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Eco-Friendly, Cruelty-Free, and Chic Gowns.. Just In Time For Party Season!

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You’ve perhaps heard us wax rhapsodic about Dalia MacPhee’s line of evening wear before, but it’s worth reminding those of us who are silk-free and eco-fabulous that really sexy gowns (not made from hemp sacks) exist.   As wedding and party season is just around the corner… now is the time to jump on it and stock up on a perfect party dress (or two.)

99% of the gowns designer Dalia MacPhee creates are vegan, and those of us who scour labels know how exciting that is. You can identify which ones are vegan on the site by the “V”  at the end of the style number. And you don’t need to only order online, they are available at Neiman’s, Nordstrom’s and boutiques across the country.. simply go to the store locator on the site for a store near you.

That not good enough for you?   Dalia also plants a tree for every gown sold in The Tree Of Life Grove in the Tahoe National Forest. Dalia is also deeply involved with Women for Women, an international organization that assists women in need worldwide.

And yes, starf*ckers, her gowns have been worn by a plethora of celebrities… Including Niecy Nash, Samantha Harris, Jennifer Stone, Christine Woods, Alicia Silverstone, GirlieGirl Army Founder Chloe Jo Davis, and More.

And here’s the best part … the line is affordable for all – with gorgeous, couture quality gowns retailing   from $200-$400.   Skinny girls need not only apply, this line also comes in a full size range from 0-20.   Suck on that, Versace.

And as if it couldn’t get better…….

WIN A DALIA MACPHEE GOWN OF YOUR CHOICE BY LEAVING A CREATIVE COMMENT BELOW (first make sure you are a GirlieGirl Army member – if not sign up here asap – you *MUST* be a subscriber to win!) Dalia wants to know where you would wear your gown, and what small thing you would do to pay it forward if you won. Designer Dalia will choose a winner by May 15th.   Winner will be announced on this blog (below) and via email.

PLUS: Take 20% off any Dalia MacPhee purchase when ordering via phone or email or through Dalia’s website when mentioning GIRLIEGIRL ARMY! How’s that for some vegan fashionista loving?

Find out more on and follow Dalia on twitter here:

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Readers Comments (141)

  1. Shavon Gaddy says:

    My name is Shavon and I’m a special Ed teacher in Queens, NY. I am getting married at the end of May and I would wear one of Ms. Macphee’s gowns to my reception. I would then donate the dress to one of my female students so she could wear a fabulous gown to her prom. One dress , two momentous occasions !

  2. Alex says:

    I would wear the gown only at home. My girlfriend would wear it elsewhere.

    I will help the earth today by walking to my favorite vegan restaurant!

  3. Ali Berman says:

    I would wear mine to the next Farm Sanctuary Gala! And as a pay it forward I would (and frankly still will even if I don’t win) hold a bunch of vegan bake sales this summer to spread the vegan love and raise money for my favorite humane education organization- HEART.

  4. Alison says:

    I would wear one of these gowns to my sister’s wedding in Connecticut, and maybe even to dinner or a show on Long Island. Then I’d give it to Gainesville Prom Closet so that a high school student could enjoy it for her prom.

  5. jvegegirl says:

    These are truly magnificent gowns! I am in the process of starting two vegan-oriented programs: one to increase the number of veg*ns on my college campus through social networking and one to partner with local soup kitchens to prepare and serve vegan hot breakfasts at homeless shelters regularly. Yummy food and social justice–heck yes!

  6. beautiful gowns! I would wear my dalia gown to my own wedding, as has finally found her “one” and to pay it forward i would pick up some trash that washes up on the beach, which i always do every day anyway :) and of course after i wore it, i would donate the gown to another marriage minded gal :) love to you –

  7. mariesa says:

    these gowns are glorious! i would ware one of these babies when i go to NY for shows.. or when i finally get my raw vegan restaurant open (hopefully by mid summer!) id wear it to my opening night!

  8. I was thrilled to get an e-mail today with pictures of stylish, cruelty-free fashion. I am an animal rights activist AND a lover of fashion. In the past, that has been a difficult thing but more and more, I am able to find what I’m looking for– clothing that is original and feminine without having any fabric that is harmful to animals.

    Whenever I find cruelty free fashion, I post it on my Facebook page, encouraging others to buy cruelty-free. I post a weekly shoe find for my “vegan shoe whores” and I post weekly handbags for my girlfriends who are “vegan bag-whores!”

    I don’t often get out to gala events. I run the west coast operation of The Companion Animal Protection Society. We investigate puppy mills and pet stores and most of my time is spent investigating places where a gown would tip off some animal abusers!

    But there is a soiree coming up for an animal charity this summer and that rose colored confection looks like a delicious vegan sorbet! I could twirl around and spread the message of compassion in THAT fashion! I already have the vegan shoes to match!

    Thank you so much for doing what you do and for the opportunity to win such a lovely gift of compassion!

  9. Kim says:

    I would wear one of these dresses to the Magic Castle and then I would go to the beach and run around with my shoes off because the girls in those pictures look like they are having fun! I would (and will) pay it forward by building a vegetable garden in my backyard and encouraging and helping my friends and family to participate in urban farming and composting.

  10. Vanessa says:

    I just scoured the stores for vegan gowns for both the HSUS Genesis awards and for tonights PCRM gala. What I wouldn’t do to have a dress waiting for me in my closet for the next event. I would wear my Dalia MacPhee to a wedding in the fall, then to the next animal rights gala. And it would be shared with every vegan girl I know! Funny how all my vegan friends and I are the same size (size fit and healthy). Hmmm… vegan diets must be great for us! :)

  11. Pamela Bucklinger says:

    The gowns are so beautiful and I would be honored to wear one at a friend’s wedding in July. Then I would find just about any occasion to wear it again and again. Everyday, I try to protect the Earth but I can always do more! I have been meaning to start my own garden and compost and if I won the gown I would finally do that!

