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3 Dummy Proof Things To Do To Celebrate Earth Day That Aren’t Recycling

3 Dummy Proof Things To Do To Celebrate Earth Day That Aren’t Recycling

If you’re a longtime reader of this website you know by now that the biggest contributor to global warming is factory farming – so consider this earth day choosing whole foods, local, sustainable, plant based eating the following ways:

  1. Buy from your local farmers market.  This is just good, common sense.  Buying from a farmers market supports your local farmers and economy and saves you money. If you aren’t near a local farmers market, get organic produce from your local organic market or consider a weekly order from Misfits Market, which takes unwanted funny shaped organic produce and ships it to you weekly for a crazy cheap price. I find it influences me to make better food choices. Use discount code COOKWME-DK8PXH for $15 off your first box.
  2. Plant. Hit up your local nursey or hardware store and buy a ton of organic seeds and dirt, and take to Mama Earth – she’s been waiting for you! If you have a brown thumb, order some indoor plants, ready made from Bloomscape (that links gets you 20% off your first purchase!)
  3. Learn some new vegan recipes! This website is treasure trove of them – hit up the “nosh” section and deep dive into 20 years of plant based food archives.  And yes, you should totally make these earth day cookies. Here’s the recipe. There are also a billion vegan home food delivery companies in every area, plus internationally. If you’d like a recommendation in your area, comment below and I’ll tell you my favorite in your neck of the woods! You can also peruse Happy Cow for billions of vegan food options, worldwide!
3 Dummy Proof Things To Do To Celebrate Earth Day That Aren’t Recycling

It doesn’t matter how many bottles you recycle, how much gently used Stella McCartney you buy, or how often you send your old clothes to ThredUp to recycle them, or how fabulously clean your laundry detergent is – if you’re not choosing better with what you put in your mouth 3 times a day. Your food choices are the single most important way to shift the slippery slope our planet is on. Choose wisely.

Photo by sheri silver on Unsplash