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Princess Superstar Gets Her Tiara In A Twist

Princess Superstar Gets Her Tiara In A Twist

Princess Superstar is a DJ legend, musician, and rapper who plays stadiums all over the USA and Europe.   She’s also a dear friend to Girlie Girl, a super green goddess, and a fierce friend to animals!   Her debut record Strictly Platinum was put out on record label “People Grand Royal,” headed by the Beastie Boys, and she gained notoriety as one of very few white rappers, let alone white female rappers who are actually badass.   People got crazy for her hot lyrics about being a “Bad Babysitter” (a must watch video below) and a hot Badass Jewess.

Don’t hate her cuz she’s collaborated with Kool Keith, Jon Spencer, Bahamadia, MC Paul Barman, the High and Mighty, The Prodigy, Moby, DJ Yoda, Disco D, Mason, Prince Paul, Curtis Curtis, Beth Orton, Arthur Baker, Junior Sanchez, Todd Terry, and DJ Mighty Mi from the High and Mighty. Or cuz   her song “Things are gonna get better” blew up in the UK when it was played on “The Office.”   Hate her cuz she’s beautiful and compassionate and talented.   Or cuz Payless used her song “I Like It A Lot” from the My Machine album as their campaign song – which is just perfect, cuz Ms. Superstar is a vegan doll.     Don’t hate her – love her, and join her revolution!

Princess Superstar is a green goddess.
Princess Superstar is a green goddess.

Princess recently spoke at the Farm Sanctuary “Walk for Farm Animals” .   We thought we’d share parts from her incredible speech;

“I’m going to start with a honest confession. I am a vegan, a RAW vegan, who sometimes struggles with wanting to eat chocolate. Milk chocolate. And let me tell you what I think about when I look at that ubiquitous Snickers bar that tempts me from pretty much every single minbar all over the world when I’m   on tour: I think about the dairy cow who must stand on metal slats on the ground 24 hours a day, who must be literally raped by big machines that inseminate her to keep her pregnant so she is constantly pregnant; I think about how her baby is ripped away from her so that the tiny baby can become veal, chained up so he can’t move so he can be more tender, i.e without muscles; and when I think about the yummy caramel-ly center of the Snickers bar I think about how the dairy cow only lives a miserable 4 or 5 years max instead of the 25 she is supposed to live, collapsing at the end of her life exhausted and in shock.

Another thing is, I love shoes. Sometimes if I see a really nice pair of Manolos I think ooh maybe just one pair. And then, I have to remind myself – where does leather come from? Most leather comes from India. They don’t really like to kill cows in India. So they have to take the cows on a horrible death march to a nearby county where they can kill them. The cows are herded onto trucks without food or water for trips that take days, then they are marched to their demise- sometimes cayenne is rubbed in their eyes or they are whipped so they will keep walking, and then finally they are slaughtered, sometimes with a blunt knife slicing across their necks very slowly as they bleed to death.

So, I don’t get the shoes.

Buy her records.  You wont be sorry.
Buy her records. You won't be sorry.

The point is, we human beings are wanting machines. I am no exception. We want our food to taste good, We want to look good, we want this we want that. And we want it NOW. But what are we actually doing? What are the consequences of our actions? Does fulfilling our wants create suffering or does it create harmony?

Wanting CAN indeed create harmony-We all want good things- we all want peace, we want joy for ourselves and others (well sometimes for others..)  we all want to be happy. That is pretty much universal, whether you are a human being or an animal being. Even a little worm will inch its way out to the sunshine.

I am sure you all know the Gandhi quote ‘Be the Change you wish to see in the world.’ We all want to end war, we all want peace we all want non-violence. How do we manifest that? By stopping all war and violence in ourselves. If we eat meat or dairy or use animal products like leather we are a part of the violence, cruelty and horror of modern life. WE are at war. Our personal actions DO make a difference in profound ways and it is up to us to start living up to our own personal potential of inner peace, harmony and love.

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My amazing teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life of Jivamukti yoga taught me this Sanskrit prayer : Lokah Samasta Suki Noh Bavantu, May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may my thoughts words and actions Contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all. Let our actions contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all-

The month of October is world vegetarian month so this is perfect timing- I’m going to pause for a minute and  everyone close your eyes. Please take one moment and consider what one thing you can leave out of your diet or your wardrobe or maybe one action you could take that will make your world -and consequently OUR world- a better place.

I promise I won’t ever eat a Snickers bar again.   Thank you so much and thank you Farm Sanctuary for all the amazing work you do and for making such a difference in the world!”

Hot, anyway you slice it.
Hot, anyway you slice it.


  • Lydia’s Sunflower Seed “bread” – “Ever since I went raw,   I miss bread.   But I don’t really want the paste that accumulates in your colon from bread, so I skip it.     These are hearty and crunchy, and I love to put avocado on top!”
  • MooShoes – “It’s so hard to get good non leather shoes.   Thank God for Moo Shoes.”
  • Mediterranean Brand Sundried Tomatoes – “These things are like crack. I don’t know why but they are juicy and sweet and salty and thick and YUM.   You’ll see!”
  • Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousens“This book and this dude is no joke.   He has been on raw vegan food for like 20 years and an MD and a yogi and an essene priest.   It talks about why a vegan live food diet is the best for you and for the planet, but also talks about a million other cool/amazing things.”
  • Amy Rachelle’s Transformation program – “This is a cleanse/detox program i went through that really changed my life.   I highly recommended to all people on this planet.”
  • Raw Almond Butter “ice cream” at Pure Food and Wine (in NYC) –   “Way too expensive – but whoa.”

Are you not in love with her yet?   Just go check out her site and see the ten zillion exciting creative projects on her agenda and get HYPED.