  12. Marisa says:

    These are sooo gorgeous! I would wear one of these dresses to animal rights charity balls and friends weddings. I would love to post this on my blog too, showing people that practicing ahimsa and looking fabulous can easily be done! How I would love to have it tonight for my vegan birthday party :) But of course I will be having a party next year as well! Ahhh being vegan feels so good knowing we are doing all we can to help uplift others!

  13. VersuteVegan (Linda O.) says:

    I would wear the gown to my wife’s milestone birthday event in June and the Out & Equal Workplace Summit awards dinner & gala in the fall (as well as to any charity functions I attend) and would pay it forward by making a donation to Women for Women for at least 1/2 the value of the dress. I’ve lost more than 10 pounds in the last few months working out and committing to take better care of myself and would love to have a beautiful new gown that I could feel 100% comfortable in knowing it is vegan like me!

  14. B DORSEY says:

    I’m finally learning about living an eco friendly life style and would use this dress to get others interested as well. Everyone wants to look good and fashion is a good way to get this message across. I dont’ have a lot of fancy places to go but would love the opportunity to wear one of these beautiful dresses with eco friendly accessories right in front of the White House (with permission of course) to show the world that we are fully capable of saving and respecting this planet if we find alternative solutions. Good Luck to everyone!

  15. Anita says:

    Hello: I’ve never owned such a beautiful gown and so I would wear it everywhere.. In fact I would make it my entire Summer wardrobe. I bet it would get a lot of attention leafletting for FS outside a wholefoods.. or at any event at all in the city. If people asked me why I was dressed so nicely and where I was going at 8 AM on the subway I would explain why I was wearing the dress and what it meant as vegan fashion.
    I would plant a lot of trees wearing it and go to many events casual and formal alike looking like a movie star.
    I suppose I would have to part with it finally, as all great adventures do end and all of NYC would have seen ‘The Dress’ around and know what it would either donate it directly to a deserving vegazon, auction off the proceeds and donate to FS or have a contest to pay the contest forward that way. Thanks and so beautiful!!

  16. Lori Rome says:

    I would wear my gown to the Hemophelia Foundation Gala in Portland, then donate to for someone in need of a beautiful gown.

  17. Suasoria says:

    If I win I’d give the dress to Carole.

  18. Loryn says:

    I think I would have my dress, if I won it, sized to fit Oprah Winfrey, in the hopes that SHE would wear and encourage women around the world about living ecofriendly and veganism awareness.I know you said small play it forward-but why think small? PS: if oprah won’t I would find someone who WOULD!

  19. Jodie says:

    See, if I won the dress, I still wouldn’t have anywhere good to wear it to! I’d probably wear it to bake cupcakes, and pay it forward by going to the park and passing said cupcakes out. :-)

  20. Sue Dion says:

    I got so excited reading about your line. I live right in Hollywood, and do go to events on occasion. For someone who isn’t A-list yet, finding beautiful cruelty-free clothes is usually out of my price range. Also, these are the most gorgeous cruelty-free clothes I’ve ever seen! I also love that you make sizes bigger than zero or a two. Shopping around here usually means rifling through clothes only big enough to fit a lap dog. Anyway, thank you for making such a great line, and KEEP IT COMING!!!

  21. Sue Dion says:

    Ooops. I forgot to say how I would pay it forward if I won…After wearing the dress to as many events and occasions as possible, I would give the dress to someone else so they can enjoy it as well. It doesn’t do any good to let it hang in my closet!

  22. Keisha Franklin says:

    The line is a true testament what’ve beautiful things that can be done in fashion without sacrificing other living creatures and our environment. I would wear one of these gowns to my sister’s wedding as her Maid of Honor. After which, I would wear to numerous gatherings throughout the summer. I would then donate the cost of what I would have paid for the dress to my local CSA, so a family less fortunate can enjoy fresh, seasonal vegetables, fruit, and dairy throughout the summer. Such opportinities like having access to clean, organic food, should not be a luxury, but a fundamental right for us all.

  23. Katelyn says:

    The first, but certainly not last occasion I would wear the dress to my cousin’s wedding in October.

    A way I would pay it forward is use the money I would spend on buying a dress to help my Mom buy a vegan dress for the occasion as well. She is the one who inspired me to be environmentally conscious and care for all the creatures on the Earth. I would like to help her afford a vegan dress so that we could enjoy occasions cruelty-free together.

  24. Angee says:

    I would wear the dress on Sept 24, 2010 to celebrate my one year survival of breast cancer. I might wear it every year to celebrate each year of survivorship! I pay it forward by talking to others – esp. breast cancer survivors – the importance of a vegan, organic, active lifestyle to combat disease and to live healthy. I will help the earth by growing organic vegetables and fruit once we sell our home and buy a little farm.
    My my small effort will preserve organic seed for generations to come.

  25. Ciara says:

    These dresses are absolutely gorgeous! If I won, I would wear it on my 30th birthday girls’ trip to Las Vegas, then promote the heck out of Dalia’s line on my vegan fashion website (which I will do anything because these dresses are amazing!).


