says:

    I want to dream that the entire world has surrendered to peace and love. A vivid and beautiful awakening of mankind on a global scale. All of us are opening our hearts to the bright light within and shining it outward to those around us. We will be sharing our joy, and we will all be present together, allowing ourselves to listen to the whispers of the universe. And then I’ll wake up-and it will be. Xo

  19. LISKULA says:


  20. Nicolle Doud says:

    These dream catchers are amazing!! I would love to have a dream somewhat like Alice’s in wonderland…. I would want to be in the crazy, beautiful, colorful place so insane that words can’t really describe it. I’d want to meet different types of people and animals and be part of a mad hatter tea party.

  21. Erica Odom says:

    I’ve had vivid dreams my whole life. Unfortunately, they are usually tormenting me in some way. I am generally running or hiding to try and protect myself. Years ago I was able to teach myself how to fly as an escape. If only we could fly in real life…

  22. I’ve followed Cristen Genga’s dreamy designs for a while now and have hoped and wished to have one of my very own but to no avail. I’m finishing up my very expensive master’s degree and just started my own business, so extra funds are few and far between. I’ve done a few weaving projects through my arts organization for kids, and winning a Spoke Woven design could set the standard even higher. I’m hoping an amazing example like Genga’s dreamcatchers could inspire my little San Franciscans in a lesson on Native Americans and combining nature with art. Eventually, when I open my own art studio for these kids, it would be a pleasant reminder of the humble beginnings and love I received on the road to success. <3

  23. Meredith says:

    I wish for a dream – just one – where my best friend and I start talking again. We used to do everything together and now my heart is sore because he’s not there anymore. I miss him all the time I don’t hear from him, but maybe some sweet dreams would help me make peace with him.

  24. Emmaline Hartley says:

    Under a Spoke Woven dream catcher, I would drift away into a peaceful repose untroubled, knowing that any bad dreams that come my way will be caught up in my dream catcher, and dissolve in the morning rays. As I slip into oblivion, my mind wanders to my Native American ancestors, their dark hair and exotic eyes haunting me. Their legends and histories, their troubles and sorrows, and their victories and fearlessness become intertwined with my essence, and the heartbeats of my predecessors become one with mine. I’m transported to a spring day, when the blossoms are flowering and the grass is new and soft. The sun is shining on my face and reflecting off the surface of a nearby river. I feel the rumble of wild horses approaching, their manes untamed and eyes wild with anticipation. In that moment, I know what I must do. When the timing is just right, I run to the leader of the herd and, with a triumphant cry, grab hold of the mustang’s mane. Since this is a dream, the horse gives no objection to me riding him, and we both lead the herd in unison. We become one body, one mind, and one spirit, leading in complete understanding and bliss. The sun’s rays warm our faces as we gallop, and in these moments, we feel truly free. As the dream begins to fade into the morning light, I keep this feeling of freedom with me. Never to be forgotten, I will keep this freedom alive, for my Native American ancestors, and for future generations of our kind.

  25. dani neal says:

    The dream I have and will continue to have with this dream catcher is building my tiny mobile home. Everyday I draft up new designs for the tiNY home of my dreams to give me the freedom I seek traveling the country with my pup. I dream of living free and on the road, selling crafts and showing others a different way of living and how to build a tiny homes themselves in the most effective way. I stride it many ways to be a minimalist when it comes the things I don’t need, but when it comes to art… I feel that I need it in every way possible to help me tap into my own creativity. This tiny home will be my vision of art that will be filled with love and beauty of all kinds to help me to drive myself to be the best and happiest person I can be. This maybe a dream at the moment, a dream I would dream under a beautiful dream catcher but a dream that will become reality.

  26. Rachael Smith says:

    I would actually hang it in my office (I am a practitioner of a variety of modalities of holistic/energy medicine)…
    My clients and I speak a lot about their dreams (on this plane as well as sleep realm), so a dream catcher would be a beautiful way to anchor this for them.

  27. Justine Collin says:

    If I were lucky enough to win a beautiful spoke woven original dream catcher, I would hang it above my bed and dream of living out of an Airstream, road tripping the USA. The gypsy lifestyle is close to my heart, and I love a good road trip. Dreaming about sightseeing, trying new foods, meeting new people, and going to new places would be a pleasant night’s sleep for me!

  28. lisa says:

    Under one of the dream catchers I would dream the dream of contentment, fulfillment, and inner peace for my soon to arrive first grandchild. My daughter is a young adult and we both dream of unicorns and universe smiles.

