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Seats Of Hope: How You Can Bring Hope Into Your Home This Holiday Season

Seats Of Hope: How You Can Bring Hope Into Your Home This Holiday Season

Our hearts are still broken and we feel incomplete, as pieces of us are still being held hostage in the brutal hands of the terror organization Hamas, since October 7, 2023.

Seats of Hope initiative, as part of the Hostages and Missing Families Forum, invites you to save a spot for a hostage at your table, in your family gatherings and celebrations, and mainly in your heart.

Place a sign of who you are waiting for, take a picture of the saved place, and share it with us and with the world. Help bring them out of the dark, underground tunnels into the daylight of hope, uniting them with their loved ones. Please join us and serve as their voice, since theirs is silenced.

We will not forget them and we will not rest until they are all back home.


Save a seat and “host” a hostage for the holiday, convey the message to the world: our holiday tables are not complete until all the hostages return home.

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  1. Download and print a reserved sign to place at your table. Along with the sign you will receive the hostage story.
  2. Take a photo of the empty reserved seat and upload it here.
  3. Once uploaded, a dot will be shown on the interactive map. Let’s paint the whole map, coast to coast, with dots.

The more families upload their own “seat of hope” photos – the more powerful this joint call for their release will be.

Share this post far and wide to spread the word.