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An App That Measures Fertility And Takes Your Basal Temperature

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Imagine if you could take your temperature and measure your fertility via an app on your phone. No, it’s not science fiction – it’s real deal and available now.

Ovatemp is the only complete, personalized fertility management platform for women. It’s perfect for the woman wanting a way to naturally prevent pregnancy or to naturally improve her fertile health to increase pregnancy odds. If you are trying to get pregnant then it might also be a good idea to check out something like these fertility pills to help you get pregnant quicker if that’s something that you want.
Ana Mayer and her husband, Daniel Graf, created Ovatemp after dealing with their own struggles that included infertility and miscarriage. But one healthy baby boy (and little girl on the way) later, they’ve become their own success story. They built this system from their own experiences, with the help of fertility experts, so women get the personalized help they need to achieve their fertility goals naturally.

Fertility App

Using the Ovatemp app is quick and intuitive. To get started, simply create a profile by answering a series of questions. Each morning the app sends a notification to measure basal body temperature with ONDO, the Ovatemp Bluetooth basal thermometer. To take your temperature, place the thermometer under your tongue and press the button. ONDO automatically displays and logs your daily temperature within the app.

Ovatemp thermometer attaches to your phone

You can then enter other signs and symptoms like period and cervical fluid. The app then displays your fertility status. The Ovatemp app guides women through the process, with reminders to input fertility signs and symptoms, and identifies ovulation and fertile days so you can time intercourse and understand your cycles. It also provides data-driven personalized advice through in-app coaching. Women get tips on how to improve their fertile health through diet, exercise and acupressure techniques.

With Ovatemp, women track their cycles with the ONDO Bluetooth basal thermometer and connected Ovatemp app to naturally improve their fertile health, increase their odds of getting pregnant, or avoid pregnancy altogether. The ONDO can now be purchased at www.ovatemp.com and the free Ovatemp app can be downloaded from the App Store.


Social Buttons by Linksku - Share links onlinePin It

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