  26. anina says:

    Being that i’m a model, and currently have won the honor of being the first foreigner to ever win an award at the chinese fashion awards by the government of china, as top ten models, thus china’s top foreign model, I must attend many very high profile events. I support a charity that helps disabled people in china learn to sew so they can create items and sell them and earn a living and have a place in society. I ask top designers to donate a pattern of a rag doll and some excess materials to the factory in order for the people to make and sell. In order to gain more support for this project I petiotion other governments to support it when I attend their embassy events. I often dress in simple black dress as there are not a lot of couture dresses that are elegant and at the same time full gowns and affordable. I would wear the gown to these events, ask Dalia’s brand to participate, and seek potential opportunity for them to sell and be distributed to many of the top level stores throughout Beijing and Shanghai in order to set the example overseas. I would also wear it during the upcoming fashion weeks in order to help gain more awareness as I am invited often to attend the opening cerimonies, and I would blog about it on my blog, I would urge and encourage other women to buy hare dresses as its really a fantastic concept. Wow.

  27. Melissa says:

    I would wear the gown to an opening of my own indie movie, which is coming up soon! Grassroots red carpet.

    As if showing the world how couture sexy a size 12 can be isn’t enough paying it forward, I would use the money I save on the dress to buy sustainably-produced everyday clothes the next time I need to buy new things. As we all know, avoiding buying new things is the eco-friendliest of all, but sometimes you run out of underwear.

  28. Marla Rose says:

    If I were to win a stunning Dalia gown, I would wear it to a kick-off party for the event I am planning, Chicago VeganMania. This is a free, daylong celebration of vegan culture, commerce, cuisine, community and couture – thousands came to our first event last year – so it would be most fitting to wear a beautiful cruelty-free dress to usher in such an exciting day. The kick-off party is still in the planning stages but it will be big, fun and spectacular. The Dalia gown would be the perfect way to set the tone for our unique, diverse and festive event. (And I will also do a million or so pushups by then so I look damn good in it. :))

    If I am chosen to win a Dalia gown, I will offer a free booth to the vegan business or organization of Dalia MacPhee’s choosing.

    Thank you!

  29. lindsay says:


  30. Guys,
    So glad you like my gowns, and keep up the comments!
    I unfortunately don’t get to be in the contest… ;) but I will donate a day of my time volunteering at a shelter. D.

  31. muffin says:

    i would wear it to pick my daughter up at school, because sometimes a mom has to glam it up even if picking up a third grader…

    I would then auction it off and donate the proceeds to charity or donate it to a girl who needs a prom dress and cannot afford one!

  32. Jessica Flaherty says:

    I would wear it to renew my vows to my husband for out fifteenth wedding anniversary, which will be a vegan affair all sourced from within 50 miles of our home from farmers that we know. To pay it forward I would donate the dress to a PETA auction to raise money for animal rights.

  33. Denise Robb says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. I would only wear my DALIA MACPHEE gown from now on. I would never buy another outfit, therefore my footprint on the planet would be very small.

  34. Linda Goodwin-Parkinson says:

    I am the mother of three young ladies, two of which are getting married very soon one in June, one in September! If selected, I would love to wear one of your beautiful dresses to one of the weddings and, if there is a way to make it versatile, I would wear it to both! To Pay It Forward, I would donate it to a charity that supports gently worn clothing for women who are less fortunate. To take it a step further, I would accessorize my dress with planet-friendly items such as a handbag and shoes made of fabric or pleather. Let’s do it!

  35. Being Shar Gorgiiss, NYC rock’n’roll party hostess/promoter extraordinaire as I am, I would wear it to my next event, as that’s how I dress when I have them. Or maybe on a date. I’m fancy.

    To pay it forward I would tell everyone how I got this amazing dress and how it’s vegan and earth-friendly, and that’s why people should shop Dalia instead of other uncaring designers via both my facebook friend pages and my fan page.

  36. Angelad says:

    I’d wear mine to the beach when I go to Portland in July – seriously I would !!!

  37. Rachel says:

    I would wear mine to my graduation ball, where I will be graduating as a teacher. The reason I chose teaching as a profession is to tailor the curriculum I need to teach into animal rights information by teaching texts such as Charlotte’s Web and argumentative pieces regarding live export and the ‘health’ benefits of dairy and meat so that students can discover first hand the cruelty that happens and that animals are living beings too. I figured most youth do not actively seek this information and are unaware mainly from ignorance and naiivity rather than cruelty.

  38. Robin FLetcher says:

    I love your dresses! I am renewing my wedding vows this summer (10years together!) and would wear the gown in our wedding ceremony this august. i wanted to wear something eco chic and colorful, so this would be the perfect gown for me. Also we are planning a trip to Burningman with our entire wedding party after the wedding in tahoe and i would love to rock that dress hard out on the playa the night of the burn.

  39. Cheryl Parker says:

    I have literally never worn a gown. Looking at these gowns I see myself on the beach, in the woods, and in a field enjoying my surroundings and the feel of one of these gorgeous gowns. I would have photos taken in the gown, sell the photos and donate all proceeds to area green organizations where I live in Maine.

  40. brook says:

    these gowns are AMAZING! in my wildest fantasies, i would wear one to my queer(sadly, not-legally sanctioned) wedding to my beloved, where we would pay it forward by celebrating our love with delicious vegan fare and getting covered in the kisses of our 5 rescue dogs. after that, i would wear it to the grocery while i buy fresh veggies and daiya cheese.

  41. Susan K says:

    I wouldn’t wear these gorgeous gowns anywhere but my daughter would look beautiful for her graduation. After she’s enjoyed it we would pass it on to someone graduating after. We did that with my grad dress. It was used by at least 4 people who went to different schools.

  42. Chastity says:

    I’m tired of wearing sweats and band hoodies to my pity parties. It’s about time I celebrate a breakup in style.

