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GirlieGirl Chloe Jo gets a little dirty with the boys from Hot 97

Published on February 17, 2009 by   ·   7 Comments Pin It

If you live in NYC and haven’t heard of Hot 97, you must have been living under a rock.   If you don’t live in NYC, keep reading (and listening) for, at the very least, a good laugh.   Hot 97 is probably the hottest Urban station there is, and I grew up tuning in and bopping my bamboo earring-ed head to this station on my way to High School every morning (those were the years when I wore baggy pants and dark lip liner).

Moi wearing OlsenHaus. Pix by Ryan Pfluger.

Moi wearing OlsenHaus. Pix by Ryan Pfluger

Imagine my surprise when upon stopping by the 101.9 RXP Matt Pinfield show last week to share some fun eco-Valentine’s Day tips, the Hot 97 boys from the Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show heard an “eco chick” was in the house (Hot 97 and 101.9 share a floor) and asked me to come and talk to them as well.   I had all sorts of preconceived notions about how hip hop tough guys would react to my eco, green, vegan ideas – but they were all smashed in the shnozz by the most open minded and adorably funny gentlemen I’ve met in years.   Considering I wasn’t technically prepared and the conversation ended up going in a decidedly random and sexual direction, I think the overall result was enlightening for the listeners.   I figured you kids would get a kick out of it.   I had fun sparring with these adorable guys, and hope they ask me back again!     What do you think?

Listen to my segment (and Bill Maher’s – could I be in better company?!) here.

Two cute and open-minded boys.

Two cute and open-minded boys.

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. as usual Chloe gets us all hot and bothered! Funny, informative, and why every guy now wants an eco-conscious chic!

    Love you girl!


  2. matt says:

    Wow! Hot 97 should hire you full time. I could listen to you holler on the radio everyday. You are so funny and smart and it’s hot that you taste better.

  3. Kendra says:

    Oh Chloe Jo, how I adore you! Amazing – I was laughing out loud. To agree with Matt – Hot 97 should hire you and your sexy self STAT.

  4. once again, you give me a reason to kvel. You handled it so well, and totally ha those boys by their balls! They were in LOVE – and you knew your shit!


  5. themessenger says:

    If I wasn’t vegan already, that definitely would’ve converted me.

  6. molly says:

    LOVE it Chlo-
    way to school ’em and dazzle ’em. reaching an audience that probably wouldn’t have gotten that kinda dose of info otherwise. as always, you were right on your shit and still as charming as ever :)

    way to represent, lady xoxo

  7. […] Girlie Girl Army shows us how to get superpowers from superfoods! This is a 101 for anyone who wants to know the basics of the superfood phenomenon! This is for dudes too! Wanna stop chugging sugary, milk-protein-laden workout ‘food’ and get a longer-lasting, healthy high for that extra curl, press, or pull-up? Try these foods! Also, if you didn’t hear Chloe’s sexy visit to the boys at Hot97, click here. […]

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