The Best Sleepaway Camp Visiting Day Gifts For 2024

Every year we write this story, it’s a smash hit, so without further ado – our Best Sleepaway Camp Visting Day Gifts For 2024!!! If you’re a camp newbie, you’ll find this list endlessly helpful – but even an old pro with two kids about to age out of camp will still get some useful ideas in this annual compilation. Condragulations, you won 7 weeks off Goldfish and pretzels duty, and they won the times of their lives, for the price of a yacht. While we scroll Campanion maniacally at 6pm, they are are furiously scribbling – or mentally compiling – their visiting day wants. Sure, things like candy, cup-a-noodles, and soda are always on the list – but what about if you want to bring up something really special?

As many of you know – we have very own amazon list of our camp favorites (for packing and visiting day) that’s a must shop and follow here.

But don’t listen to us, let’s hear from the experts:


Camp Mom guilty pleasure IG account Scary Camp Mom, an account that succinctly (and hilariously) picks apart the runaway train of emotions (and endless text threads) that is sending your child to sleepaway, says;

“My kiddos are loving these waterproof vinyl stickers”
Alphabet Stickers, $8
“Trending, at camp, interestingly…. Animal onesies.”
MICHLEY Animal Hooded Romper, $28
“Water guns. Always a hit and sure to make them happy when we leave”
3 Pack Water Guns, $24
“Fun and yum!”
Candy Camp Sushi, $27


“For older campers taking trips: Great dupe that if it doesn’t make it home, who cares!”
Mini Fanny Pack, $9
“This one we hope makes it home, but again, not the end of the world, if not.”
Nike Sportswear Essentials – Crossbody Bag, $25
“Sock refresh? Probably a good idea.”
Overtime Socks, $17
OG Socks, $25 (get $15 off with this link – click pic!)

Jody Geller, owner of  – the ultimate site for camp swag  –  has a 13 year old at Camp Laurel and will be your camp swag bestie if you dm her. Her picks for this summer are;

“2 gifts in 1! The CLING IT Candy Box features a  CLING IT that can be re-used on your camper’s wall or storage! Decorate almost anything in the bunk with the reposition-able decal. It won’t ruin the walls . Cling Its can be used on any smooth clean surface (walls, water bottles, containers, bins) choose from camp colors or assorted candy.”

Cling It Candy Box, $34

“Nameplates are HOT HOT HOT, and these are a huge hit for summer 2024!”

Camp Acrylic Name Plate Necklace, $36
“Water bottles: Always a good idea to procure those virus harboring water bottles your sent in the trunks that they have used and not washed for the past month  and switch out with  some clean new trendy or and sporty  personalized water bottles.”
Drippy Hearts Water Bottle, $34

Chloé Jo Davis, is the founder of, the Development Director of The Lawfare Project & #EndJewHatred, and Mom of 3 boys at Trails End. Her picks for this summer – from a boy Mom of multiple ages – choices are;

“All the boys want Eric Emmanuel shorts this summer. I am fine with buying one pair of $100 shorts, but not multiple pairs of overpriced shorts ready to get destroyed by 3 boys in camp. Enter: EE dupes. Nobody is the wiser, and I they come in endless prints on AliExpress. They’re comfy, mesh, and at $5+ a pair – you could come up to visiting day with a rainbow array of prints!”

EE Basic Short, $1 and up

“Giant, super comfy pillows triple as chairs, toys, and pillows when on a cot! Hot diggity dog!”

30″ 3D Supreme Hot Dog Throw Pillow, $38

“My boys are all asking for this vintage style game player which is apparently allowed at camp, and ALL THEIR FRIENDS HAVE AND WHY DON’T THEY!”

MIYOO Mini Plus Portable Retro Handheld, $65

“Purple doritos are the most coveted chip in camp this year, according to my boys. And they want a big stack to hide in their trunks to sell and make their first mill.”

“The older boys are asking for cologne, but strong chemical cologne in the heat at camp is yuck. A greener scent works, but may not keep the bugs at bay. This does both. Who doesn’t love the smell of Palo Santo!”

