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Reworking your old duds into incredible kiddie clothes!

Published on February 16, 2009 by   ·   6 Comments Pin It

Susi Lux is surely becoming an underground eco fashion star with her terrifically green business venture “Luxos Kid.”   By recycling Mom n’ Dad’s old gear, and making it into the cutest kids clothing, Susi is  single-handedly keeping thousands of pounds of clothes out of landfills all over the world!

Here’s how it works: Parents can send or bring Susi their fave t-shirt, sweater, pants (whatever) and she will make it into something fantastic for their little peanut.   Did you spill red wine on that favorite t-shirt?   Susi will turn it into a precious mini dress for your toddler. Does your favorite sweater have a hole in it, but you still cannot throw it out for nostalgic reasons?   Let Susi rework it into a sweater vest for your tween.   Did your cleaning lady shrink your to die for Missoni dress? Susi Lux will save it by turning into a tulip sleeved jacket for your lil one.   Your old thangs can be transformed into clothing that will make your child look like a high fashion mini you from the clothes you have worn for years.   Feeling very Brady? Susi can even make matching shirts for parents and children.

Par example;

Momma rocker tank turns into her favorite super soft tee shirt.

Susi adds details, stitching, patches and design, so that the finished product takes on a life of its own.   Susi can even create items for your newborn or infant using logos and detailing from your items (think old high school jacket!) that can be used to create a one-of-a-kind onesy.

Your old sweater makes a perfectly adorable dress for her.

Your old sweater makes a perfectly adorable dress for her.

Here’s the rub: GirlieGirl Army Members get a 10% discount on any order!
Visit the site:

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. RubyAthena says:

    Sweet!!! smart, and sensible. I’m totally bummed I didn’t think of this first but will definitely pass it on and give it a go with my 3yr old nephew.

    Thanks for sharing once more.

  2. Melody says:

    I think I will start stashing my bf’s clothes for my son. All kids want to dress like their parents. Thanks Chloe

  3. Myndy K says:

    Hey, I’m a friend of Susi’s and she’s a genius!!! She’s made soooo many incredible things for my friends kids & she’s about to make something for my baby out of one of my vintage velvet dresses!!! Although, I’m thinking maybe I should get her to make a dress out of my husbands favorite Pixies t-shirt but I’m not sure how to get him to let go of it himself! Seriously, one of the best ideas of all time & I know…..I wish I thought of it myself as well but even if I did I could never rock a sewing machine the way she does. Rock on Susi!

  4. this is such a good idea! Too bad I didn’t all my band tees from the 90s! ugh…

  5. Allison says:

    This is absolutely ingenious and adorable! I wish I had a little one just so I could have something made for them.

    I wonder how long until we see celebrity kids in her creations.

  6. Navina says:

    Great idea! If only I had saved my circa 1980 Princess Leia nightgown. Sigh.

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