    Besides, the time to be a sexy vegan has come. (Not that veganism and sexiness should be inerrelated…)

  43. Erika says:

    I’m an actress and I often have to dress up and I find it really hard to find beautiful vegan clothes to wear. I have a premiere for my first feature film coming out this summer and if I won, I would wear this dress. Then I would tell absolutely everyone about it, how it’s vegan, and why everyone should dress vegan. :)

  44. elizabeth says:

    I would wear the gown I won to the grocery store, the healthfood store, the post office, work,and everywhere else the travels of my day brought me. I would then be able to have discourse with everyone who asked why I was seemingly overdressed…perhaps exposing a few people to cuelty free options they may have never considered. I would then too embark upon meaningful dialogue about the plight of animals of the world and endangered flora and fauna as well. I would use the opportunity the expose those with whom I came in contact to the potential of licing a cruelty wear…complete with beautiful attire. A vegan Belle of the Ball as it were.

  45. elizabeth says:

    living oops and cruelty free

  46. Vegyogini says:

    I would wear my gown to the Life Rolls On gala in October, paying it forward by continuing to volunteer with both Life Rolls On and Compassion Over Killing. Thanks for the give-away!

  47. Naomi says:

    I would wear the gown to my daughter’s kindergarten graduation and to the Humane Society benefit, too.

  48. Kimberley says:

    Wow!!! STUNNING gowns!!! I am a cash-strapped single mom with two weddings to attend (one on May 15th)! I would wear this gown to both weddings, put the information for the designer all over my company Web site and tell every single person where I got it and why it is so special! Every year I clean beaches because I heart the ocean. I would pass this beautiful creation to my daughter as she learns from me! She brings stuff home from school to recycle and she gets her friend’s parents to try veggie burgers! Kids are the future and they need to learn from us!

  49. Bettina says:

    Wow, gorgeous gowns and I would LOVE to win one to wear to all the amazing Animal org Gala events that I support out in LA. I also work tirelessly every day for animals and help to run Animal Cruelty Investigations (, an organization that enforces and investigates cruelty to farm animals.

  50. Sandra says:

    Thanks for letting me know about these gorgeous gowns which prove that being eco-friendly and cruelty-free is beautiful. Style doesn’t have to be sacrificed to be responsible. I’d wear my gown to various weddings this season and next and next and next. I’d also wear it to “prom dress dinner” – a tradition where the girls I mentor and their friends wear our fancy dresses out to dinner to enjoy fellowship together and also to re-use. I believe in mentorship and developing a mutual learning relationship from youth.

  51. Lindsey says:

    I’m prone to over-dressing, so I’d probably wear a Dalia MacPhee gown everywhere – to swanky parties, to work, to the movies, to bed, you name it.

    If I won, I wouldn’t need my old formal gowns anymore and could donate them to a charity prom dress drive. I’d also donate to Farm Sanctuary and Animal Acres :)

  52. Caitlin says:

    Being an actress/nonprofit event staffer, I’m frequently required to dress to impress, for benefits, fashion week shows, and award ceremonies. And that red dress at the top… Ooh la la! I can’t imagine anything more stunning! I would feel like Vivien Leigh, or a firecracker! I would wear this dress as many places as I could get away with, including my mother’s 60th birthday party at the end of May, my independent film premiere in July… And after a summer of loving, I would donate this dress to Housing Works, my favorite charity in the city, whose work for homeless people with AIDS has moved me for years. Beautiful dresses!

  53. Betty says:

    I would give the gown to my daughter to wear to her high school graduation. Iwould love for her to have such a special dress on such a special occassion. I(we) would pay it forward by continuing to educate all the people around us about “green” living and crueulty free eating and following these pricipals ourselves. My daughter will have even more opportunity to spread the word when she goes to college.

  54. jamie says:

    I would wear the dress everywhere I could (including each wedding that I am attending this summer-3) and make sure that everyone who compliments it knows its vegan! I would pay it forward by trying to start up a community garden in my town. I would also donate all my old dresses (ones I would no longer need if I had a new dress)!

  55. Mandi says:

    Considering the fact that I never go anywhere remotely fancy, my “pay it forward” would also be where I would wear my dress (Style 3316).

    Lately, I have totally been into carnival and masquerade masks. So I would throw a masquerade ball, of course! Said masquerade will promote vegan living (vegan food, literature, speakers) and proceeds will benefit Farm Sanctuary or another equally as amazing organization. Sounds crazy, I know, but I’m an all-or-nothing kind of girl. When I do things I do them balls out!

  56. flora says:

    I would wear it to my upcoming wedding, where we will be having a huge vegetarian and raw selection of foods for a largely conventional eating crowd.
    And what I would do for the planet to pay it forward, in addition to the totally eco path i have been on so long in new orleans, my city, which has not been a cool place to be eco even though its so of the earth at heart — i would write a recipe and eating style book that would make millions of meat eaters go vegan or mostly so. its already kind of sort of half written.

    sure would be great to have inspiration on this trek i am on of the gorgeous dress variety. hugs.

  57. Melisser says:

    I’d wear the gown to the Gorgeous and Green event in San Francisco to show the attendees you can be cruelty free from your head to your toes! To pay it forward, I would contact the local fashion design school to see if there’s a way to show students how beautiful vegan clothing can be.

  58. Jess D says:

    I would wear one of these truly special and amazing gowns in as many terrific situations as I could; riding my bike around NYC, I’d pay it forward by cheering people up, delighting those who saw a gowned rider whiz by, and in my continued efforts to keep my foot print small by my implementing my favorite mode of transportation. I’d wear it on stage when I’m playing my flying V ukulele or my anti rape whistle ballad (which I play on an actual rape whistle) in the homey venues I perform in, paying it forward by spreading funny and thoughtful messages in my art and music, making people laugh during rough times. I can even see myself wearing it to protests, to the movies, to get a slice of pizza, to visit my grandmother, to go to the library, to get groceries and more, paying it forward by sharing the terrific story of where and how I got it and what it represents to anyone who will listen. I’d write a song about it and sing it in the subway, wearing the dress. Maybe I’d even sleep in it from time to time. When done wearing it, I’d keep it to someday pass on to my daughter. Gorgeous work!