  29. Meredith kinnaman says:

    I would like for my daughter to have this above her head while she sleeps sweetly in her crib. I want for her to have sweet dreams of all the places she will go in life, the places she has been in her past life. Those are the dreams that will pave the way for her future, those dreams don’t have a time line an expiration date.

  30. Tiffany says:

    I would dream that I won the Girlie Girl Army/Spoke Woven contest! And it would be glorious.

  31. Amy says:

    Sleep would come and I would welcome it, knowing that above me, all my bad dreams would be caught in the dream catches web. I would enter the dreamworld, my utopia, in peace. Dream of dancing in a filed of flowers, or of swimming in a crystal blue ocean, feeling nothing but contentment would wash over me. Dawns light would catch the dream catches web, dissolving all the bad dreams into the morning light. I would wake, with a smile to welcome the new day.

  32. Jenna Barnett says:

    When I look back on my young life I used to fill full of regret. I wasted so much time not loving my life because I was being so hard on myself. Now that I’m a little older and hopefully wiser I know not to regret those times. Over the past few years I’ve spent so much time on self care, self love and growth, through Journalling, yoga, meditation, smiling, laughing, travel and most importantly learning. I feel like instead of looking back feeling full of regret I am just grateful. For the lessons I’ve learnt, how it made me who I am today and how my life is pretty lovely because I chose to make it that way. My dream is to keep growing and blossoming and helping my friends, family and acquaintances find the same love and peace.
    When I was young everyone always told me, a problem shared is a problem halved.. What no one ever seemed to tell us children is that joy shared, is joy doubled. I am in love with these dream catchers and the happiness it would bring me to own one of these, well that’s a lot of happiness I could share with the world. :)

  33. Ashlie says:

    I would dream of myself becoming a part of a greater whole, appearing as a weeping willow. Strong and wide my body stands a home for birds and bees. But I stand unaware of the children swaying on my limbs until one calls to me, “Oh willow tree, lend a piece to thee. I will use your twine and spin a spider to hang above the crib of my brother”. The ability to become something more then the fixed structure I am, caused my branches to weep low giving the child a chance to cut away. Having admired Cristen’s work over Instagram for years it has been amazing to see her progression and openness to try new ideas. Her passion is such an inspiration and it would be more then incredible to have one of these unique dream catchers!

  34. Medea says:

    I would love to go back to the late 60’s and spend a fabulous evening at the Warhol Factory. Dance with Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg; read poetry with Jim Caroll and Bob Dylan; pose for Andy and Duchamp; play dress up with Udo Kier and Jonas Mekas and make out with Johnny Thunders and Richard Hell.

  35. Andrea Mejia says:

    I dream of one day winning the most beautiful Dreamcatcher of all and sleeping happily ever after with sweet dreams and no more nightmares. :) regardless of what happens, after reading your bio @spokewoven and reading about your struggle, I send you love and good vibes. What one friend (Pamela) did for you, you do for people when you make these dreamcatchers. You return hope and dreams! A cosmic karma of good energy and vibrations. Good luck to you @spokewoven I will keep admiring your work as I continue to follow you through Instagram! :) xo

  36. Neli says:

    I would like to dream about a beautiful world where we are restoring nature to it’s rightful glory. A world where people live in harmony and respect mother earth. This is the dreams I’d like the dream catcher to catch :)

  37. Under the realm of my new spoke woven dream catcher I will dream of both DARKNESS and LIGHT. I will filter, play in the mystery, and be the creatrix I AM. I will offer myself to the symbolic realm for self-study and guidance. I will MEET MY ANCESTORS and tell my sisters of my Astral Travel and dream journaling. I will channel powerful visions and share my TRUTH with power and grace. I will feel gratitude sleeping and waking under the blessed gift from the Radiant Goddess!

  38. Andrea Renaud says:

    I would dream that my life is like a Wes Anderson film and as romantic as a Leonard Cohen song

  39. […] know we are cray for these dream catchers – you can buy the one above, but also enter to win one on GGA […]

  40. Kelly says:

    I would dream up a way to protect all the children and the innocent of heart and soul .. Or to help every person find peace in their heart so that they may all feel the calm and nourish themselves and each other rather than struggle.

  41. GirlieGirlArmy says:

    CONGRATS TO PIA AND YASMIN WHO WERE PICKED BY THE SPOKE WOVEN TEAM TO WIN DREAM CATCHERS!!! This contest is now closed, but more fabulous ones on their way – sign up to our newsletter to get first dibs on the next one!! xoxox

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