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Eco-Vegan High Fashion SAMPLE SALE (Fri/Sat NYC!)

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What’s better than being chic & good to the earth & the animals? How about all that at 30-85% off for 2 days only!

WHAT: the Vegan. Sustainable. Sample Sale! 2 Days ONLY!

WHERE: 1133 Broadway #1020 (between 25th & 26th), NYC

WHEN: THIS FRIDAY & SATURDAY. 11am-7pm on Friday, Jan 29. noon-6pm on Saturday, Jan 30.

Cash & Credit Accepted. Yummy vegan snacks provided by the Lodge/Urban Rustic

You won’t want to miss this. It’s sustainable high fashion’s killer sample sale of the season! Vegan and eco designers  Cri de Coeur (gorgeous kicks)!,  Olsen Haus(seriously fabulous shoes),  Lara Miller (eco conscious convertible-wear clothes) and  Vaute Couture (super chic vegan eco winter coats) join forces for this seriously incredible NYC conscientious sample sale with can’t miss in person only deals on their fall winter collections at the Vegan. Sustainable. Sample Sale THIS Friday & Saturday (1/29-1/30) in NYC!

Come grab a yummy vegan bite and hang with the hottest vegan/eco fashion girlies – full of style and heart!

SAMPLE DEALS (up to 85% off!):::

  • Cri de Coeur: Gorgeous cruelty free kicks at a steal! Like what? Like the Sienna brown mock-croc Brooke flat boot for $115 instead of $300
  • Vaute Couture: All vegan eco-conscious winter-ready chic coats 30% or more off if you buy 1 or Get 2 for the regular price of 1 (split with a friend & each is as low as $149)! (50% off for returning customers) and 100% organic cotton vegan tees for guys & girls $22 flat.
  • Olsen Haus: Seriously fabulous vegan eco-conscious shoes as featured in Vogue, at more than 50% off.   Par example; ‘Charm’ peep-toe oxford in eggplant faux suede, with 3″ wood heel is now $80 instead of $225
  • Lara Miller: Beautiful versatile pieces at 30%+ off including an organic cotton voile Donna dress was $242 but you can have it for $169. This great transitional dress is available in a custom print, fuschia and iron gray, and the wide straps let you wear it 6 different ways.

This is ONE TIME and FIRST TIME Sample Sale that has never happened prior, and may not happen again… so seriously TAKE ADVANTAGE!   Not in NYC?   Almost all of the vendors above will honor discount codes when you mention GirlieGirlArmy with your orders online or via phone.   See some more fantastic cruelty-free internet shopping deals  here.

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Readers Comments (49)

  1. Frani says:

    I’m liking this so much!!! I just wanted to point out that the links for Cri de Coeur and Lara Miller lead to other websites. For Cri de Coeur it’s and for Lara Miller it’s
    But I seriously loved this!! Vegan fashion all the way!!

  2. Nicki says:

    Thank you SO MUCH Chloe Jo! I was able to swing by during my lunch hour and meet the gorgeous ladies behind the designs and snag 3 gorgeous pairs of shoes! And, I purchased 3 of Vaute Couture’s awesome t-shirts as well. I would have totally missed out if it weren’t for GGA!

  3. Lara Miller says:

    YAY! Thank you Chloe Jo for getting the word out! I wish that I could be out in NY to show all of you guys all of the different ways to wear our pieces. Have fun shopping! Thanks, Lara

  4. […] ***The GirlieGirl Army*** » Blog Archive » Eco-Vegan High Fashion SAMPLE SALE (Fri/Sat NYC!) – view page – cached What’s better than being chic & good to the earth & the animals? How about all that at 30-85% off for 2 days only! […]

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