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Jewish Sisters Open Delicious Vegan Restaurant In Los Angeles

Jewish Sisters Open Delicious Vegan Restaurant In Los Angeles

Hey. Sunshine Kitchen is a plant-based restaurant founded by two adorable (like, you want to squeeze them they are so damn cute!) Jewish sister mompreneurs and authors of two epic, yummy cookbooks, Jenny Engel and Heather Golden Ray. The restaurant’s mission is to inspire the community to nourish their inner shine through plant-based eating. The dynamic duo also founded, Spork Foods, a Los Angeles-based vegan food company and cooking school for cooks and chefs in 2007 where they educated thousands of home cooks and professional chefs worldwide. The new restaurant was born out of Jenny and Heather’s love for sustainability and the health of the planet. Through Hey, Sunshine Kitchen, Jenny and Heather hope to share their love of cooking with the world, to help people make healthier and more compassionate choices.

They just won FIRST PLACE across the country on Yelp’s 25 hot & new women-owned restaurants to visit in 2024, so it’s no-brainer to head this adorabelle cafe when you next hit the city of angels.

Some of their mitzvah’s include partnering with Friends of Ballona Wetlands to help support pollinator conservation. Vital for food growth, more than 75% of food crops depend on pollinators, including fruits and vegetables. Pollinators are also responsible for helping grow plants that store carbon and produce oxygen and help to restore deforested areas. Through this partnership, Hey, Sunshine Kitchen will be giving complimentary pollinator-friendly plants to guests on Mondays, while supplies last, when they purchase a meal. This partnership exemplifies the Hey, Sunshine Kitchen mission of delivering amazing food while creating a more sustainable future. They are the first restaurant to start an eco-initiative in this way, and they want to be the first of many. Heather and Jenny say; “It’s not enough to be in the food business without giving back to our community in a significant way. We’re here to do just that.”

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“Heather and Jenny have an easy back and forth that is part New Age sweetness and part “I Love Lucy”- style comedy.” Don’t go where you’re wanted, go where you’re needed.” LA Times

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“I am in this for the animals, and I love that Heather and Jenny have been helping save animals lives for decades. Oh, and their food is really really delicious!” Moby / Musician, DJ, Author, Photographer

“This sparkly cafe from two cookbook authors has a very L.A.- feeling menu, with bowls featuring plant-based meat substitutes, hot “chicken” sandwiches and “fish” tacos.” Los Angeles Magazine

“We loved cooking with these girls, who seemed more like vegan fairies than human beings.” Emily Deschanel (star of the TV series ‘Bones’) and Zooey Deschanel (film and TV actor)