  59. misty says:

    I would wear these amazing looking gowns (I love the red one the most!) in front of my husband first. Then, I know he will feel guilty if he does not take me out! He has not seen me in anything but my old sweatshirts or t-shirts and jeans so I want to see his face when I wear them! ;)

  60. shelly says:

    very easy to pin up, hem or simply wear a blazer over for easy day to night look. very versatile designs.

  61. Jeanie says:

    Can someone clarify what these dresses are made of? Polyester makes my skin crawl (and sweat) and I never wear it. I try to avoid most other synthetic fabrics too because I just don’t like the way they feel. The website, as far as I could see, doesn’t talk about what these dresses are made of. Most gorgeous dresses around this price point are made of silk, so what are these?

  62. Jenny says:

    I’d wear it to my college graduation (this year!), and other special events. I’d donate several items of clothing I currently have to people in need.

  63. Laura says:


  64. MaryBeth says:

    I would like to win one of these beautiful gowns for my Goddaughter who is getting married New Years Eve. TO Pay it forward, my new photography shop will be completely green and sustainable using soy inks and 100% recycled fine art paper.
    It is so exciting and encouraging to see talented designers to make earth kind clothing .

  65. Loli says:

    I was going to make myself a wedding dress, but if I won one from Dahlia McPhee I’d wear it with vegan pride. Plus, my fiance would have fewer opportunities to surprise me when I’m cutting the fabric on the living room floor. Afterwards I would wear it whenever I felt the need to be fancy. I’ll pass it on to someone young, cute, and broke to go to the ball when I get a chance to be a fairy godmother.

  66. Fran Giallorenzi says:

    I would wear the gown to have posters made up to GO VEGAN for the Farm Sanctuary, with the animals all around me and then I would auction it off and donate the winnings to The Farm Sanctuary!

  67. Maya says:

    Oh my, what beautiful dresses! I have been a long time vegan and conscious consumer and I have never seen such gorgeous eco dresses!
    I know EXACTLY where I’d wear this- This summer Chicago has the first ever Green Carpet Gala, that celebrates the green community and local publication Mindful Metropolis. In return, the money I save on having to buy a nice dress I would donate to Growing Home, a great local organic farm/CSA that teaches low-income and at-risk Chicagoans about healthy eating, how to farm and simple business skills.

  68. Susan says:

    I have notice that is hard to be eco-friendly, enviromentally , friendly and mostly to buy eco friendly fashion . As is so expensive it is refreshing to see someone create such gorgeous, beautiful at last that is affordable yet absolutely a feast to the eyes.
    I would wear this dress to many occasionsas this is what is called an “timeless piece” it would remain in my closet for the next 20 years.
    As of what I would do to pay if forward that will also will be something that would be done till the day I have to leave and join the big club in the sky. paying it forward is someting that should be done every day. I tell you my story, I have a very rare fobia , is a paper fobia , to some this might have been a curse. I has many downsides but it has ben also a blessing it has saved millions of trees in my lifetime so far , little that I know it would have made such a great impact in the world this little “quirk” of mine. I say this I do not ever use paper napkins, papertowels, paper cups, plates or any other good that is made of paper, cardboard or the likes. Ithas cahnge the lives of those who happen to share a life with me as they too must avoid using paper for my sake. I will canitunue doing his every day as I continue paying forward the world for his kindness to me . I believe Hopefully, this will inspire everyone to do one little deed today to help someone- a loved one, a neighbor, a co-worker, or a complete stranger. Try to make a habit out of it- just one tiny gesture each day. If everyone did this, imagine the effect on the entire world. It’s amazing to think about the possible results.

  69. Gina says:

    Perhaps I will make a recycled red carpet, to roll out when wearing such gorgeous fare. Perhaps I will make myself a cruelty-free crown, and lace it with red leaves, through my brown hair.

    If given a gown so pretty as this, I’d kiss the maker and thank my stars; wear it as host of a fashion show in Seattle, perhaps to parties, the park and bars… and then I would donate it to the Lifelong AIDS Alliance, their Thrift Store would sell it to further their cause; I’d be green and proud, they’d be gown-endowed, and Dalia MacPhee would deserve the applause!

  70. Kerri says:

    I would wear my dress day/night to the grocery store & even when I would clean my house!!! I don’t own any nice clothing so this would mean a lot to me & I would cherish it….I would wear my new dress to the Sea Shepard’s Event that I am going to so I can make people more aware that beautiful clothing can be cruelty free!

  71. Shannon says:

    That first red dress is gorgeous! The fact that it’s vegan makes me wish I had the occasion to wear it frequently, though I do have a formal wedding coming up in the winter. How much fun would it be to show up the bride? ;)

  72. Dawn says:

    I would wear my vegan gown to the NY’s Capital Region Vegetarian Expo speaker recognition dinner in October – then auction it off and donate the money to the Albany Vegetarian Network, Inc. so they can continue to spread the word about animal rights, vegan lifestyles, and environmentally-friendly living.

  73. jen Jones says:

    If I won this dress I would wear it to one of my events in NYC, LA, or even my hometown of Louisville, KY. To pay it forward, I would let my little sister from the “Big Brother, Little Sister” program wear it to her senior prom as we are the same size.

  74. kristi says:

    A Dalia MacPhee dress would be PERFECT to wear when my girlfriends and I go to the Sex & the City 2 premier and for cosmos! …But you know what? I’d wear the dress any chance I could – even grocery shopping!

