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Booting up for Fall

Booting up for Fall

Fashion Trend Alert:

If you don’t have a pair of low booties yet, you are out of your mojo mind. Here’s a happy moment for you; you can buy these $19 Grey booties (that completely encompass the trend),

OR these fantabulous Stella McCartney’s for $1400. Your call.

Both are magnificently high, and work with everything from a pencil skirt to long tailored paints.   Stunnnnning.   More options?   OKAY!   Somewhere in between $20 and $1400, lies the $210 perfectly constructed Olsen Haus (Pure Vegan) Italian Ultra Suede w/Paint Splatter Shortie Boot.   I have these, and let me tell you – they are beyond comfy and feel as luxe as a Manolo on the foot (and have delicious little extras like soles with rose print and really well padded insoles). This whole line is just to die for, expect future posts where we share special deals available to Girlie Girl Army readers exclusively.   This is the eco-vegan shoe line we have ALL been waiting for.   Go peruse the site now, and drool:

Want to be lazy and just hit Payless.   Fine, be that way.   $30 later, you too can be Mummy to these little lovers;

Are you an eco-gal who has enough boots and doesn’t want to clog up our landfills with more mindless shopping?   Good for you, wish we could be that disciplined.   Jazz up old boots with these adorable boot chains!

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“LES BOTTES” is a collection of “Boot Jewelry” from darling Candace Ang that can completely overhaul boring or beat up old boots.   There are tons of fab options, from vintage medalions to silver motorcycle style .   GirlieGirl Bonus!! Mention Girlie Girl Army when you order (in the comments section) for a free keychain or broach worth $25.

Before you ask, YES, all these boots are all vegan.   As if we’d promote icky tortured cow skin shoes for our Princess feet!   Now go apple picking, sip some cider, and enjoy your weekend! xoxo

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