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The Coolest New Vegan Foods & Supplements For 2023

The Coolest New Vegan Foods & Supplements For 2023

We’re a sucker for innovative plant-based food trends. Some are a major flop (never could get into the macadamia nut milk or canned vegan tuna) and some are forever keepers (cashew cheese!) Here are our newest picks for keeper turf! Buy them and serve them before your neighbors do, and allow yourself to feel an unwarranted sense of entitlement.

Sunflower cheese made me want to hurl with the name, for some reason, but when I say it’s DELISH – I mean it’s as good as cashew cream cheese, if not better, and the goat cheese is the most perfect vegan goat cheese dupe we’ve ever tried. It’s nearly inextricable from it’s dairy neighbor. This brand is also making a killer egg substitute. Spero is one to watch in the gourmet vegan space! These cheeses are also genius for nut-free peeps and no-nut schools.

The Original Cream Cheese, $4.99

Sweet, spicy, and fabulously packaged – these artisanal candies are naturally flavored with a hint of chili lime and sea salt. We love having these in a bowl when friends are over for cocktails.  Colored with turmeric, beet powder, annatto, and spirulina extract – and flavored with fruit – these tiny treats are the perfect gift basket addition. Candy, but make it adult.

Tamalitoz by Sugarox Combo Loco Variety Pack, $29

Tiny packets aren’t just for the white death (sugar!) anymore! Perfectly portioned packs of turmeric to make sure to get your daily amount? Genius! Toss them in your bag, and put one on top of your salad, burrito bowl, or latte to get your daily health boost. You can buy this high potency Fijian turmeric in a large package on amazon too!

Fiji Joe Stick Packs, $35

The plant-based pork your Italian Grandmother would be proud of, this innovative new vegan ground “meat” is made from sacha inchi nuts and fava bean proteins, and it tastes delicious in all the recipes we’ve tried it in so far. No sketchy stuff – just clean, amazing protein. This one’s a keeper.

Italian Herb, Ground Pork, $11.99

Medicinal Mushrooms are the THC of 2023, says Eater. Okay, okay – it’s not really food – but each of these delicious vegan gummies contains 500mg of lion’s mane mushroom, are packed with antioxidants, these shrooms may help with memory, focus, clarity, and overall cognitive performance. Shown to help improve mood, increase energy, provide immune support, and manage inflammation. Naturally flavored with juicy blueberries and sweet strawberries. Bonus: With every purchase, Fungies™ makes a 1-for-1 donation to Vitamin Angels to help women and children receive the proper nutrition then need.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Gummies by Fungies, $17

Forget trying to balance your own diet with every supplement on earth – this new kit does it all for you. Plant foods are rich in most vitamins and minerals, but there are still a few things you might be missing. PhytoLife Balance helps you fill in the gaps by complementing your plant-based diet with 10 key nutrients that are not abundant in most plant foods.

Theralogix’ Phytolife Balance Nutritional Supplement, $98

The most addictive vegan snacks we’ve had in years, these cauliflower-powered sticks are like bugles minus the greasiness. We can’t stop at one bag, and neither will you. Swap out your usual garbage with these tasty treats to temper your Jan 1 hangover.  Buy the 6 count box, thank us later.

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Real Food From The Ground Cauliflower Stalks – 6 Count, 4oz Bags (Sea Salt), $26

An incredibly clean supplement line that skips the goopy hype and just offers fabulous products at reasonable price points.  We love this entire collection, but this one in particular is perfect for blue moody winter months.  It features a synergistic blend of 7 highly researched natural mood-supporting botanicals including saffron extract, gardenia fruit, English lavender, Albizia julibrissin, lemon balm leaf, Rosa rugosa, & magnolia bark extract that encourage a healthy mood.

PURE SYNERGY Radiant Mood Supplement, $49

The yummiest vegan ramen we’ve tried in forever! Comfort in a bowl – these ramen are going to be every college kid (and vegans who runs to an office daily) go to!  Packed with 20g of protein, tons of iron, no added MSG, and organic, kosher, and halal certified – these will be the mainstay of every tween’s food faves.

Assorted flavors on amazon and

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