    Why would I do something crazy like that?? Just because I’d be SO happy that I can even FIT INTO a Dalia MacPhee dress! You see, I have recently lost 85 pounds! (due in part to becoming vegan on Oct. 19!) (And I literally NEED this dress – I’ve shrunk out of most of my clothes and am in law school so on a VERY limited budget to buy more!)

    If I win, I’ll take the plunge and actually start something I’ve been wanting to do for a while – composting!

    Thanks for the chance!!

  75. Mandy says:

    I LOVE these dresses! I would wear this dress when I meet my boyfriends parents out for a nice dinner.

    Once it helps me win them over, I’d donate it to that helps young women who can’t afford formal and prom dresses. They should be living life up and be as excited as I am to move forward with an amazing life!

  76. Ryan says:

    I wish this contest existed a year and a half ago when I got married. I couldn’t find an eco-friendly vegan dresses anywhere.

    If I won I’d wear the dress this summer to my cousin’s wedding, which also happens to be our grandma’s 80th birthday. Then, I’d save it to wear to other events. I’m a photographer, so it’d be great to wear one of these dresses to a future gallery opening of mine.

    If I win, I’ll giveaway a free portrait session in your honor.

  77. Lucky Girl says:

    these gown are gorgeous, amazing breathtaking – and would be so perfect as my wedding dress!!! in addition to lots of mostly unfinished things, i am also an aspiring baker. these days i am in the works to perfect recipes to open my own vegan bakery – and this would give me such a boost to get on my way to doing so. plus that dress would do double duty as my wedding dress and grand opening bakery dress (once i can do so). so i guess i would be paying it forward through healthful options to fill your belly and make the world a more happy place.

  78. Malia says:

    As a typical aquarian (if that is possible) I will wear a red gown to my low impact wedding reception and then donate it to my dearly beloved buddhist-animal rights activist-vegan-farmer-aquarian girlfriend who introduced me to girlie girl army.

    My husband and I eloped on 11/11 because we wanted to keep our vows sacred and minimize the impact and cost of a wedding. Now our families and friends want to celebrate with us so to continue our frugality, we have decided to use a paperless invite, and piggy back the party on the heels of my husband’s hip hop orchestra’s free concert in Los Angeles this summer. We will have a down home picnic at the gig and do vows onstage during the show.

    My husband is an iconoclast and wears dapper vintage zoot suits onstage. I want to be high glam to both match his style and be earth friendly at the same time.

  79. I love love love the fabulous red dress. If I won it I would wear it to my high School reunion this summer! 30 years!! I would be the bell of the ball for sure. If I win I will donate a free health consultation and 1/2 off my 12 session program.

  80. anne says:

    the question is … where wouldnt i wear it? art openings, my brother-in-law’s graduation, my sister’s first off-off broadway performance in june.

    today i shall finish my press materials for a raw foods book and take a long walk home. enjoying the sunshine and all nature has to offer.

  81. Juliana says:

    My friend’s wedding is coming up very soon and I don’t have enough money to buy a dress for the occasion. Also, as a strict vegan it is difficult to find clothing that is not crazy expensive while maintaining quality and style.

  82. Emilyna says:

    I live in NYC and I’ve always wanted to host a Southern themed raw/vegan party where I will ask my guests to come up with and bring one sustainable item… wine, recycled napkins, etc. I’ll do most of the cooking and wear my dress to the party!

    Recycling: have each guest bring a couple items of clothing they were thinking of getting rid of and we can make aprons (something old into something new). They can cut their patterns and I (the fashion/costume designer) can sew them.

  83. kate gee says:

    Wow…what beautiful, and even better, cruelty free gowns!

    I have to go to several benefits, and would rather give them the money that a suitable dress would cost. Plus I’m on a tight budget. For the past several years, I’ve worn the same little black dress I bought second-hand for three bucks so I could donate more.

    I would wear the beautiful new gown to the upcoming benefits, and keep adding the cost of a new dress to what I give to the charities.

  84. Melissa says:

    Wow! Beautiful! Opens your mind to the possibilites! I would trade cruelty for beauty any day of the week!

  85. steph says:

    these dresses are gorgeous love the ruffles and rouching

  86. Hello!

    I just have to say that I browsed through all of Dalia MacPhee’s gowns, and they are the most beautiful dresses that I have EVER seen! A huge kudos to Dalia for creating vegan gowns, as well. :) I have been vegan for 20 years and gorgeous vegan dresses are very few and far between.

    If I were to be the very lucky commenter who wins one of these stunners, I would wear it to the next Sea Shepherd event held in my home city of San Francisco, as well as to my brother’s upcoming wedding.

    To pay it forward, I would commit to volunteering at my local SPCA for an entire weekend. I already spay, neuter, and care for all of the feral cats who come my way via my back yard (and there have been dozens!). What can I say? I love cats, and all of our other animal buddies.

    Thanks to The Girlie Army for hosting this amazing giveaway!

    Best Wishes,

  87. Julia Orr says:

    I would give the Dalia MacPhee dress to my niece who is an aspiring fashion buyer in London and is going to her sisters wedding in July. I would give it to her to inspire her to follow a cruelty free fashion lifestyle and to look fabulous at her sisters wedding.

  88. Vanessa2 says:

    I am in love with these gorgeous dresses and I would love to wear one to my graduation from Institute for Integrative Nutrition this July in NYC. Then I would dance all night and shake my health coach booty! I will commemorate the occasion with a pictorial of the evening and share it with my online social networks and my local paper, fashion magazines, and entertainment websites.

    I want to show the world that vibrant health is a journey that comes in many different shapes & sizes. Being conscious & eco-friendly isn’t frumpy – It’s Fabulous!!!