Skeem Palo Santo Citronella Body Spray, $35

Lindsay Pinchuk is an entrepreneur, acquired founder, small business advocate,  and marketing expert turned Accidental Activist. You can also find her behind the mic of her top podcast, Dear FoundHer. Here’s what she’s bringing her 2 daughters at camp;

StickerBeans:  A MUST for any camper, these rhinestone collectible stickers are all the rage at summer camp.  Send them in letters, bring them to visiting day—whatever you do, just get them so your kid can get in on the trading excitement.

“Lana Platin Designs: While Lana’s Bells and Whistles Hoodie is PERFECT visiting weekend, she has a ton of incredible swag to choose from for every camper in your household.” 

All the bells and whistles hoodie, $130 @LANAPLATINDESIGN on

“ShoppopbyMare Tel Aviv Retro Shirt:  There is nothing better than supporting Israel right now, especially if your child is at a Jewish overnight camp.  This is one of my favorite shirts from one of my favorite shops.”

Tel Aviv Beach Retro Women’s Boxy Tee, Multi Colors, $40

“Anything from Hally Hair:  My girls love the GemPen or the Glitter Shade Stick, perfect for Color War OR the all camp dance.”

Gem Pen Hair Gem Styling Set, $25

“Big Fat Cookie:  Ships nationwide and is perfect to cure your visiting weekend sweet tooth.  The Party Harder set has got all the fixins’ for a PARTAYYY!! Sprinkles and more sprinkles, housemade rice crispy, Nutella, M&M’s and more sprinkles!”

See Also

Party Harder 4 Pack, $40

“Camp Era T or Tank:  Your kids for sure still can’t get enough TSwift…and most definitely have lost or lent out all of their favorite tees first half. BRSwag ships everywhere and fast.”

ShopBlakeRuby CAMP ERA Tshirt/Tank/Crop T, $30

Lyss Stern owner of and best selling author  – and always in the know about what the kids want for Visiting Day –  has a 10 year old daughter old at Tyler Hill Camp and your girls will give you extra hugs if you purchase these gifts for Visting Day. Her picks for this summer are;

“These shorts and trendy and comfy!”

Custom Camp Pro Shorts, $36 @for all orders please email [email protected]

“This summer has been sizzling, I’m excited bring my daughter these two Amazon gifts to cool down with on visiting day!”

Portable Neck AC Air Conditioner, $50
4 Pack Cooling Towel, $20

“The kids flip over these custom backpacks! Looking for a unique and beautiful camp accessory for your kids to take to inter camp games and camp trips? The Lyss and Kat custom beaded backpacks, duffels and tote bags are one-of-a-kind and start at $120. Contact us at [email protected] to design your custom beaded camp bag.”

Lyss and Kat custom beaded backpacks, duffels and tote bags are one-of-a-kind and start at $120. Contact [email protected] to design your custom beaded camp bag.
Lyss and Kat custom beaded backpacks, duffels and tote bags are one-of-a-kind and start at $120. Contact [email protected] to design your custom beaded camp bag.

Never Fail Gifts From The GirlieGirl Army Parent Contributor Squad:



Things to sneak into cards/ flat mailers and letters that are special surprises but not technically a package. We have them hyperlinked to amazon here for ease of use, but obviously you can get these things anywhere.

  • Cool fake tattoos 
  • Sports cards
  • Comic books
  • Sticks of flat gum
  • Prime packet/s
  • Send photo postcards directly via these two adorable apps: TouchNote Online Card Maker (Get $10 off your first year with code CHLOJGTY or by entering CHLOE DAVIS in the referral field for 50% off your first card – these are shinier and more glossy pix) and Postagram (these are more matte and have a cute perforated option to pop your photo out – you get a free postcard with this link!)
  • Cow Over The Moon, a toy store in Huntington, LI/ NY will send your kids Jersey cards and a mix of sports cards directly to camp all summer if you sign up via telephone. It’s an easy way for them to get regularly mail with special surprises inside.  Call them at (631) 424-1796 and ask to be signed up for camp cards, and they’ll explain to  you how it works. It’s very popular at many camps for the sporty kids, and not! They love to trade these, and so – a card binder is always a great visiting day gift. We love these custom ones. Update: Some camps have banned Cow Over The Moon this year – so be sure to double check with your cmap.


Hey Saver, grab tons of exclusive discount codes (we update this regularly – so check it before the holidays!) from our favorite camp brands here

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