  89. Deanne O'Donnell says:

    I would wear my Dahlia gown to my green vegan wedding and would have the dress noted in the local papers wedding announcement section, then I would either donate it to Farm Sanctuary or my local animal shelter to auction or for promotion; or donate it to a needy girl for her prom or graduation.

  90. megan says:

    I would love to wear a Dalia dress for my wedding. I am marrying a meat eater and it would be very funny to me that when he tells me I look beautiful (while eating his burger) I can respond in saying that no animals were hurt along the way!!
    To pay it forward I would be sure to tell as many people at the wedding how wonderful GirlieGirl Army and Dalia McPhee are…and think about donating the dress (but, most likely I will want to keep it) So in turn, I will donate some of the gifts we receive the the shelters in our local town. (because how many towels do we really need!)

  91. Susan Soltis says:

    If I won, I would let my younger friend Sophia have it to wear. (I don’t know if she would get the dress in time for her high school senior prom, but she would have lots of fun opportunities to wear it in the future.) She has been vegetarian for about a year, and I want to support and encourage her and teach about all the many beautiful things that can be part of her new cruelty-free lifestyle.

  92. Melissa says:

    I would wear the gown on my wedding day, and make certain the (recycled!) invitations informed the guests that it helped plant a tree and also helped women from all areas of the world. Fair trade and earth-consciousness is something very near to my heart, and while money is often tight, we try to be as aware of our footprint as possible…wearing this gown to my wedding would help make, not only myself, but my guests more eco-conscious!!

  93. Cassandra says:

    I would wear it to a small art viewing that I want to attend.

  94. I don’t know much about fashion but your dresses are amazingly beautiful and I would give it to my daughter who does so much for others and doesn’t ask for anything in return and knowing my daughter she would share it with others for them to wear on special occasions

  95. Gail Terrell says:

    I would wear it for my 35th anniversary coming up in August. (wedding) I would then loan it to my friends daughter for her prom. Then save it for my youngest daughter for her to wear to something special for her.

  96. Daniella Ramadei says:

    I would wear it every time I volunteer and clean at the animal shelter my boyfriend helps run (with vegan workboots of course), during which I would have photos taken to make a poster encouraging shelter volunteerism and animal adoption — showing that there is abundant beauty inherent within an animal shelter.

    I would also wear it at the celebration vegan dinner for those who joined the “Last 30 Days of My 30th Year of Life 30 Day Veg Pledge” to honor my 18-year vegan values, as well as the PETA blog in which it will be featured.

    I would also wear it in my next animal rights tattoo photo shoot for a book to show how beautiful vegan clothing can be.

    Every time it is worn, it will serve to further the cause. Thank you for the beautiful work!

  97. […]… Filed under: Uncategorized, Win Free Natural Health Care Products SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “Win an eco-vegan-couture gown from Dalia MacPhee!”, url: “” }); Add Comment […]

  98. Stanzi says:

    the gown will be worn in my garden whilst harvesting the kale and watermelon to make a love nectar tonic. my children will be running naked around me in a game of ring around the rosie in full rainbow child glee.

  99. Nicki says:

    One of my first animal rescues was an emergency call that I received while attending a wedding. Needless to say, I was in a big poufy dress and 5 inch heels! I hurried over to the address to find the most adorable french bulldog/pit mix that was pitifully tied to a pole in front of a Petco. She was badly wounded but sweet as can be. I scooped her up as gently as I could and tried to console her by wrapping the ballooned dress material around her like a blanket. She fell asleep in my lap with a big smile on her face.

    Your gorgeous red dress made me smile and remember that day (she is fully recovered and living happily in Long Island, by the way) and so I think it’s safe to say that I would wear your gowns to a beautiful wedding, an animal rescue, an evening event among my noses-in-the-air Versace wearing arch rivals, and just about anywhere else. Then I would donate it, of course ;-)

  100. Kelly says:

    I would love to win one of these gorgeous dresses at an upcoming wedding I have to go to. With my great new diet and being a new mom full time things are tough financially. A dress would be a blessing!

  101. Jan M says:

    The gorgeous gown would be perfect for the wedding of my sister’s daughter’s wedding in Chicago! It would be so much fun to dance in a flowy gown all night. Sigh!

    Then I would host a backyard soiree featuring Vegan favorites to enlighten all of us.

    I love summer, celebration and friends.

  102. Paulina says:

    I am an aspiring ballroom dancer chasing a childhood dream to win the honor dance at a major competition–all this after major knee surgery. I would wear the gown to the competition gala, and raffle it off to raise scholarship money for another disadvantaged girl’s dance lessons.

  103. Brooke says:

    I would wear the dress to my cousin’s wedding in socal.

    I would host a vegan bake-off and donate the money to a local kids charity.

  104. Leanne says:

    First of all I have to say that my jaw dropped when I saw that red dress…I have never wore anything or seen anything so phenomenal! I couldn’t wear anything like that before because I have never been a size that I could wear it. I have lost 150 lbs in the last couple of years though and I would wear that dress to my high school reunion which is 20 years this year! I would show them that I am just as beautiful on the outside as I am inside – always have been! I would then find another woman who has struggled with her weight as I did and and give her a makeover – dress, hair, makeup etc. for a night out. To make a woman feel like a GirlieGirl is a gift that all women deserve!

  105. Ann says:

    I would love to wear one of these dresses to any one of the ballroom events I go to. The women at these spend thousands of dollars on their dresses and frequently purchase several dresses. After I was done with it, I would pass it around amongst my friends, making sure we all had the opportunity to let everyone know “who” were wearing and let us all look fabulous doing it.

  106. Elisabeth says:

    I am the oldest of five kiddos and I have tried to set a good and green example. We have a huge family wedding thats become a reunion and I dont want to upstage the bride just come in second! Im also on a committee putting together a party that raises money for the preservation/ beautification of park in Dallas- the event is very upscale but we are doing everything we can to keep the costs low and put the money where it belongs- into the park where generations will enjoy it. If I dont have to buy a dress then there is more money for putting into the park and I can show all the girls how good you can look while keeping with the Green theme!

  107. Marla says:

    What a dream to wear one of these dresses and I would pass it on to friends to make them feel like a princess too! What girl doesn’t want to wear such beautiful dresses?? Oh, we would definitely brag about who we are wearing! And this fabulous contest too!

  108. I am the vice president of the vegetarian society at my university. If I won the gown I would wear it to our student government awards ceremony in May, where we are expected to be honored/rewarded for student engagement and our immense involvement with promoting veganism on campus. We have worked hard all year and have seen amazing growth of our club, have succeeded in getting vegan meal options on campus, and have had two guest speakers from Farm Sanctuary speak at our school about the impact of our food choices on environmental degradation and both human and animal rights.

    Since I am a health coach who helps my clients transition to a vegan lifestyle, to pay it forward, I would either raffle off or give away an entire 6-months worth of one-on-one veg health counseling to someone who wants to go vegan.

  109. Maria says:

    I would wear a Dalia MacPhee gown to my social event. Then to pay it forward I would donate the dress to a girl enrolled in the charity HerShe program, (

  110. Mary says:

    Thanks Dalia MacPhee and GirlieGirlArmy for sponsoring this contest. I would wear the dress at events where I would encourage the organizers to include gourmet vegan food.

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  111. Wow, what beautiful dresses! And I love that they’re eco-vegan!

  112. Annette R. says:

    If I were to win this contest I would wear it to my long awaited college graduation. It is one of my small steps to earning my degree as a registered nurse, since I’m currently finishing my courses as a certified nurse assistant. I would love to have something new and beautiful to wear, since, at this point I’m still unemployed and somewhat trying to keep my things in order…meaning no spending on the extra nice things in life, at least for now. It would make me so happy to wear this dress out and celebrate such a great milestone in my life! I would pay it forward by continuing on with my education and finding a job as a CNA and helping others in my community and work, as I’ve always done before, just with a slightly happier outfit :) I already volunteer at a wonderful non-profit in my community, helping those experiencing hardships with HIV/AIDS and/or cancer. It feels awesome to know I’m making a difference in the world.

  113. Bridget says:

    If I am lucky enough to win one of these gowns, I would wear it to the yearly Casino Night to benefit No More Homeless Pets!
    To Pay it Forward; I’ll keep supporting supporting animal adoption; protest animal testing at the U of U; and I’m going to foster a pitbull from the pound!

  114. Joan says:

    I would wear the dress to my 20th birthday celebration! I am hosting a dinner party for my family friends and the menu will be 100% vegan and gluten-free and totally delicious.

  115. Sarah says:

    Dearest GirlieGirl Army,

    I am but a poor private in the battle for ecological justice, but, humble servant that I am, I request your compassion and/or gown for my situation.

    I have organized a trip for myself and five friends to go to Haiti in August to build a sustainable vegan community, where we will be planting organic food crops and implementing water conservation techniques. I would wear a Dalia MacPhee gown at one of our fundraisers before auctioning it off to raise money for our trip. The money would all go into our communal account, then be split evenly among the six of us.


  116. Stevie says:

    I’d wear mine to Doggy Casino Night to raise money for No More Homeless Pets in Utah. I’ll pay it forward by continuing efforts to support animal adoption and having a vegan bake sale to support shelters.

  117. ReW says:

    WoW those goWnz ar exquisite..i am a SOnGTreSS/HosTess of *ReW & WhO?* a weekly webshow broadcasting LiVE w/ all episodes up on youtube..I Would BE sooooooo honored to wear YOUR BEaUtiFUL work on air &then for the WORLD to see…rthnxx for the chance…xxx RoCk On & ON & om…xxxx

  118. Jasmine says:

    As a student I am a participant in many of my school’s organizations, teams, and musical groups. If I am given this amazing chance to accept a Dalia MacPhee dress, I will wear it to every concert, banquet or organized event I attend. Through this, I will be able to demonstrate to everyone how gorgeous vegan attire is while also inspiring eco-awareness.
    To further pay it forward, I hope to be able to donate this dress to a migrant student in the rural areas of China later this year. I have already planned to travel to Beijing, China to voluntarily teach students and help improve school environments. And to help a disadvantaged student, who does not have the means to experience glamour, by giving her a dress as beautiful as her soul, would be wonderful.

  119. Min says:

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

    I would love to receive a beautiful dress for my sister. She has been an inspiration to me because she has autism but has not let that stop her from pursuing her dreams. She will be graduating high school next month and I am sure she would be delighted to have one of these fine dresses for her graduation party. This opportunity can help me make her graduation as memorable as possible.

    If I am graced with winning this offer, I will continue my efforts towards helping those with autism and volunteering with organizations giving support to those with autism. I have also become involved in helping the environment and will travel to the Gulf Coast of America to volunteer and help with the recent oil spill there.

    Thank you again.

  120. the pet store here in our area offers me a great deal of discount when i buy from them *”

  121. Courtney says:

    My name is Courtney and I want to be the first Eco Friendly Miss California ever! I would like to win the gown to wear it during the Miss California Pageant to promote going green in a beautiful and chic way! After the pageant I plan to auction off the dress and contribute all of the money earned to the ASPCA!! So, please help me show the world that we can go green and look great doing it!!

  122. Alfie says:

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  137. charmingdate says:

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